Whoa! A fabulous piece of Victorian architecture!; Get the order right!; Drink signs unsightly; Ghetto gas station has broken windows; Force Bridgeton government to work together; Advertise STEAMworks; Build on Thompson, Murad pioneer refurbishing; Warren Robinson Park needs a worthy sign; Greg Adomaitis remembers Warren; And Mike Abbott; Pocket park too hot to sit in?; United Advocacy Group hierarchy pictured; Give Back, First Star programs offer scholarships


The column that says the really fabulous piece of Victorian architecture in downtown Bridgeton is the last building going east on East Commerce Street on the left,and have you looked up lately like we did today as we passed the Ashley-McCormick building and then we saw the next building before the Riverfront entrance and the magnificent columns on the third floor and the window says “Public Defender’s Office” and we thought, how do we market that as the historic district instead of just how big it is.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

How do you screw up a two-person order for lunch in a local eatery? How does that happen when it’s like three items?

How many times does that have to happen in the poorest city in the poorest county in the state before no one comes to eat inside anymore?

Twice? Three times? There are too many other places around to test your customers’ loyalty like that. It should be the first line of defense.

Those huge drink signs in the parking lot of Las Palmas on Washington Street do nothing for the eatery. They are too big and too cheaply made when so much money was spent on fixing up the site in the first place.

The ghetto gas station on the edge of the beautiful city park has big sheets of plywood covering most of the office windows, but broken windows in two of the bays and anyone who lets this building exist as it is next to the Trolley Barn custard stand and across from the Marino Center should be out of a job by September because you don’t care about this city.

Let’s all meet at the next Bridgeton City Council meeting and you record it on your phone and put it on Facebook when city council and the mayor once again refuse to work together to get real progress going on in the city park to match the upgrade of the Cohanzick Zoo, where the new banners hanging with animals painted on them may even be Victorian.

We tell council and the mayor to get into a car and drive 401 miles together and finally get to know each other because all you’re doing is wasting taxpayers’ money with this “it’s not my fault!” stance.

You ran together for the jobs and you promised transparency and now this member doesn’t know what the other is doing, and it’s everybody’s fault, dating back to when somebody promised to vote or not to vote for somebody for city council president, and it’s been verbal machine guns at 3 feet ever since, even over the portable mini-golf course.

We need the bond issue to be passed to cap the landfill in the park, but, first, Mayor Aitken Drive needs to be paved. You’ve already been promised a permanent refreshment stand by the entrance to the zoo, and pendants, alone, should carry that day.

Do enough people care to show up and demand progress? Of course not. The Latinos don’t care if it’s not about them, but more of them every day are making use of the park and the Raceway.

They are the ones swimming at Sunset Lake, and picnicking under the 100-year-old trees.

The basketball courts are full and we can’t thank Mayor Albert Kelly enough for the upper and lower courts because, of all the amenities other than the splash park, the courts are by far the most used form of recreation.

Since Day One.

However, parking on the grass today was not cool since there is plenty of asphalt for that specific purpose. Tickets have been issued before and everybody got upset.

The Senior Craft & Caring Center not far from the Ashley on East Commerce Street has a great display window, so congratulations, Goldie Wulderk.

STEAMworks needs more advertising to equal its importance as a college town, but nobody wants to invest in lighted signs with moveable figures to highlight what’s available.

As it is, STEAMworks is no more visible than than Gallery 50 and they are two pluses that will always be more valuable than any store downtown.

Hooray for Konnections for having those colored lights outlining its windows in Thompson Plaza. They are the busiest business downtown.

Bridging the Gap, the faith-based poor-man’s store on Laurel Street, has a beautiful facade that stretches across several buildings because it offers classes along with cheap clothes.

Why couldn’t some of these three-story buildings be turned into professional offices as a package, not as a single building?

Is it lack of parking?

Bob Thompson started that revitalization movement with the McGear building on the corner, throwing $1 million into the interior.

Hank Murad did the same with the Ashley-McCormick building, even creating a small theater on the first floor.

That should have been the catalyst to lift up the rest of the downtown as he held an open house to show what the huge open-windowed pigeon roost looked like when he bought it and then another open house when he was finished.

Warren Robinson Pocket Park needs a sign saying so. A sign worthy of the man who tackled everything from Germany to to the cited front porch of a senior citizen who didn’t know what to do.

We asked Mike Abbott to look into the cost.

Here’s how one reporter remembers him …


Sad to hear about Warren Robinson’s passing. Meeting up with him so we could wander through the woods toward the Villas (before it mysteriously caught fire in the middle of the night not long after) was one of the weirder things I did in Bridgeton.
“Been thinking about those days in Cumberland County fondly — especially since I got out of journalism four months ago and haven’t looked back since.
“Does WVLT stream shows on its website? Would be interested in hearing yours. I know this will end up in the column, so I’ll await your response there.
Take care.”
— Greg Adomaitis

An answer and then a quick story …

The show is going to be available online soon, but not yet. Today, we cut a commercial for United Advocacy Group, who is cutting an unbelievable educational swath through Bridgeton by offering college scholarships to everyone from 8-12 graders maintaining a B average at $20,000 every college year for four years to foster children going free to any one of seven NJ colleges to children of jail inmates getting similar help.

Now, the story.

Before we met Mike Abbott and before we attended any city council meetings, Greg Adomaitis would come back to the office screaming, “Mike Abbott’s name will never appear in another one of my stories, I don’t care what he says at a meeting.”

Turns out, Abbott called the editor behind Greg’s back complaining about something that was not in his story. Since we now know Abbott, it was probably something he got up and said.

Greg didn’t care what Abbott said on deadline.

We should tell Mike that Greg has been on TV at least twice this year, including a complete interview, and now that Pete McAleer has moved up in the court system, they would probably have to hold a News reunion at Eastlyn to fit all the BMWs in the parking lot.

And Mike Abbott is still pontificating on deadline at city council meetings, and has asked several times about Adomaitis, hoping he is doing well.



The muraled pocket park is not exactly the most used seats in captivity, is it? Why? Too hot? Does it need a cooling fountain?

JT Burks, of Millville Midget Football, on 92.1 FM Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. after activist Anthony Sanchez explains what he did to spend 2 1/2 years in jail without a trial and without bail, and how much he wants NJ Transit to go by the Guidance Center.

Speaking of the station, had a great time with manager Carl Hemple Sr. and United Advocacy Group’s Rich Nichols, who cut a commercial with computer whiz Dave Fleetwood.

“I’m not like the other guys,” Hemple kept telling Nichols.



United Advocacy Group executive director



United Advocacy Group ‘thinker’ and founder and CEO



United Advocacy Group Program Director Unidos Para La Familia

If you have a child entering 9th grade anywhere, United Advocacy Group will make it possible for them to get up to $20,000 a year for four years of college if you can’t afford to send them, through the Give Back program.

If you are in foster care and entering the ninth grade, United Advocacy Group will invite you to spend four weeks every summer on the Rowan campus taking college courses and then go right on to college free at Rowan through the First Star program.

Call 856-243-5810.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: And this is just the beginning.

Whoa! A fabulous piece of Victorian architecture!; Get the order right!; Drink signs unsightly; Ghetto gas station has broken windows; Force Bridgeton government to work together; Advertise STEAMworks; Build on Thompson, Murad pioneer refurbishing; Warren Robinson Park needs a worthy sign; Greg Adomaitis remembers Warren; And Mike Abbott; Pocket park too hot to sit in?; United Advocacy Group hierarchy pictured; Give Back, First Star programs offer scholarships

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