Two patties inventor dead; Salad lives on; Pascale Sykes in Bridgeton; Nail House coming; Shep wants you!; Education reform needs you; Coach George Linen turns back clock; Vets got screwed; EMS Cafe


The column that says the man who invented “two patties … on a sesame bun” has passed away at the age of 98, and we wonder if he ever ate one since he lasted so long since it contains 530 calories, 240 of which are from fat, 27 grams of fat when 30 is the recommended amount for a full day, 10 grams of saturated fat and 1 gram of trans fat, where the trans means traveling fast to the graveyard, but rest in peace Big Mac.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

By the way, just to be fair to McDonald’s, their Southwest salad with grilled chicken takes a lot longer to eat, has only 290 calories and only 80 calories from fat, 2.5 grams of saturated fat and no trans fat.

Still, losing weight is a marathon.

Putting on weight is a 40-yard sprint.

Why do we think Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly is the only one who knows how to get funding for projects from Pascale Sykes?

Check what they have funded for him, find out the name of his grant writer and take them both to the Chop House for dinner.

You know, Pascale Sykes is in Bridgeton.

Her name is Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler and she’s on the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick building, 40 E. Commerce St.

The exercise will do you good.

A project partnership aimed at restoring a treasured, 200-year-old city-owned structure known as the “Nail House” at the entrance to Bridgeton’s vast City Park is finally underway, with a plan to transform it into a 21st-century welcome center for both the park and the Bridgeton historic district, the state’s largest.
Representatives of the Bridgeton-based non-profit known as CHABA (the Center for Historic American Building Arts) say a contract for engineering services, awarded via competitive bidding to J&M Engineering of Swarthmore, PA, will analyze and supervise restoration plans over the coming months.
With the support of CHABA’s own professional volunteers and participation of Watson & Henry Associates, authors of a preservation plan for the structure, J&M will define and supervise needed repairs that can return the structure, closed to the public now for 5 years, to active public use as soon as possible.
— Flavia Alaya,
CHABA founder
Good going, Flavia.
Here is one problem Bridgeton has. It never follows through on its city hype.
Two biggest hypes in last 10 years:
1. Largest historic district in the state.
2. Culinary arts district.
Even planner, designer, brander Cindy Williams can’t defend these.
We have 2,200 homes in the historic district and 53 percent of them are rentals and a drag on any city’s safety and appearance with no more promotion value than if the district covered just the downtown.
There is no culinary arts district unless you include the fast-foot chains, and compare it to Vineland-Millville on Delsea Drive, where they even have Vietnamese food.
Flavia, we hope your plans to make the Nail House a welcoming center carries more sustainability than the old train center next to RiteAid. The only thing less than that as a welcoming center is the county jail.
Do with it what you say you are, and let’s see some signs promoting foot traffic, even if they have to say “World’s Best Cookies Inside.”
“Help Tri City HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) continue its mission of helping other people every day.
“Have a warm heart and place gloves/mittens, hats and scarves in the drop box at Farm Rite in Shiloh.
“By doing so, you will be helping kids keep warm at their bus stops and while they’re walking to school. You can also call me at 856-369-5843.”
— Jerry Young
The most read man in Cumberland County lays down his index of invectives and picks up the Salvation Army bell in Greenwich, 10 minutes from all bridges as they say in car commercials.
“Hoping for a really good turnout.
“So many need help. Salvation Army is at the top of the charity list. What’s raised stays here.”
— Shep
Stop by and see our favorite Vietnam War veteran who came home suffering from PTSD at a time when the government didn’t even recognize Agent Orange as a killer because it would have affected the fat cats.
Thousands of vets died from Agent Orange, treatment that ranks right up there with the handling of Native Americans.
How did you expect PTSD to even be considered?
Don’t ever let that happen again. Never. Those in government who did should be in jail. Those of you who let it happen should be made to reapply for citizenship.
Shep almost drank himself to death after coming home weighing less than Marilyn Monroe.
He cleaned out every bar in Bridgeton, and maybe even Millville, but he has lived to be there this Saturday morning.
Last year, a donor gave a sob story and he wound up giving her money.
He’s also collecting dog food for the Cumberland County SPCA.
How many retired teachers do you have to listen to before you do something?
“I know … preaching to the choir. Sorry for ranting.
“The system angers me.
“I was lucky, I taught at a time when teaching was fun, the kids (most of them) learned.
“I loved it.
“Not all went to college, but I know who to call when I need repairs. Oh, I did speak up when I was there. But, bottom line, they always knew I voiced what I believed was the right issues for students.
“I left before I wanted to. I knew I would never conform, would never change the teacher I was.
“Must have done something right. Hear success stories all the time, and not just from those who went to college.
“I want to hear that the new teachers love their profession. But we are making it so hard. Sad. And, yup … ranting again! Oh, well.”
— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter,
at CRHS since the school was built out of logs
Do you understand that all students cannot be crammed into the same curriculum?
Do you understand that some might not even be able to begin to learn until the third grade? That you have to set whatever foundation that is needed to begin building, or the building will never start?
“Oh, shut up, Hummel, you got 5 E’s in the last marking period of 7th grade and they considered holding you back, and we’ve attended 35 conferences across the country to get education here nailed down.
“We are experts!”
No, right now, the emperors wear no clothes, but the teachers have full closets, and rather than listen to them, you’ve imposed an embargo to learning.
“Bridgeton Basketball Ladies and Men’s programs are hosting an Alumni Night this coming Saturday night at 6 p..m. for the ladies who will be challenging the best to ever do it for BHS.
“Then the Old school dudes will take on the young cats from this era. The proceeds are to benefit the programs. Flier to come soon.
“Go, Bulldogs!”
— Coach George Linen
Angie playing?
What about Larry Jones?
Albie Delp?

It’s ALL about the wings here at EMS Cafe.  You be the BOSS and Choose Your SAUCE!
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YOU CAN BOOK IT: The greatest tasting food is bad for you.