90 pounds down; Pigs are everywhere; Is it all gang related; Sandra Johnson’s long resume; Run/walk at Bridgeton Crabfest; Kizzy’s Place outstanding; In High Gear coming Sunday; Dennis Tawes can’t find compassion; United Advocacy Group everywhere with Pascale Sykes Foundation


The column that says 90 pounds down without missing a personal pizza now and then and downing a whole box of Bran Crunch family size in two days with two fingers at a time in the box means you don’t have to be rigid and you don’t have to be spartan if the rest of the time is spent on salads at Wendy’s, Texas Roadhouse, DiLisi’s and Mama Mia’s, and if you don’t like salads, you’re not hungry enough.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

Google all columns at jackhummelblog

Good evening!

Oh how we love to do open forum on 92.1 FM Saturdays from noon to 2 p.m. when you can call in and speak your mind, whether it be about eating right so you can postpone that ambulance ride to the hospital or all the heroes locally who make a difference every day without compensation or the people fighting drug addiction or the teachers fighting non-education or United Advocacy Group fighting on 18 fronts to teach you how to fish.

We will never stop publishing that Air Force Academy officials refused to believe women cadets when the said they were raped, either to cover up the crimes under their watch or because they are pigs themselves.

Pigs come in all shapes and sizes, and all walks of life.

Is it all gang related …

“Jack, when you talk about young people guns, murder and robberies, it’s all gang related. Why? I believe because there are no fathers in there lives to guide them from right from wrong and give them that loving feeling.”

— Alex Dragotta

Everybody wants to be loved and everybody wants to be somebody, so how do we make kids feel wanted if the family is dysfunctional and there is no father and only Family Court and Court Appointed Special Advocates between them and either becoming a foster child where there’s a 3 percent chance of graduating from college and a 50 percent chance of being homeless or going to jail when they age out at 18?

If you grow up having money, having means, able to broaden your horizons at home, how can you possibly understand a child who has none of these things, and, yet, you are the only one who can help them.

And how can you expect any other result other than joining something in the neighborhood where a horse-choking bankroll in the pocket and a nine-round pistol in the waistband is a feeling of authority and power and belonging that they can’t get anywhere else.

Especially when all they know is four square blocks.

We used to work with Sandra Johnson before she became Sandra Johnson Romano and moved to Houston.

On Facebook, she asked all her former co-workers that were crazy and fun to work with, and then she included a list of a lot of people we don’t know.

“People I used to work with — from KFC, to Sterling Medical Services, to The Bridgeton Evening News, and The Goddard School. I’ve had about 22 jobs in 31 years.

“I don’t feel bad. I think we could look into the world record. Laid off at least 6 times. But that doesn’t even faze me anymore.”

— Sandra

And she also lost 90 pounds not too long ago in Houston. Even diets are bigger in Texas.


Jorje Romero will start in the front of the pack.

“The vodka Kittens AND Bonnie were in fact rescued with Kizzy’s Place. with 3 minutes to spare. This is why donations to her are so crucial so she can keep saving lives.

“One of her rescues — Wheeler — was diagnosed with ear cancer and needs surgery. Please anyone who can donate any amount would make the difference.”

— cat lover

“They are amazing. They save so many lives daily. Sick animals, healthy animals, you name! I’m happy to be associated with this rescue! They are absolutely amazing. All the volunteers are so nice and go out their way to help with transports to vet appointments, etc. Kizzy’s Place is awesome!

—  Kizzy’s Place lover

Kizzy’s Place can be reached at 856-238-1229 or go to kizzysplace@petfinder.com.

In High Gear and Floyd Dyer on the Bridgeton Riverfront Sunday at 7 p.m.

They will draw a crowd!

“Double-hernia UPDATE …

“Last time, my surgery was canceled due to Medicaid. Wanted a second opinion and today was that appointment.

“I start to fill out the paperwork and get called over to the window and was told that I was disqualified and I would have to call them. Returning home, I did. After several calls, I was given a new number to call that turned out to be an answering machine, leave my name and number and they would return my call.

“Not today, hmm, maybe tomorrow. As an Artist, I just had to express my MADNESS and here it is, it’s called, ‘Who Killed Compassion?”

Pascale Sy,kes Foundation grants for 2016-17

GRANT YEAR 2016-2017

Connecting Families to Communities

Supporting parents as leaders and enabling families to become self-sufficient,
strong and stable while building stronger communities

Lead Agency: Holly City Development Corporation

Collaborating Agencies: Cumberland County College, United Advocacy Group,
Millville Public Library, Millville Public Schools, Millville Neighborhood Alliance

Stronger Families
Family communication, strengthening and financial stability; reentry

Lead Agency: Temple Vision Corporation

Collaborating Agencies: Cumberland County Department of Corrections, United Advocacy Group

Unidos para la Familia (United for the Family)
Holistic family services, adjusting to the USA

Lead Agency: Revive South Jersey

Collaborating Agencies: PathStone Corporation, United Advocacy Group.

Common denominator: United Advocacy Group, 40 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton.

YOU CAN BOOK ITThings are looking up.


90 pounds down; Pigs are everywhere; Is it all gang related; Sandra Johnson’s long resume; Run/walk at Bridgeton Crabfest; Kizzy’s Place outstanding; In High Gear coming Sunday; Dennis Tawes can’t find compassion; United Advocacy Group everywhere with Pascale Sykes Foundation

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