Giuseppe Ungaro and his Sixers; Everybody tried pot?; Dedication on Warren Robinson Park Tuesday; Down Warren’s memory lane; Bridgeton diamonds in 2012; Crime questions five years ago; ‘Badgammon’ nabbed; Family Strengthening Network; Joan McAllister on a cure for cancer before they rot in hell


The column that says it’s always fun to hang out with Giuseppe Ungaro when he comes up from Somers Point to fuel the county’s economy and wax optimistic about the Sixers, Ben Simmons, J.J. Reddick and Joel Embiid, and how they are one of the five greatest franchises in the history of the NBA, and we said they haven’t won a title since 1983 — 34 years ago — and he can’t wait until this season begins.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Every time we meet a new waitress, we ask if she’s going to school, married, etc.

Tonight, the subject got around to drugs and we asked if she ever did any and she finally admitted to trying pot, and didn’t like it, and we asked her how that happened and she said friend of a friend had it.

Oh, well. Guess everybody has a friend of a friend.

Dedication of Warren Robinson Park is Tuesday at 5 p.m. at Pearl and E. Commerce streets, Bridgeton. …

“Jack Hummel, what a great way to keep Warren’s memory alive. He was a man who loved his country, but, more importantly, his city and the people who lived there.”

— Alex Dragotta


A little history

Jan. 26, 2014

“Hi, Mr. Hummel,

“Thought you might like this photo.

“Mr. Robinson was given a surprise 90th birthday celebration by our students.

“He always makes them smile.’’

— Kristi Berry & Kourtney Kristovich,

Broad Street School in Bridgeton

June 1, 2010

“Hi, Jack,
“Memorial Day street flag count report:
Laurel Street — 4
Hampton Street — 9
Lincoln Street — 18
Broad Street — 38
Pearl Street — 65.’’
— Warren Robinson

March 14, 2011

Where was Warren Robinson on March 7 66 years ago?

As a platoon of Pershing tanks provided cover against German machine gun fire coming from towers on the east end of the Remagen bridge, the infantrymen rushed forward, zigzagging from girder to girder.

Upon reaching the far side, Timmerman had some of his men clear the towers, and another platoon climb up the Erpeler Ley, a large hill just beyond the east end of the bridge, through which ran a large tunnel.

Timmerman sent other troops into the tunnel.

They captured several Germans, including Captain Karl Friesenhahn, the engineer officer, who had tried but failed to destroy the bridge.

Feb.9, 2012

Bridgeton diamonds:
~ Coach Room.
~ Big John’s Pizza.
~ Carmelo’s Ristorante.
~ BridgeWater Pub.
~ Randy’s General Store.
~ Cohanzick Zoo.
~ Bridgeton Library.
~ TD Bank.
Bank of America.
~ Colonial Bank.
~ County courthouse.
~ Broad Street Church.
~ Franklin Drive.
~ Lake Street.
~ West Commerce Street.
~ Bridgeton Health Center.
~ Rite Aid.
~ Walgreens.
~ Dunkin’ Donuts.
~ Wendy’s.
~ C-town.
~ Papa John’s Pizza.
~ Veterans Park.
~ Alden Field.
~ Salvy Blandino Field.
~ Jim Hursey Stadium.
~ Alms Center.
~ Flavia Alaya.
~ Frank Harris Sr.
~ Sam Feinstein.
~ Albert Kelly.
~ Hankins Lumber.
~ Warren Robinson.
~ Smith & Richards.
~ Sally Garrison.
~ Stefanie Modri.
~ Sherman Denby.
~ Karen Barnett.
~ Jerry Young.
~ Gallery 50.
~ Terry Gould.
~ “Boom Boom’’ Baker.
~ Linda Solanik.
~ Al Solanik.
~ Doug Buirch.
~ Sam Miletta.
~ Sean Henigin.
~ Dave Hitchner.
~ Hannah Furtek.
~ Carl Hemple Sr.
~ Gladys Lugardo-Hemple.
~ Goldie Wulderk.
~ Jeff Bellam.
~ Hank Murad
~ Josh Wymbs.
~ Annie Wright.
~ Dorothy Abbott.
~ Lee Hepner.
~ Paul Ritter III.
~ Gloria T. Cortez.
~ Bridgeton Area Chamber of Commerce.
~ Quack’s Corner.
~ Cumberland County SPCA.
~ Linda Eisenberg.
~ Carol V. Moore.
~ Billy Sharp.
~ Bob Thompson.

Five years ago …

What makes a young man walk up to another young man, put a gun to his chest and pull the trigger, knowing the gun is illegal and there are witnesses around?
Who does that?
Who either doesn’t care what happens to himself or is totally out of it?
It’s the first question Rev. Dave Ennis asked.
“It just goes to show you how valueless life has become to these individuals. There’s really no value on life anymore. You wonder what’s going on inside of these guys,” he said.
No one has talked of anger.
No one has said an altercation broke out and the shooter went over the edge.
No one has mentioned rage.
No one has mentioned revenge.
How are you going to stop these senseless actions unless you want out exactly what went down?
“What is this?’’ he said to his killer.

Who is getting paid to find out and explain all this to the taxpayers?
It has to be somebody.

Why did the kid who quarterbacked a Midget Football team into the championship game two years earlier shoot another kid to death in Bridgeton Villas?
Has anybody explained that yet?

Where are the meetings on all this stuff?
Where is the conference calling and the brainstorming?

Who are the experts on all this?
Do we have to go on Dr. Phil?
Can Rev. Ennis find out?
Can Rev. Wilkins find out?

Call a town meeting and have investigators explain why it went down and or why they can’t find out what went down.
Because if we don’t know, how can we possibly prevent it the next time?

Five years later, we’re still asking the same questions.

People we couldn’t have done without in 2009:
~ Ed Guth Jr.
~ Dolores Sharkey
~ Linda Solanik
~ Sam Feinstein
~ Carl Johnson
~ Rajah Johnnie
~ Stefanie Modri
~ Colorado Connie
~ Barry Perlow
~ Jerry Young
~ Dr. Russell Howe-Smith
~ Bev Greco
~ Warren Robinson
~ Brenda Williams
~ Lou Magazzu
~ Mike Gaimari
~ Kenny Freitag
~ Donald McGowan
~ Millie McGowan
~ Ruth McGowan
~ Jonathan P. Casey
~ Tommy Seeley
~ Everett Newkirk
~ Paul Hunsberger
~ Kim Quinn
~ Kenny Williams
~ Bob Thompson
~ Joan McAllister
~ Cpl. Edward S. Sheppard
~ Linda Quay
~ Barry Morgan
~ Dave Hitchner
~ Matt Hitchner
~ Tony Surace
~ Ruth McConnell
~ Betty Higbee
~ Donna Lloyd
~ Marion Moore
~ Carol Musso
~ Steve Wymbs
~ John Sorantino
~ Nancy Marino
~ Everett Marino
~ Snooky Marino
~ Joe B.
~ Linda Forbes
~ Millville Mike
~ Margaret Lopez
~ Louise Marone
~ Diane Kolman
~ Kristi Berry
~ Frank Murphine
~ R. Winslow
~ Mark Krull
~ Dean Dellaquila
~ Dawn Magee
~ Nanalaws
~ Jean Nocon
~ Bethibabee
~ George Joyce III
~ Sitarbob
~ Walter Webster
~ Elizabeth Severino
~ Linda Randazzo
~ Sally Garrison
~ John Simons
~ Lisa Jester
~ Sumner Lippincott
~ Tony Rossello
~ Joe Young
~ Owen Garrison
~ Bob Westcott
~ Florence Evans
~ William Krupa
~ Bob Spence
~ Bill Spence
~ Jo Ann Street
~ Russsell Stormes
~ Nina Labrusciano Tomasello
~ Bernie Heller
~ Jean Gehring
~ Neil VanderVeer
~ Goldie Wulderk
~ Carl Hemple Sr.
~ Carl Hemple Jr.
~ Earl Sherrick
~ Flavia Ayala
~ Karen Hemple
~ Al Solanik
~ Erik Cagle
~ Karl Frank
~ Dottie Wilkerson
~ Judy Kessler
~ Bob Crowe
~ Celeste Riley
~ Bryan Toft
~ Donald Fauerbach
~ Barbara Cook
~ Stevie Lane
~ Ken Austin
~ Jason Galanes
~ Karole King
~ Billy King
~ Karl Kirstein
~ Jimmy McCormick
~ Cindy Hackett Anderson
~ Caroline Owens
~ Gary Simmerman
~ Stef Bacon
~ Frankie Bacon
~ BHS Band Booster Club
~ CRHS Band Boosters
~ Dave Rogers
~ Jim Willis
~ Pete Zalinski
~ Crafty
~ Concerned taxpayer
~ You.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou

Fake news …

D Bailey Miles aka: badgammon was arrested on assault charges after throwing an empty whiskey bottle through a plate glass window when mocked for being a loser at a backgammon tournament. She was examined medically and found to be sleep deprived and over-caffeinated. Bail was set at 20 lbs of bacon.

— someone who knows her well

Organization: United Advocacy Group — Family Strengthening Network

Nominating Funder: Pascale Sykes Foundation

Length of Funding Relationship: 2 to 5 years

Date of Last Review: December 2016

Location: 40 East Commerce St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302


Mailing Address
PO Box 9
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Phone: (856) 243-5810
Fax: (856) 494-1365

The network identifies and develops supportive communities to embrace the well-being of families through informal supports.

Families are engaged in local churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations known as Family Strengthening Network sites. Through these interactions, families are referred to a Family Advocate to help the family assess their needs and determine a “Life Action Plan” to accomplish their goals.

Family Advocates then provide the accountability, necessary tools, and referrals to community resources that families need in order to accomplish these goals. The Family Strengthening Network additionally offers prevention-focused educational seminars and small groups based on specific family needs as assessed by the site.

On finding a cure for cancer …

“I don’t think there will ever be allowed a cure for cancer. The Pharmaceuticals are making too much money on it. It is a major industry for many medical facilities, etc.

“I believe there are things we can take charge of in our lives today to make ourselves healthier, but as an industry, cancer prevention and cure makes too much money to be erased.

“My chemo cost the insurance company $135,000. a month for eight months; that includes hospital, staff, and chemicals.”

— Joan McAllister

YOU CAN BOOK IT: May anyone stopping a cure for cancer for money rot in hell.

Giuseppe Ungaro and his Sixers; Everybody tried pot?; Dedication on Warren Robinson Park Tuesday; Down Warren’s memory lane; Bridgeton diamonds in 2012; Crime questions five years ago; ‘Badgammon’ nabbed; Family Strengthening Network; Joan McAllister on a cure for cancer before they rot in hell

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