Bowa out of his coma; Beautiful day in city park; Ghetto gas station DEP held up?; Air Force Academy rapes deserve big-time jail time; Any chance for local labor in $18M Villas project?; More George Moore; LeBron’s Gorilla Grill; How many calories in a chicken bomb?; 89 pounds down and we may re-enlist


The column that says Larry Bowa finally came out of his coma on the bench for the Phillies, and how much do you think he still cares about this team, but he did get thrown out of today’s game so maybe he’s still the can of gas he used to be, and why does it take so long for Bridgeton to post city council work session minutes on its Facebook page

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Beautiful day in Bridgeton City Park with seven people in three different groups walking on the Raceway in the late afternoon and the basketball courts being utilized.

The city is calling the Fourth of July fireworks the “best ever.”

Bridgeton Main Street Director Steven Paul says the undisputed king of ghetto-look gas station on Washington Street is a DEP matter, even though Paul says he would settle for a parking lot.

Don’t know what this has to do with tearing it down, because we know there is always environmental concern when a gas station vacates a property.

As you already know, there is a $750,000 clean-up cost associated with the Laurel Street property that was to be the site of a combined library.

Councilman Mike Zapolski objects to the county clerk’s new office going there because there are many empty buildings downtown that could be used, and that $10 million project will not be a ratable.

But it’s a new building producing foot traffic downtown.

Has anybody heard if the $18 million refurbishing of the Villas will be using local labor, county labor, South Jersey labor?

We know Winn is headquartered in Boston, and since they have done these projects all over the country, maybe they use the same construction crew. No mention of that was made in the original proposal in a council work session.

We still can’t get over rapes at the Air Force Academy not believed by school officials, and all of them should be in jail.

You don’t see that reported on the cable channels, do you? You don’t see marches for that, do you? It appears in a documentary, and, still, you don’t see people marched out of the administrative offices in handcuffs.

That is such a blatant black eye on the armed services, and every one of them should go on trial.

After spending 3 1/2 years in the military, we can tell you all brass doesn’t polish!

“You are correct. This is sick. And you know I am a strong advocate to help change the attitude about rape. Anyone who turns a blind eye is just as guilty. Bystanders are a part of the problem.

“Attitudes have to be changed before rape will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and victims must not be the ones on trial.”

— Peggy Gentile Van Meter

Let’s hear their excuses from on the stand!

The crime is, their actions were final, ruining lives as well as careers. Their lives should be ruined, as well. Maybe some of them could discover how broken the penal system is and suggest some changes.

When a player retires and becomes a manager, he knows what his team is going through because he experienced it himself.

What the hell does the Department of Justice know, other than what they have read in a book.

Generals were at least lieutenants at one time, and maybe they kissed ass on the way of the ladder, but at least they were in the field.

Where has the DOC been? Attica? Fire Island? Joliet?

More on the legendary George Moore …

“Hi, Jack!

“I’m so glad they resurrected George’s legendary jingles. It brings back fond memories of the many commercials we recorded together thru the years working together. I agree 100% — don’t let anything silence you from doing what you love.

“Hope things are going well with you. Congrats on the weight loss. I wish it was as easy and fun taking off the weight as it is putting it on. P.S.: Thanks for the nice words – you’re very kind!”

— Lynn Bold Timberman

George Moore has more friends in all walks of life than anybody we have ever met. They number in the thousands, whether it be from fishing or the deer woods or baseball tournaments or high school football and basketball, or the Salvation Army, all the service clubs and fundraisers.

And he’s still hanging on to his fishing show on 99.9 FM every Friday at 5 p.m., with all the dishes clinking in the background at what we assume is the Charlesworth Hotel in Fortescue.

Another one who refused to give up.

And kudos to Bob Busnardo for throwing back all the fish he has caught for the last five years. Reminds us of Ed Guth Jr., and we believe both are responsible for the Kids Fishing Derby every year.

Now this is an interesting Saturday post …

Good morning, people. I’m heading to the Millville airport to set up. Be ready by noon!

“Have the roasted beef sandwich, cheeseburger subs, wings and, of course, the regular menu items. Come out and take a look at the museum at the airport. Or the adults can go have a sip at Jersey Shine and a awesome tasting cold brew at Glasstown brewery!”

— LeBron’s Gorilla Grill, LLC

No doubt he will be all over the place eventually.

How many calories in a chicken bomb?

“Chicken Bombs are BACK. Come in early to make sure you get yours before they’re sold out again! Today is the LAST DAY to take advantage of our menu BETA TEST PRICING!

“Not to fear, we only need to make minor adjustments to a few prices next week. You’ll still be getting a SUPER value when you come and eat our food, as always!

“Come visit the Superhero Cafe, now under new management, noon ’til 5 p.m. today at 501 N. High St. in Millville at the Village on High.”

— Superhero Cafe

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Wendy’s wanted to know why a half-size apple pecan chicken salad and we shot back, 89 pounds down!


Bowa out of his coma; Beautiful day in city park; Ghetto gas station DEP held up?; Air Force Academy rapes deserve big-time jail time; Any chance for local labor in $18M Villas project?; More George Moore; LeBron’s Gorilla Grill; How many calories in a chicken bomb?; 89 pounds down and we may re-enlist

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