Chancing octane fate; Joe Green at SLACK; Al Solanik moves up; Wasting education; Real Faulkner Act; Hating non-natives from Newark, Del; Brian Scarlato spreads winter fears; Jerry Young points to Terry Gould; Tree of Hope Coffee House ;Kenny Hunter coming on 92.1 FM; Kelli at The Studio


The column that says if you go out to dinner and the other person orders a salad and you don’t, and they’re slow to finish the salad, should we make the eatery pay for the visit to the emergency room for starvation?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Ever take your gas tank down to 1 mile until empty and hoping that picking up a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts won’t end in not reaching the Hopewell Sunoco on West Park Drive?

It wound up taking 20.1 gallons.

Where is the motorcycle racing shrine to Donald Fauerbach at the New Jersey Motorsports Park?

History demands it!

He’s one of their own.

Former SJT reporter Joe Green at SLACK  now.

You could hold an SJT reunion there, as the newspaper demise is speeded up  by the Washington Post and New York Times.

Is Al Solanik No.2 at South Woods?

Can he turn things around so all inmates learn a trade so they don’t have to go back to their old haunts to survive?

Some people believe they stay in Bridgeton when they get out.

Why are wasting the teaching talents of, say, Shawn Bridges, Sherman Denby and dozens of others because we are teaching the wrong curriculum for the majority of students in Bridgeton.

Why are we doing that when all the teachers know it’s wrong, but can’t open their mouths.

Can the board of education respond without repercussions, or have they bought into Trenton, and can that be changed in D.C.?

It is so obvious that we are not relating to the kids.

It is so obvious that we are losing too many kids long before they are old enough to make their own life decisions,  and it is not their fault.

Remember Kenny Hunter, of Bridgeton Midget Football fame?

He’s got a great group going, and he’s going to come on 92.1 FM to talk about it.

The real Faulkner Act.

The City of Bridgeton is governed by the Faulkner Act system of municipal government under “Mayor-Council plan A”, as implemented on July 1, 1970, based on the recommendations of a Charter Study Commission. Under this structure, voters elect a Mayor and five City Council members. In Bridgeton, Council members are elected “at-large” in non-partisan elections and serve four-year concurrent terms. The Council elects one of its own members to serve as Council President

As the chief executive of the city, the Mayor exercises executive power of the municipality and appoints department heads with Council approval. The Mayor may remove department heads subject to Council disapproval by ⅔ of all members, prepares the budget. The Mayor also has veto over ordinances subject to override by ⅔ of all members of Council.

The Mayor exercises executive power of the municipality.

Up to 10 departments may be created under the Mayor’s direction. A Business Administrator assists the Mayor in budget preparation and administers municipal purchasing and personnel matters. By ordinance, the Business Administrator may supervise administration of departments, subject to Mayor’s direction.

In the day-to-day operations of the municipality, the Mayor is supported by the Business Administrator and various department and division heads overseeing a number of departments.

Beyond the daily framework of the City government itself, other portions of the people’s business is carried out through several boards, commissions, and committees appointed by the mayor and/or City Council; all of which are subject to the public notice and public meeting requirements governing these decision-making bodies.

S.J. Bumpkin takes a rammy in Upper Deerfield because we weren’t born in Cumberland County.

We apologize for that, S.J.

“It so bothers me the ones that get on radio and pretend local, most born far away from here. Why not some local folks on the air?

“I’m kinda retired or would do it as a Bridgeton hospital-born in the early ’50s. Born, lived in Bridgeton area all my life and still local to our area.”

— S.J. Bumpkin

Thinking back to Newark, Del., we didn’t have any black teachers in our school, and the place to go for subs and pizza in town didn’t serve blacks, even though the deli was located right next to where they lived.

But we had one heckuva basketball team in the rec league thanks to Herbie Ward and Pearlie and Herm Hubbard.

Herm got signed by the Braves, bought a 1955 Chevy with an exhaust leak and died in the back seat one night.

He came to Newark in the 12th grade and everybody loved him. He looked and talked like a young Dr. Ben Carson.

In eighth grade, we integrated and Thelma sat right next to us, and we loved it because they chose us, just like they chose us to sit next to the blind girl, Mary Elizabeth Ring, in the 12th grade.

When we integrated, the three best football players in the state enrolled from Howard High, including Ken “Coke” Hall, a running back so strong and so fast, he broke a tackler’s shoulder blade in the open field.

He led the country in punting at Idaho State.

He looked like SSgt. George Linen before his weight loss.

The first black football player at the University of Delaware was back-up center Lenny Williams, on the Blue Hen team that went to the Refrigerator Bowl in 1954.

Hope Newark has gotten a clue.

Results are in.

“Loved the Christmas parade this year. Marching bands were great! My kids thought Millville was ‘fancy’ when they were twirling around.

“Seemed longer, too, and weather was great! Thankfully, the rain held off!

“My kids’ favorite float was the Millville Soccer one, but that might be a biased opinion since we are a soccer family!”

— Pamela Lynn

Anybody go to the Bridgeton parade?
“A certain long-range forecaster is calling for a December to remember.
“I’ll just say that 8 years ago, he called for the real bad winters we had in 2013 and 2014 when a lot of other people had us warming up!
“Time will tell, but a return to a colder winter this year is probably gonna happen and cold may settle in next week and stay awhile! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (NEXT WEEK)….Ho Ho Ho!”
— Brian Scarlato
Having everybody predicted a harsh winter is the same thing as having one because of all the stress involved.
How do you think Jane Hemighaus feels about that, not to mention Mike Abbott worrying about his wife doing all that shoveling?
A great man defers the credit.
“Mr. Hummel, you give me way too much credit.
“My partner in the Tri City organizations, Terry Gould, does way more than I ever have done or could do. He’s a humble man that seeks no credit for the many things that he does.
“If I could do half as much as he has done, I will have done great things.”
— Jerry Young
A typically modest Jerry Young, whose dedication starts at home with the precious Dee Dee.
What do you think?
“After much thought, I’ve deleted the picture I posted of the guy who stole from the house next door.
“His mother reached out to me, and she believes this is a one-time thing and will never happen again, so I honored her request and deleted it.
“I know that, as parents, our children don’t always do the right thing. I respect her for reaching out and I believe that she handled the situation on her end.
“Some may not agree with my decision but that’s OK, too. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in second chances. I also believe in looking out for your neighbor, which I will continue to do.”
— good neighbor
“Pancakes are the perfect breakfast food — flavorful, fluffy and flexible.
“There are all kinds of pancakes out there, something to appease any palate. Stuff and top them as you please, but if you’re looking for the best, start with these.
“Here are some of the best pancake spots in New Jersey:
“Uncle Bill’s Pancake House — Avalon, Cape May, North Cape May, Ocean City, Stone Harbor, Strathmere, Wildwood.
“Early Morning Start Cafe — 97 Quinton-Marlboro Road, Quinton.”
How are the service decorations on your front porch coming along, Whitey Ruberts?
The man’s Bridgeton Broad Street address down two houses from 7-Eleven  makes a veteran proud!
Once she gets her feet on the ground, look at the resume of Bridgeton Business Administrator Stephanie Bush-Baskette.
A little history
Oct. 11, 2012
“Dr. Stephanie Bush-Baskette, who earned her Ph.D. from Rutgers University-Newark and her Juris Doctorate from American University, is currently serving as an instructor for the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice and the Division of Continuing Studies.
“Dr. Bush-Baskette is also coordinating the criminal justice off-campus programs at Mays Landing (Atlantic Cape Community College), North Branch (Raritan Valley Community College), and the Joint Base (McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst).



“Dr. Bush-Baskette is a former New Jersey State Legislator. In 1991, she left the legislature to join Governor James Florio’s Gubernatorial Cabinet as the State Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

“She was the first African-American woman to be a member of any New Jersey Gubernatorial cabinet. Dr. Bush-Baskette also served as a member of the New Jersey Ethics Commission.

“Her research interests include the intersection of race/gender/social justice (with a focus on girls and women of color in the justice system) and comparative criminology.

“In 2010, her book Misguided Justice: The War on Drugs and Incarceration of Black Women was published by iUniverse. In addition to these interests, Dr. Bush-Baskette is also a mediator and a life/career/conflict coach.”


She replaced Dale Goodreau at the beginning of August in a from of government where the BA serves at the pleasure of the mayor.

Meanwhile, in Millville, a second commissioner can’t take anymore.

Pastor Dave Ennis, who sided with Jim Quinn and Mayor Mike Santiago on commission, will leave in the wake of Quinn bolting to save his health to become a freeholder where he’s found it blue skies, green lights and straight ahead.

Quinn’s replacement was decided in the November election when Bill Davis won over Larry Malone, giving commissioners Lynne Porreca-Compari and Larry Sooy a margin for the first time in their campaign for change.

Davis will serve one year before having to run again.

“The Next Chapter will be in concert on Monday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m., in the Union Hall, 904 Main Street, Dividing Creek.

“This mixed a cappella chorus is led by Gene Tubertini. The concert is free; however, we will be collecting nonperishable boxed and canned food for the Commercial Township Food Pantry. It also serves Downe Township.

“Refreshments will be served after the concert. For more information call 856-447-4470 or 856-785-2013.

— Dividing Creek Historical Society

More from Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

High Scores Week of 11/21/16
Monday Men’s
Brian Shiflet 221-245-269 735
Al Pierce 237-235-216 688
Andrew DuBois 275-192-213 680
Chris Huntley 232-190-254 676
Bryon Calakos 227-222-215 664
Orville Johnson 207-243-209 659
Bob Collins 236-198-224 658
Al Davis 266-202-188 656
Bob DuBois 184-227-225 636
George Plummer 205-201-221 627
Jim Campbell 159-205-257 621
Charlie Brown 197-196-225 618
Jamie Giedosh 188-216-209 613
Harry Weeks 170-255-181 606
Dave Zieger 212-190-204 606
Billy Smith 211-184-211 606
Joe DiPrimio Jr 166-183-256 605
Tom Huck 202-214-188 604
Gary 183-244-173 600
Tuesday Mixed
Nate Langston 222-248-221 691
Mike Lambert 237-214-195 646
Al Pierce 192-245-189 626
Tuesday Church
Pete Sams 204-219-243 666
Bob M 207-231-196 634
Larry D 180-232-207 619
Bobby H 197-200-203 600
Wednesday Juniors
Noah Erianne 212-180-177 569
Zach Slaboda 180-201-171 552
Eric Johnson 202-169-170 541
Jimmy Rannels 192-190-120 502
Golden Age  
Charlie Brown 196-212-182 590
Greg Cavaliero 224-179-170 573
Phil Procida Jr 188-213-161 562
Paul Dodd 150-223-185 558
Ev Dickenson 226-168-155 549


“Look forward to these ‘columns.’

“Thank you.”

— Cindy Zirkle

Cindy is Fairfield’s conscience.

Starting this Thursday, Dec.1, The Studio has the amazing Kelli from Kelli-Fit doing her Fierce 4 class from 10 -11 a.m.

This class is for all levels and is an energetic fun-filled cardio workout. The only Studio to offer this class.

In addition, she will be providing Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training at The Studio. She is filling up fast due to her introductory price .


Also, look for our winter schedule with the addition of another special class soon to announce and another Personal Trainer for “after school and happy hours.”

Lastly, selling a beautiful gift of 3 class pack for $25. Lots going on at the Studio.

— Studio Cycling and Fitness


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