Gunfire on N. Pearl St. investigated here; City Council President Gladys Lugardo-Hemple coming on 92.1 Saturday along with JT Burks of Millville; It’s a Latino town; Who is they?; Down 91 pounds, but the plow has not reached the end of the field


Three people get shot on the third block of North Pearl Street in a section that has been known for drug activity — including raids — and that’s no secret that there are drug houses throughout the city, just like any other city in South Jersey, but something went down where a message had to be set, and we guarantee it was carried out by someone young with no clue about where he’s going to wind up for the rest of his life just like the killing on Cedar Street off East Avenue, and, by the way, what did we learn from that murder if we have a gang specialist on the police payroll, but do we, but the downtown is as peaceful as ever and the city park is as serene as ever, but, for some reason, the outdoors basketball courts were empty today.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


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Good evening!

Who has the guts to come on 92.1 FM WVLT with us Saturday at noon and talk about

either the gang activity on the rim of Bridgeton or the drug activity — or both without labeling the whole town by painting with a broad brush?

If you’ve moved away and want to talk how great it once was back in the day, forgetting the riots in 1970-71 that caused News Publisher John T. Schofield to retrofit the old theater-Acme building with no windows, turn the dial.

If you want to talk about the law that forced farmers to give better housing to migrant workers, and most of them came to town and said to landlords, “I need to rent 40 properties,” and it changed the face of Bridgeton forever.

But what was odd after that was every crime committed by a Latino against one of his own was with a machete, and it was mostly on the weekends when the liquor flowed.

Most of the crime was black on Latinos, who wee afraid of banks and carried their earnings in their pockets and, for some reason, liked to walk the streets at 2 o’clock in the morning.

We roam the streets of Bridgeton every night and see many, many Latino mothers with the youngest in a carriage or stroller and two more tagging along, and white people from the townships see that and go absolutely ballistic, not realizing they don’t have a car, but screaming that they’re living here free, and as far as going to the emergency room or a clinic, that’s probably true, but you’ve never done a survey of the area ERs, so you’re just guessing, and there is also CompleteCare.

The Latino merchants downtown see the family coming and love it. And there are a lot of them now. There also is a Latino deli on North Pearl Street, as well as eateries.

Maybe the Latino stores don’t need advertising?

Is there Latino Facebook? Do all Latinos own Iphones or whatever people use to call u- everything?

Is there any other Latino real estate people besides Jorje Romero? How many wealthy Latinos are already established in Bridgeton? Are established Latinos afraid to take over the town where they are now a reported 47 percent of the population?

You heard it here first!

Baseball is dead in Bridgeton because all the Latino baseball players live in Vineland while we have the soccer players.

Why shouldn’t Dulce Gomez jump from the board of education to city council?

Imagine what the city could do if the state paid 90 percent of the budget like they do education. And, still, the graduation rate sucks!

Combining a thought with column headlines …

“They thought Kissy’s Place Animal Rescue coming on 92.1 FM Saturday, but can’t save Alex from Buena; SPCA must show records; Cats don’t stand a chance; CBK not into historical commissions; How we became 53% rentals; ‘Park It & Zoo Too’; ‘1,100 Acres of Parking and that doesn’t even include the downtown’; ‘Zooom’ but don’t speed’ in western Cumberland County; was pretty awesome.

“You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!”

— Insure Zero

If you’re talking Kissy’s Place, we’re all over that rescue group!

If you’re talking Alex from Buena, haven’t found the combination to that safe.

If you’re talking cats don’t stand a chance, bird lovers and cat lovers get along like the cow punchers and the sheep herders, with one hating a solution because it will take so long and the other offering no solution other than a roadblock, and the media doing itsa hit-and-run editorials.

Why wouldn’t they take the time to interview Ric Kuhns?

Why would they pretend to be experts by reading something from PETA, which does not — DOES NOT — talk about this area. That’s like talking about Chicago violence like it’s the same way here.

Coming on Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM definitely will be Gladys Lugardo-Hemple, Bridgeton city council president and longtime council member.

She is a highly respected and awarded Latino who lost one son to a carjacking.

We will talk about the lease the city wants Bridgeton Midget Football to sign that apparently will make the league pay for everything involved at the field, including the lights.

If the registration fee already includes insurance coverage, we don’t know what else would be included unless it’s the buildings and the scoreboard.

It has not come before council. The people we have talked to don’t know whether the soccer league that plays in the same recreation area has to pay for everything, although there are no buildings or lights involved.

So if we tear down the refreshment stand-pressbox, the locker room, the stands and the game clock, and pay for only the lights and cover the fans, does that eliminate all but a small percentage of the add-on?

Why can’t we just get rid of the greatest history in this town to balance the budget? Way, way better than the Nail House! Way more important since 1955 than the Sheppard House!

Rip it down and get volunteers to cut the grass, but, remember, when the cash pipeline from the state dries up for education, make sure Jim Hursey Stadium is the next to go.

This is no longer a football town? This is a soccer town? Do we send all our Midget Football players to Cumberland, where, at one time, we had all of that territory?

Why did the city invest tens of thousands in a mini golf course if it’s a Latino town? Who did that study?

Also coming on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon will be JT Burks, of Holly City Midget Football, who has gone right in the projects to sign up players for the coming season and was recently a part of a huge community event for kids, and we’ll see how that turned out.

We can’t get enough of grown-ups helping kids.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Down 91 pounds and proud of it, but it’s probably too late.



Gunfire on N. Pearl St. investigated here; City Council President Gladys Lugardo-Hemple coming on 92.1 Saturday along with JT Burks of Millville; It’s a Latino town; Who is they?; Down 91 pounds, but the plow has not reached the end of the field

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