Drug epidemic was exposed years ago; United Advocacy Group doing great things; ReviveSJ; Texters dangerous; One take on what has gone wrong with Bridgeton; Interview Iris Santiago, Chief!


The column that says this is how long — at least two years — for officials to get on board with the substance abuse invasion that every community knew started long before this, and the sad thing is, nobody follows up on new programs being introduced, like the one where police offered no charges when caught if they went straight to rehab, because we need to know what is not working, and we know the Minor Adjustments program under Michael Mickey Williams is working and we know Rev. Russell Alston at 40 Bank Street is driving would-be clean addicts to detox.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

We’d love to have United Advocacy Group CEO Melissa Helmbrecht’s frequent flier miles, or her gas card.

Salem one day, Pittsburgh for two days, California for two weeks, then Princeton …

But the last time we talked to her, she had experienced only two nights away from her two children in their lifetimes, although she did work right up to the day the second one was born, scaring everyone around her.

United Advocacy Group

40 E Commerce Street Bridgeton, NJ 08302.

Mailing Address PO Box 9. Bridgeton,NJ 08302.

Phone: (856) 243-5810.

Fax: (856) 494-1365

The Stronger Families project is focused on improving outcomes among incarcerated individuals and their families. Stronger Families operates within the Cumberland County Jail, where individuals are connected with a Family Advocate to establish plans for employment, housing, and family visits upon release.

Stronger Families also coordinates family-focused events for families of incarcerated individuals, allowing these individuals to spend more quality time with their children and significant others than they would in a traditional jail setting. Stronger Families also facilitates outreach events throughout Bridgeton, NJ, providing mentoring opportunities for youth throughout the area.

Revive South Jersey was started in 2012 as a ministry outreach of the New Hope Presbyterian Church, OPC, Faith OPC Church, and Fairfield PCA Church.

From the very beginning the goal was to work together with other local churches, non-profits, local businesses and community organizations in South Jersey to transform the lives of individuals and families.  Many churches and other organizations have since joined in the work with Revive South Jersey, click here to see the Partner Organizations.

One of the first goals of Revive South Jersey was to start off by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and also working on strengthening family units.  Both individuals and families would start to be strengthened through the process of meeting these needs.

“Taking a customer’s car back to Kintock in Bridgeton and a white car runs the stop Street at Fairton-Gouldtown and Burlington.

“Saw him coming and stopped just before he would of plowed into my driver’s door! Of course, he was texting.”

— Brian Scarlato

And a bad accident there the day before. Text your way to heaven,

One take on Bridgeton today …

“The Mexican community did exactly what a immigrant population is supposed to do.

“They came here poor and built wealth by sticking together, which is something blacks continually fail at.

“We invest in churches but won’t invest in business. We support those that benefit from keeping the community poor instead of researching and becoming educated voters.”

— like it is

“P.S.: Cinco De Mayo is a taxpayer-funded event in Bridgeton and it draws a nice-sized crowd every year, but guess what?>

“Bridgeton also has a Juneteenth celebration that gets zero support from the people it’s in honor of and you best believe politicians take notice of that lack of support and that is why they look toward the ‘immigrants’ as the future.

“Poverty and hopelessness are the root causes of the violence. Embracing ignorance and finding pride in underachieving has to change within our community. The Mexicans aren’t going to leave because poverty isn’t going to a issue for them.”

Iris Santiago is moving out of town.

Interview her, Chief Mike Gaimari.

We need some truth! We need some knowledge! We need to know what the hell is going on!

Her husband, Mike Santiago, was a pillar in the community before passing away too young. So what is happening on North Pearl Street besides the ugly facades, Chief?

Why is a member of the Bridgeton Library Board moving? Who’s ruining her neighborhood? Do we need chaplains? Do we need Michael DeLeon? Do we need Father David Rivera?

What do we need, Chief?

After this …

“On 8/9/2017 at 10:02 p.m., officers responded to the area of Morton St. and N. Pearl St. for a shooting.

“Police located a 2016 Nissan Maxima parked on N. Pearl St. which had multiple gunshots, damaging the windows to the vehicle. There was a female laying behind the vehicle, who sustained a gunshot wound to the back.

“Inside of the vehicle, a male victim was located. This male sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and arms and was alive, but not responsive.

“Located on the outside of the vehicle were approximately 23 spent shell casings.

“Another victim was located who was struck with gunfire above the left knee. This individual was standing across the street and appears to have been hit by a stray bullet. All victims were flown to Cooper Trauma Center.

“One victim was released and two remain in critical condition. This incident remains under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Bridgeton Police Department or utilize the TIP411 app.”

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Can you please eventually release the exact cause of this incident that slams the city’s name in a terrible, terrible way despite the other 99.9% are living right.

Drug epidemic was exposed years ago; United Advocacy Group doing great things; ReviveSJ; Texters dangerous; One take on what has gone wrong with Bridgeton; Interview Iris Santiago, Chief!

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