The column that asks, why don’t they put one of those car-counter hoses across Mayor Aitken Drive to find out how many cars pass through the park in the spring, summer and fall to see how much foot traffic there could be if you had a drive-thru anything delicious along the way, and drive-thru is the key today, because if you don’t have to get out of the car, you can be as heavy as you don’t want to be, so no one is going to pass judgement on you for eating something with 2.000 calories, and, just as a side note, for the sake of the health of Bridgeton, can city council pass a law saying no sandwich in the city can be built higher than two stories or 4 inches tall, and no pizza can have more than two toppings if one of them is sausage or pepperoni, but back to park traffic, how about a sweet shoppe drive-thru done professionally to put the park in the black?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Piney Point is attracting more people daily than Sunset Lake, except the swimmers. The canoers are at Piney Point along with the kayakers.

Good, cheap exercise if you’re trying to work off the comfort food we all eat as the prices of feel-good prescriptions rise. What is cheaper than pizza? Nothing. Where do you not have to wait in line? At one of the seven pizza places in any town.

What is more filling than a half deluxe Italian sub — or Latino sub, like Steven Paul likes  now. Under $10, even with a bottle of sugar, also called a soda.

Other than Wendy’s and the the Southwest chicken salad at McDonald’s, where can you eat healthy? Where can you get steamed broccoli like you do at the Roadhouse or LongHorn? Without heart-attack producing, killing, murdering butter? Butter kills more people every year than car accidents? Nobody talks about people getting hooked on butter, because it’s so subtle.

Hopefully, the man on the ground at the never-used information center at the old train station was just resting. Hopefully, he’s just one of Mike Abbott’s posse.

By the way, Abbott has become a Uber carrier to city council meetings. No, he won’t drive you there, but, if you call him at 609-774-6571, he will take your question, suggestion, complaint  to the open session of the meeting.

The most important thing to find out is why something that makes sense can’t be done. For example, Mayor Albert Kelly wanted to combine the all-sports museum and the history museum across from each other where the Swedish Farmstead is now.

But the regulations involved with building near water are so limited, it wasn’t even worth it to try. So … don’t suggest a Panera’s where the ramshackle Swedish project is now.

And before you complain about city officials letting the town go to hell, tell us whether it was your father of the city officials back then that made it so great for your memory.

If it was your family, then whose fault is it now, long-gone citizen?

Hey, Billy Sharp, how about a new, free facade for your Tracy’s Corner? You’re in the downtown. The barbershop attached to you presents the best front in the whole downtown.

The best block is the south side of East Commerce Street, from Laurel to the bridge. The facade for STEAMworks is outstanding — though flat — because it mentions Cumberland County College. And there is plenty of parking on the Riverfront.

That makes Bridgeton a college town, and it should say so on every city limits sign. The county does not need to undergo a million-dollar “More To Offer” campaign signifying nothing, sold by some huckster, to subtly push its value.

“1,100-acre park, so park-it here among the trees and experience serenity’ posted somewhere besides in the park.

“The state’s oldest zoo” posted somewhere besides in the park. “Get your picture taken in the lap of the 6-foot bear!”

Or with Jorje Romero.

The Sunday Night Concert Series is held on the Riverfront instead of Sunset Lake is because it’s so accessible to the senior projects — the high-rise and RiverWalk, and how many people remember it is named “RiverWalk,” while no one — count ’em — nobody praises the city from turning it from the white-washed eyesore that was the former Schrank’s into the beautiful complex it is now.

Drag your bull outta here along with the horse pulling it!

Hey, Paul Ritter III, can you talk yet about the new Parvin State Park that will stretch from Hopewell Crest School to the Bridgeton City Park?

Paul says the recreation committee is so star-studded, we believe it might someday attract a youth World Series of some sort.

So the revival could come from next door.

Dave Hitchner, can a roadside sign say “Home of the West Cumberland Sports Hall of Fame?”

Why wasn’t the mayor of Hopewell mentioned in the Rottkamp’s roadside stand story in the newspaper?

“Hi, Jack!

“Congratulations on the weight loss, not easy, but it is never too late to make improvements. I, too, would like to know about that squalid looking mini golf. That splash park/golf side of the parking lot looks awful — not the *actual* splash park pad, but the surroundings have all of their trees topped of @ 7ft ish.

“I run or bike by, and it looks bad. Like you couldn’t do the job properly and afford to take out the stump and replace/relocate the tree, add some ornamental grasses or something.

“And are we really getting a Taco Bell & Wawa? Why not put the Taco Bell with the KFC like a lot of them are. It’s just going to look like a trashy strip, otherwise. Poorly planned and not very well thought out, very congested.

“Does no one in government have an eye for beauty or elegant design? And what’s going on with Bridgeton City Council (no elegance or manners there for sure, lol).

“All the hurt feelings of the egotistical get smoothed over so they can finally get something done and stop fighting over petty details? Or is that wanting too much?

“Anyway, maybe I’ll see you @ Chick-fil-a drive through next. Vineland’s has chicken salad cups (@350 calorie) … highly recommended, with lemonade or ice tea (unsweetened). Gets you through summer errands quite nicely!”

— CBK,

chalked on the sidewalk, initials on a tree, all it says is CB loves me

If you took the effort to run for city council and make it on a ticket where EVERYBODY ran on the same ticket, and your sole purpose besides making $300 a week was transforming the spacious city park into something to be remembered forever and help bring back your stressed city, and — 11 years in — all you have to show for it is a 401-page plan gathering dust, and higher taxes, how would you feel?

That’s one side.

Anybody remember the slogan, “It’s time to rotate the crops!”

How about the letter that started off with, “I thought I could help.”

If you’re the other side, and all you needed to do in running for mayor was put together the right slate so everything you wanted to accomplish in a strong-mayor government would be passed by at least 4-1 (bonds), and you opted to run on the same shaky slate and it has turned into a stalemate where you’ve only been able to accomplish what you could on your own, how would you feel?

That’s the other side.

If you plan to put your toe in to test the waters, better also find out about the undercurrent.

But that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is, no one cares. The Latinos don’t care as long as they can run their businesses, have employment, can walk the streets and not live in caves in Mexico.

Live in caves?

Have you ever talked to Jonathan Cummings of ReviveSJ, who built a school in Mexico?

He’s part of United Advocacy Group on the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick building, 40 E. Commerce St., although he’s on the road most of the time.

“Jack Hummel,

“Listened to your show (Saturday). It was great. I hope when Michael (DeLeon) comes in September and October that they leave the freeholders out of it because it would be a political arena. Hope they get the message across.”

— Alex Dragotta

Are you old enough to remember when Alex was part of a grass-roots movement to reform juvenile justice?

He sat on stage with Warren Robinson at Chief John Bondi’s speeches.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: John Fuqua lives in Upper Deerfield, too, but he sows his crops in Bridgeton.


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