Wendy’s drive-thru goes 10 cars deep; George Moore, good hearing you and don’t give up!; Winston Churchhill said so; Bells at Bridgeton Library 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday; What does VA supply? Prescriptions? Medigap?; Cadets raped and nobody believed them; TNVR vote in Maurice River Township; Bridgeton PAL getting it done!; Human Services survey on what Cumberland County needs;


The column that says when the line at Wendy’s drive-thru gets so long at 5:15 p.m. that the last one in line is barely in the entrance from Route 49, somebody is doing something right, but when it also happens at 9:30 p.m., everybody inside is either doing something right or we’re in a food desert and Wendy’s is the oasis.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Boy, it was great hearing George Moore’s voice on the radio today, even though he’s not as good looking as Lynn Timberman, and he still can’t sing, but they brought out his famous “Have a beautiful day on the Delaware Bay with Shirley and her crew” advertisement, and we cringed once again.

Keep at it, George! Don’t let that voice be stilled by anything until you draw your last breath. Bob Shryock is fighting the same battle in Gloucester County, and it’s amazing that he was the ultimate toastmaster for decades and you the consumate sports announcer over the same amount of time, and you’ve both been slowed by Parkinson’s.

But not stopped.

“Young men, never give up. Never give up! Never give up! Never, never, never-never-never-never!”

— Winston Churchhill


George Moore being inducted into the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey by Dom Valella.

Sudden thought!

Are we spending money foolishly on drug prescriptions and even health insurance as a veteran?

Does Shep get all his prescriptions at the VA hospital free along with his treatment while we’re paying $143 for Medicare and $319 for medigap?

We know we could be getting a $250 property tax credit, but we never thought about the VA while Shep was doing all that complaining and fighting with them.

Twenty-five months overseas away from hoagies and pizza should have earned us something.

The Bells are appearing at the Bridgeton Library on Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m., NOT 7 to 9 p.m., so could you pass it along.

On 92.1 FM Saturday at noon, Bobby Hutch of international coaching fame and Maria Stoerrle, of CCSPCA adoption fame, both at the same time, while the Gloucester shelter is having an adoption day where all fees are waived.

And we’re thinking why can’t we ask for donations to help defray adoption expenses, where people want to help but don’t want to adopt, especially if they are smitten by a certain dog or cat they see on the website.

But, remember, taking good care of an animal costs money. The days of us growing up on the farm and the dog never saw a vet and the pups were thrown over a bridge in a burlap bag with a rock in it are gone forever.

The cows got the vet because they produced income. The dog, not so much.

Don’t sit there and tell us how great America is when female cadets after female cadets at the Air Force Academy were raped and officials refused to believe them. How does that happen in 2017 in America?

It went on for years before somebody in Washington investigated. The same cadet committed several rapes.

“I’m raising money for Carolscatz of Commercial Township. Every little bit helps. This cause means a lot to me, and I believe that we can make a difference together. Thanks! Check out info about this nonprofit:

To Protect, And Help Feral and free roaming Cats In Cumberland County, Thru The Use Of TNVR. We Work Within All Of Cumberland County, And Help The Residents , Help These Cats And Kittens. 1 Female And 1 Male And Their Off Springs Produce 420,000 Felines Over 7 Years Time. We Aim To Reduce The Population With The Use Of TNVR.”

— Carol Hickman,


“P.S.: Carolscatz and Animal Friends Foundation just attended a special meeting in Maurice River Township to promote TNVR and the possibility to apply for a grant for TNVR .

“We joined forces for the greater good in hopes that we will save many feline lives.

Please say a special prayer that on Aug. 14 the vote is yes. Please, if you are a Maurice River Twp, resident, contact the committee and voice you approval.”


“Rosenhayn Fire Company Chicken BBQ Sunday.

“I have a couple of tickets left. $10.00 per meal.”

— Frank Harris Sr.,

once the cook with his son at Bridgeton Crabfest


Not a government official in a suit among them! These are people making it happen for at-risk kids in the city, and they’re getting support from all over, including the Pascale Sykes Foundation that is providing $40 million to build up the economy in South Jersey.

Support these people and provide $30 for another at-risk child to join. Call 856-455-0033 and tell them you’re in. A membership is just $30 per year, and that’s all we’re asking you to do. PAL will take care of the rest, and $60,000 will not go to the directors. You see those two guys on the end? They have the clout to make sure everything will be for the kids.

The Cumberland County Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) is conducting a community survey to get feedback from residents of Cumberland County on needs and services. Please complete the survey to share your opinion on what could help make Cumberland County a better place.


When is Bridgeton going to teach the poor how to fish or give them a fishing rod so they can get out of the projects and on their own, so we can stop blaming the well-paying prisons from causing all the poverty/

We’re talking projects where all the residents are living on Section 8. If they are not disabled — we don’t see an infirmary included — we need to provide steps, just like we do for substance abuse and get them on a program.

We can no longer afford to be the poorest city in the poorest county, and just ignore it, or run away from it.

United Advocacy Group is our best new bet.


To empower individuals to achieve their self-determined goals and equip them to reach their full potential, through consistent, credible, and holistic one-on-one advocacy.


To revitalize and develop healthy communities by reenergizing, equipping, and motivating a generation to accomplish their personal dreams through strengthening the resolve of families and children as the building blocks of this movement.


We view each individual as a whole person living within a whole family and whole community. We believe that whole people best thrive when the interconnected areas of their lives are engaged and improved. Because of this, the United Advocacy Group incorporates a holistic focus for whole people by utilizing the following key areas in coaching and education to enable individuals to achieve their dreams:Financial

  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Well-being
  • Emotional
  • Education
  • Life Fulfillment
  • Faith


Collective Impact







We’ll talk about them periodically on 92.1 FM Saturdays, from noon to 2 p.m.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Bobby Hutch meets Maria Stoerrle and open forum at high noon Saturday, and there will still be time to talk about you and United Advocacy Group.

Wendy’s drive-thru goes 10 cars deep; George Moore, good hearing you and don’t give up!; Winston Churchhill said so; Bells at Bridgeton Library 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday; What does VA supply? Prescriptions? Medigap?; Cadets raped and nobody believed them; TNVR vote in Maurice River Township; Bridgeton PAL getting it done!; Human Services survey on what Cumberland County needs;

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