Toad Fish site reopening?; Why so much salt in canned soup?; Cat spay/neuter info; Bruce Barry, Ric Kuhns, Linda Eisenberg on 92.1 FM; CHABA needs you; Cat crisis in Westville; Across The Pond closing; Jim Sauro running; Business Expo; Michelle Bear can coach!; Bridgeton PAL tops Herb Henry all-stars; Gunshots scaring people


The column that asks why so much salt has to be included in canned soup, and is it to prop up the high blood pressure treatment business, and why can’t you just add as much as you want, and why isn’t raw spinach readily available for all salads in restaurants since it is so healthy, and have you heard somebody is opening up the Toad Fish site again on Bridgeton-Fairton Road?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“I am updating a brochure with cat spay/neuter information for Cumberland County.

“It looks as if Animal Friends Foundation may be willing to print and distribute copies. It is a great brochure with lots of good info. Thing is, I am now resident in Florida, so I need some help in updating info.

“Below is the list of ACOs in the county a few years ago. I would be so grateful if anyone can give me updates where info is outdated. Thanks.

“If you want help trapping or removing cats, you can contact your local Animal Control Officer.

“Their numbers are:
Bridgeton, Shiloh
856-451-0033 extension 2052
Animal Control Officer Bill Knipe
856-825 7010 extension 7311
Animal Control Officer Anthony Cills
856-691-4000 x 4058 or 856 696 1212
Animal Control Officer
Diane Starn and Jim Branin
Upper Deerfield, Pittsgrove
Office 856.769.8468 Cell – 856.430.5454
Bruce Barry
Hopewell, Fairfield, Downe, Elmer, Greenwich, Stow Creek
Animal Control is handled by
Jim McCleery of CountyWide
Maurice River, Cedarville, and Lawrence Twsp.
Animal Control is handled by Ron Sutton
Commercial Township, Port Norris
Animal control is handled by Joanne and John Hill of Tri-County Animal Control Services
Deerfield Township, incl. Rosenhayn
Animal Control Officer is Ron Shinn.
Emergency Only
State Police
Carll’s Corner 856-451-0101
Port Norris 856-785-0036

— Linda Forbes

“P.S.; I also need to know if other vets participate in the state’s $10 program for low income individuals. These are the three in the brochure:

Participating veterinarians in Cumberland County are:

Animal Clinic of Millville
2430 W. Main Street
Millville NJ 08332
(856) 825-8935

Animal Hospital of Millville
60 Sharp Street
Millville, NJ 08332
(856) 825-3434

Blue Cross Animal Hospital
1117 N. Delsea Drive
Vineland NJ 08360
(856) 696-3388

“Many thanks to Robin Bundy for ACO list. I have revised the brochure to say these people will offer advice.

“Now, I need to know who will actually help someone trying to trap a cat.

“First of all, who lend traps? Does AFF still lend? Do Carolscatz and Jake’s Perfect Pets lend traps? Any others? Are there any organizations that will actually help someone trap? Thanks again.”

— Linda Forbes

Bruce Barry, Ric Kuhns and Linda Eisenberg on 92.1 FM Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. and if we had enough microphones, we’d add Gary E. Meyer, Carol Hickman and Robin Buoncoure and call it a forum.

“Vito’s best cheesesteak on garlic bread.”

— Linda Solanik

“People, we need to support our kids now more than ever with Smart Future Initiatives. Our Obie award is one, giving them a reason to ‘Love Where They Live’ and carry that love with them wherever they go.

“So please give to CHABA’s “Obie” scholarship program! Every gift will be matched! And this year the contest is open to all students in all years and majors.

“We’ve moved to a very secure PayPal site for donations. All major credit cards accepted and they don’t take a big bite. So please let your best self rule!

Go direct: OR get a LOT more info on our own website: where you can scroll down to the Obie donate button or wander around to your heart’s content and COME BACK to the donate button!

“No gift too small (or too big!)”

— Flavia Alaya,

CHABA (Center for Historic American Building Arts) founder

If it’s historic and still standing, Flavia will save it, starting with Bridgeton Nail House Museum.

Daniel Mourning Sr. on code enforcement “not dealing” with no-attic living rule in Bridgeton.

“I offered to send an officer with them as a sort of overcrowding task force. Overcrowding breeds higher crime rates in my opinion.”

— former Bridgeton police officer

“Anyone have any legislative or police contacts in Westville (Gloucester County). We have a TNVR situation where the police are involved and they are requiring permits saying they could be trapping beavers despite CLEARLY seeing them trapping cats for TNVR.

“Please contact me if you have a contact in the area so we can get some inside help with this ASAP.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Community Cat Program


It’s all over …

“I would like to send a very heartfelt condolence to the family who lost their two precious souls this morning while getting on their school bus.

“My son lives not to far from them and they all go to the same school. God knows being a parent and having to be hit with that news knowing that your little one will not be coming home is a devastating feeling.”

— Jose Douglas

Kelvonne Rhett has written a book called “Quitting Is Not An Option.”

Can you rap it on 92.1 FM for us?

“I went into politics because I truly wanted to make a difference in my community. When I did this over 30 years ago, you were allowed to have a difference of opinion. You worked it out and moved forward. There wasn’t a hatred.

“Today it’s different. There is so much hatred. I see friends hate friends, family member hate other family members, all because of political disagreements. The two political parties do things on purpose to spite and hurt the other side at the cost of the citizens they’re supposed to be representing and serving.

“I think both sides need to grow up and start putting the people of this country first and not their party. Who will start is the question. I’ll step forward and begin. Will anyone else join me?

“And, please, if you respond don’t pick one party over the other, because right now all of them are at fault. Let’s start moving our country and our attitudes in a new direction.”

— Jim Sauro,

8 to 9 a.m. 92.1 FM

running for state Assembly


“Helpful suggestion: If you have dental insurance that will end on the day of your retirement and you have not been to the dentist for over 10  years, try to make an appointment more than 7 days before your retirement. That leaves only four working days to make up for ten years of neglect, assuming that your dentist has open appointments on those four days.

“Not gonna happen.”

— Sam F einstein,

the imprint of our front teeth still on his table

“Thoughts on Women coaching a NBA Team?

“After watching Dr. Michelle Bear coach Family Practice this year in Herb Henry Youth Basketball League, personally, I have zero problem with it.”

— Andrew Bodine

Bridgeton Pal‘s 2017 Championship team came out on top vs. the Bridgeton Rec. League all star team 35 to 26.

“Rematch next week. Stay tuned.”

— Bridgeton PAL

Why gunshots are used to scare people …

“I don’t know what tf is going on but it’s been to many gun shots people shot people killed all in the past 3 freaking months and that’s not counting the ones I missed.

“These dead beat punks.
“I don’t know where the cops are or what they’re doing because they know the streets. Walnut, Bank, Marion, Elmer, East, Parker, Pearl. These are just some that are drug infested along with the gang bangers in the town of Bridgeton.
“Cops gotta start being out and about more. We had walking cops back in the day!”
— terrified
They’re not after you. They’re just sounding off. And it’s working.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Cops can’t walk every block in town.