Come back, Cindy; My Bridgeton; Slingin’ Sammy Baugh; Steve Lane returns to 92.1 FM; Millville Wendy’s happening; Ruger happy doggie; Hanging around while others wait to eat; Sunday buffet breakfast at EMS Cafe; Jorje & Mike’s Steakhouse; Cremation cost; More pot hole blues; Michael Mickey Williams on 92.1 FM tonight; Gypsy’s surgery Tuesday $600; Sixers getting closer


The column that says planner Cindy Williams was scheduled to come back to talk to Bridgeton City Council for 30 minutes at the last work session at the insistence of Councilman Bill Spence to answer any questions council might have about her earlier park presentation, which both Spence and Councilman Mike Zapolski missed, but she was sick. Now what?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening again!

My Bridgeton.

Wendy’s parking lot, 10 p.m., tonight.

Knock on the window.

“How about that game today?”

“I don’t have any money.”

“I didn’t say anything about money. I’m talking about the game.”

“I don’t have any money.”

Throws his hands up and walks away.

Last week, Aaron Rodgers was the greatest quarterback in pro football.

Tonight, the announcer said Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.

How soon they forget Slingin’ Sammy Baugh.

Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM, catcher/lineman/engineer/deacon Steve Lane will share the microphone with us, and he can talk about anything he wants, including his beautiful wife.

He grew up in Bridgeton, bleeds maroon and white and has done it all in the name of God.

He asked for an hour. He can bring anyone he wants.

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“My babies playing — the former homeless, emaciated dog Ruger (with the brown spot) who weighed 57 pounds when brought in by Shari — now weighs 75 pounds and a happy boy!
“Love my babies.”
— Keristen Merrill Lloyd
Support your local SPCA, but in the case of Salem County, demand an SPCA charter be returned so you have cruelty agents working for your animals.
Can’t believe you’re not marching for that!
Can’t believe you have been without a charter for this long!
“OK, so Heather and Dave asked Me, OJ and grandma to dinner.
“We decided on the Longhorn steakhouse. I called at 5 to request call ahead seating for 6 pm for seven people.
“OK, we got there at 5:55 and they told us because we called ahead our wait time would be only about 25 minutes. We didn’t get seated until 7:15 and at two different tables.
“All because they kept putting groups of three or four ahead of us, instead of combining two tables together for our group of seven.
“Their mistake was in waiting for one particular table to be free. That table of people sat around an hour after they paid their check while the restaurant was crowded with customers who just wanted to eat in a timely fashion.
“Are people really that clueless when a place is that busy, they don’t see they should vacate so others can get a meal?
“Not fair to waiters, either, who are missing out on tips for that table! Our poor grandchildren were falling asleep before dinner finally came. OK,I am done ranting.”
— eat and get out
Isn’t it amazing that both the Longhorn and Roadhouse are that way EVERY Saturday night in the poorest county in the state in the dead of winter?
People stuffed just inside the door waiting.
And don’t blame it on Route 55.
They both could be on top of Millville City Hall with the elevator broken and it would be so.
Thinking about opening Jorje & Mike’s Steakhouse on Friday and Saturday only, only if the weather is above 32 with no precipitation.
Jorje would greet the guests while Mike cleaned the parking lot.
 Tip: Roadhouse braintrust not big on desserts so people will leave sooner.
It’s why DiLisi’s has carrot cake and Roadhouse doesn’t.
Sunday buffet big at EMS Cafe between Shiloh and Salem City where Jericho Road begins.
We’ll be allowed to eat that someday.
Echocardiogram in the hands of the head pulmonologist at Jefferson for Monday showdown. It takes a picture of the heart beating to keep 285 pounds moving.
Duh! It’s obvious what the problem is. We’re not tall enough.
You know, they cremate you by weight. The more you weigh, the more it costs because they have to turn the flame up higher.
No idea how long it takes or what melts first, or if the flames come down from the roof or up from the bottom. We do know that whatever you’re wearing when the funeral home put you in the bag, it all goes in the furnace.
They don’t open the bag unless you ask from inside.
The cost of cremation typically ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, if arranged through a funeral home and from $1,500 to $3,000 if arranged directly through a crematory.
You want to spend $8,000 for our funeral, drop the difference off to the wife.
“I lost two tires due to Bridgeton potholes this year. It’s annoying!”
— join the club
Who do we elect to go see Dean Dellaquila Monday morning?
Warren Robinson would have taken care of it yesterday.
Michael Mickey Williams, founder of Minor Adjustments, on 92.1 FM Monday night at 7 p.m. on “Get Over It” with Steve Tatz.
Steve needs an adjustment for mowing the fairgrounds with a hand mower in 95-degree heat one year.
Mike Abbott calls this kind of show “Heroin & Hallelujah.” And then he laughs.
Mike Abbott is going to hell. We’ll see how much he laughs there.
Gypsy, a 3-year-old pit bull, is having surgery Tuesday.
“Please help by donating anything you can and sharing this GoFundMe with anybody you can.
“If anyone feels more comfortable making a donation directly to the veterinarian hospital that is doing the surgery, they are welcomed to do that as well. It’s Delaware Valley animal Hospital in Swedesboro at 856-241-1100.”
— Gypsy,
Looking for 60 more people to give $10 each in a tough month for everybody.
Sixers have their big man.
They’ll get their guard.
Is that enough for a lot of losses and for another great one to come here?
Can’t touch the Spurs or Cavs without another shooter.
“Ben Simmons is a dazzling ambidextrous playmaker with the size of a forward and the quickness of a guard. …  One frequently cited weakness is Simmons‘ shaky jump shot, which he shoots with his left hand. But he’s an outstanding finisher near the rim, where he primarily uses his right hand.”
Will the Sixers ever get an outside shooter?
YOU CAN BOOK IT: The NFL is living by the pass and the NBA is living by the 3-pointer.