Bob Hogan passes; Eagles; Sam loses 80 pounds, can’t play Santa; Start a new group, watch for spinoff; More on college; 8-team college playoff; Thunderbolts end 21-game win streak, state champs; Hit-and-run in Millville; Shep disappointed; Hoch needs three hours; Final Birds rant


The column that says now that the election is over, hate turns to pro football and the Eagles, where we were supposed to be rebuilding until we went 3-0 to start the season and Carson Wentz walked across the Delaware River when bridge traffic was slow, and, then, everybody found out the winning formula in the NFL is a good offensive line.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Give it time, Carson Wentz is going to get killed back there.

At next year’s Soroptimist Lunch With Santa:

“Sam can be Santa and Jack can be the Elf.”

— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter,

Soroptimist pubah

Checking Guinness Book of Records for heaviest elf ever.

It was Elfavintitis.

“Sam has lost too much weight to be Santa.”

— Karen Cox

How much?

“I think about 80 pounds.”

— Karen Cox

When he starts looking like Donna Erianne, I’ll get enthused.

Did you know Karen teaches a fitness class in Pa. and puts up with no nonsense?

Saturday night dinner proved the old saying that if you a start a new group, even though you expected it to be only 50 people big, sooner or later, there will be dissension resulting in a spinoff group.

From Taking Back Millville, Millville Care has been born.

But the 3,500-strong Taking Back Millville will continue, but not the part about keeping the park clean, really the job of the parks department.

Was the reason the group was able to find drug paraphernalia every Saturday morning in the same places is it wasn’t the optimum use of the police department’s time to spend valuable time chasing the little people?

What would happen to them anyway? Released with a court date? Then a fine and “Go get help!”

On going to college:

“I went to college.

“But because of family responsibility, I had to have a job that paid a good salary, as my college education was more of social work that ,though needed, does not pay a decent salary (specially in the ’70s).

“I spent 3 years in the Army . When I got out, I used my GI Bill to go to the IUOE 825 training center. I never looked back. I made more money than most with a college education.

“I have a great pension plan, and a great annuity. I’ll be 68 in a couple months and still haven’t retired, and the best part is I still love my work.

“I made my choice based on money, not based on what I wanted to do. Back then, I was the second woman in South Jersey running construction equipment in the union.

“I never would have dreamed of it back when I was going to college in the ’60s. Unheard of then. In short, a college education is not the best option for all. But I do not regret the time and effort I spent there.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

Would you agree the more educated a community, the better quality of life and the better schools and, thus, the better opportunities?

Believe it or not, there are owners of companies who would not move their company to South Jersey because they consider the education opportunities for their employees substandard?

And out of 330 schools rated in New Jersey, all in Cumberland County fall in the 300s.

On doing three hours on 92.1 FM Saturday because Mike Abbott needed somebody to yell at and feeling like Rich Hoch in the old days:

“I need three hours.

“Heck, I need three hours five days a week like the ‘old days’. Thanks for your support!”

— Rich Hoch

Yes, you use one hour to get the people riled up and two hours to answer all the phone calls.

Those were the days.

For anyone in the Millville City Area:

Yesterday between 12 & 12:30 p.m., a parked Toyota Corolla was smashed into and totaled by an older white male driving a white pickup truck.

“\It happened in the vicinity of East Pine St & 10th Street. If anyone has information regarding a white pickup truck with potential damage in the front passenger’s side, please contact the Millville Police Department.


“OK, people, I would like to thanbk all those who came out to support my efforts for the Salvation Army, and Aunt Betty for a place and kindness, the Daniels family for all the support and help and those who did come out.

“On the other side, not many showed up. Did not have the column to push it this year. Jack did it on his Facebook site, but guess it didn’t get to the many who usually show up.

“One big disappointment was my highest bid friends. Only three came lut.

“But I’ll be back next year. Can’t go out on this year’s low turnout. Hoping next year will be better.

“I almost forgot my buddy, Mr. Ackmonster, for picking up the dog/cat food to deliver to the SPCA. Thank you, Jarhead!”

— Shep

“I have a check for you.”

— Karole King

Shep gets stiffed.

Eagles lose.

Thank goodness for Millville’s Group 5 state champion football team!

They beat Toms River North, a team with 21 straight wins, 22-16.

It’s never easy.

“An 8-team college football playoff that begins on New Year’s Day with the traditional bowls and includes all the Power 5 conference champions, the highest ranked Group of 5 champion and two wild-cards.

“The conference champions would play in their traditional bowl, with the ACC getting the Orange and the Big 12 getting the Cotton:

“Sugar Bowl: Alabama (13-0, SEC Champion) vs. Western Michigan (13-0, MAC Champion)

“Orange Bowl: Clemson (12-1, ACC Champion) vs. Michigan (10-2, Wild Card #2)

“Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma (10-2, Big 12 Champion) vs. Ohio State (11-1, Wild Card #1)

“Rose Bowl: Washington (12-1, Pac 12 Champion) vs. Penn State (11-2, Big 10 Champion)

“The 4 winners could be re-seeded and play in the Peach and Fiesta bowls 1 week later, with the winners playing in the national championship game a week after that.

“Seems logical.

“But what do I know? I’m just a football fan who skips church on Sundays.”

— Anthony Bellano,

former Newsy

It’s a wonder he didn’t stick the Steelers in there.

The final rant:

“Wow, people amaze me.

“You believe the radio, and 4-letter network hype and then blame the team! EVEN when they were 3-0, they were no better than a 9-7, 8-8, 7-9 or worse team!

“People in this area all of a sudden forgot what they were and had dreams of playoffs! Wide receivers stink, but are at least young with a little speed. We knew that going in!

“Line was not that great, Lane Johnson was the anchor, Peters is old, Kelece sucks! Ertz was overrated and Celeck is old, Burton should be our short yard back! Journeymen and a rookie at RB. Special teams played special!

“D line was overrated and Cox played under expectations, linebackers are average corners the same and safety maybe above average!


“OK, Johnson doesn’t get suspended, we are 7-5 instead of 5-7. Oh and don’t forget Jeffery let a lunatic dismantle the franchise 21 months ago!

“We have a rookie HC, SO. AGAIN, WE DIDN’T FALL APART, WE WERE NEVER TOGETHER We are in a good position as our young players and rookies are learning and we have a legit QB. Time to build around him, enjoy a win when it comes, but the hate and media hype has driven me frickin’ nutz!”

— Rich Bodine

“Just came from Millville High School. Got to congratulate coach Dennis Thomas in person and he accepted my offer to be on my TV show Thursday, Channel 22, at 6 p.m.

“He promised he would bring the state championship trophy with him.”

— Jim Quinn

Heaven has gained a new defensive coordinator.
“He fought the good fight with a smile on his face and love in his heart.
“Today, we are a little less whole, but our lives have been blessed to have known such a great man. Rest in Peace, old Pal.”
YOU CAN BOOK IT: He’s celebrating the Thunderbolts’ state title in heaven.