No croutons needed!; Blastoma death sentence; PAL Church League?; Waiting for Mike Abbott to address city council; Anthony Sanchez and open forum on 92.1 FM; Call Hutch for girls basketball; Stoerrle and Morrison — perfect CCSPCA team; Jenn Henderson waiting for your OK to speak for kids who have no voice in court; Drugs and education the keys to eradicating poverty; Michael DeLeon has lost 29 pounds, nails quest for legal pot


The column that says Wendy’s got away from putting croutons in their apple pecan chicken salad and we didn’t care, then brought them back, then apologized for not having any today and we said we didn’t want them anyway, and the server said she liked them, but isn’t that needlessly adding carbs to an already delicious meal of only 560 calories?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

If the dog doesn’t mind the rain while swimming in a pool, why should we when only our head is out of the water anyway, so the 100 walking laps continue intact as the weight loss is at 89 pounds without Wendy’s croutons.

If it’s “blastoma” in your brain cancer diagnosis, put your things in order. If it’s lung cancer, put your things in order.

Until this country decides to quit fiddling around with cancer fundraisers and goes full bore with all the ground troops, artillery and bombs we have medically — no matter what the cost of a cancer missile, a cancer bomber, a cancer jet fighter, families are going to continue to suffer heartbreak.

Who would challenge an all-out war on cancer and we spend millions a week on war?

Do we have to call it a Police Athletic Softball League to bring back the game that once drew hundreds to the recreation area?

Does a police officer have to umpire to keep peace in a church league?

Armed with one of the best recreation areas in South Jersey as it pertains to space, why is limited to Little League, the Spanish soccer league and outdoor basketball courts?

We have Anthony Sanchez on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon, but we’re also going to be in open forum and ask why the Press of Atlantic City could be against TNVR of feral cats in a casual editorial based on PETA seeing the inhumane attacks on feral cat colonies and that feral cats kill so much wildlife, but they never checked with the area the paper serves to see how they are working here, and never mentioned a solution to the problem of feral cats other than keep your pet cats indoors.

If you’re not willing to research what is going on in Cumberland County, to at least have the guts to print “trap and kill them all,” don’t mention the issue at all.

When is citizen Mike Abbott going to stand up at city council and ask if the RV park in the north section of the 1,100-acre city park idea has gone the way of the ethanol plant and mini-golf as a good idea?

When is he going to ask what code enforcement can do to erase, eradicate, eliminate, tear down, fix up, blow up some of the ghetto-looking buildings in the part of Bridgeton that visitors can’t help but see?

We realize Parker Street is in Milltown, a place you don’t want to go unless you have a reason or you’re a landlord, so the burned out half-double that has existed for at least this mayor’s term in a strong mayor government.

But why can’t we put a good face — a good front — on Pearl Street housing, not asking landlords to restore once-glorious mansions, but to make them look inviting on the outside — to include paint only applied after taking the peeling crap to the bare wood — and fixing up porches like new?

Why can’t we do that, even if the devil, himself, threaten to sue? Sue? SUE? Hell, we just paid off a $550,000 lawsuit for one man’s sexual harassment. You’re worried about landlords suing you?

Surely, the grizzled activist has an opinion after a day of driving truck. If you have an idea you want presented, call 609-774-6571 before 8 p.m. and maybe Mike Abbott can present it for you.

If you want to hook up with a girls basketball camp, call Bob Hutchings at 856-362-7390 or reach him at

Hutch has agreed to transport animals to other states the rest of this summer for the Cumberland County SPCA.

Speaking of the SPCA, Maria Stoerrle and Jessica Morrison are planning outings and sleepovers for their junior volunteers

You can reach them at

And if you have any doubts about how we feel about the Cumberland County SPCA, its leaders, its staff, its volunteers, write something stupid on Facebook.

You have attitude, you get attitude, because it has never been about you.

We should have at least 100 people sign up to listen to Jenn Henderson and Cindy Zirkle explain to you how rewarding it will be and how connected you can get with the judicial system by signing up to be a court appointed special advocate as a voice for children in family court — kids who have been neglected or abused and the judge may not know how to rule because he doesn’t have time to do the research, until he asks you, because you have studied the case and you are empowered.

But you have to undergo training, of course, and then it’s 10 hours a month, unless you get hooked, get reborn, get the fever, find out it’s doing more good for you than the kids.

Hold your fervor!

There are over 1,000 kids that need a voice despite the tremendous success of the program backed by the millions of dollars being put forth by the Pascale Sykes (that’s a man’s name) Foundation.

Call 856-265-6802, and you’ll get a call back.

That’s just one of the programs coming out of the Hope Loft on the third floor of the Ashley McCormick at this time.

Call it the 46 steps to success. Meet executive director Rich Nichols or CEO Melissa Helmbrecht, who can tick off 18 programs they’re involved in and at least 30 supporters nationwide.

The county has inherited poverty, with 1 in 5 living below the poverty level, but we know winning fixes everything, so we need to start winning on more grassroots levels.

Don’t blame the prisons. Don’t blame the immigrants. Yes, you can blame the dope trade big time for ruining lives, but if we can get more people like Michael DeLeon reaching and preaching to our kids, then lift up the education level — that’s the two keys, dope and education, so jobs will come.

You can’t have entire communities of poverty and attract high-paying jobs, unless it involves the justice system.

“About 120 people came out to enjoy the sounds of the Golden Memories Big Band at the riverfront tonight.”

— Sam Feinstein

Which proves that if it is what people like, they will come, and with no seats provided, no less.

And they will come to the Millville car show on Saturday, and not just because premier DJ Cbris Randazzo is playing oldies while looking at his favorite cars.

They flock to the Bridgeton Amish Market whenever Jonas King schedules a special occasion, so you know the foot traffic is available.

Speaking of Michael DeLeon …

“I was so disappointed this morning for weigh-in that I’d only dropped 2 more pounds in 6 days UNTIL I put dress pants on that I COULDN’T BUTTON 15 days ago!

“Not only am I losing the weight (29 pounds so far), but my body is changing. Fat is disappearing. Muscle is returning.”

— Down from 310

“P.S.: Bulafit. First lifestyle program I’ve ever been on that was all inclusive and met its hype. Not hungry, more energy, feel great.”



The real Michael DeLeon …

“This is an OPINION Piece, but in the 3 years documenting marijuana legalization all across Colorado, I can personally attest to the facts.. NOT the LIES being told by MY Senator, Corey Booker nor the LIES being told by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta nor the misinformation being spewed by Soros-funded Drug Policy Alliance or the Washingon Post or Huffington Post or Denver Post… or any of the other media outlets focused on MONEY rather than TRUTH….. We Didn’t legalize “Marijuana”! We opened the door on a FULL-BLOWN commercialization and industrialization on genetically-modified, chemical-infused THC poison. I care about addiction, but I MOSTLY Care About KIDS and this will devastate our Youth. This is NOT what you smoked in the 80’s.”

— Michael DeLeon

YOU CAN BOOK IT: First, it was the Lottery, then it was the casinos, and now it’s going to be this gig to solve all our money programs.

No croutons needed!; Blastoma death sentence; PAL Church League?; Waiting for Mike Abbott to address city council; Anthony Sanchez and open forum on 92.1 FM; Call Hutch for girls basketball; Stoerrle and Morrison — perfect CCSPCA team; Jenn Henderson waiting for your OK to speak for kids who have no voice in court; Drugs and education the keys to eradicating poverty; Michael DeLeon has lost 29 pounds, nails quest for legal pot

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