Anna Lucia tight-lipped; Jane Hemighaus responds; Bad O-line, bad results; CRHS grads can come back and speak; Melissa lands AmeriCorps; Michael DeLeon won’t charge to talk to your group; Bad day for sugar; A Michael DeLeon testimonial; Michael DeLeon’s new trainer with 90-pound loss vision; Pete McAleer, who once say in our newsroom, moves up the ladder; A coach visits his family in the graveyard


The column that says we pump Anna Lucia for information about her life every time we go to Mama Mia’s in the unnamed Salem Strip Mall, and she never wants to divulge anything, but if you get her talking, she spills everything, including she will eat what she wants when she wants and not worry about her weight — but she’s lying, and we never get to see Mikie anymore now that Anastasia owns him.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Mike Trout Exit a great idea!”

— Jane Hemighaus

Jane, it could be done in a day if no one is opposed to it, or however long it takes to make the sign. It’s a no-brainer. Exit 27 on Route 55 is Mike’s number and the exit to his hometown, which he has not deserted despite his international fame.

Tell everybody what you said to us back in the day, Jane. Right around 1968.

It says here that if the offensive line does not give Carson Wentz better protection than last season, God could be the wide receiver and not have time to get open, let alone two receivers on the downside.

Offensive lines make quarterbacks, and there is no better example of that than Andrew Luck with the Colts and anybody you want to name fleeing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Go back and look at Michael Vick getting killed behind the Eagles line a few years ago. Dak Prescott should put every member of his offensive line in his will because they made the Cowboys last year.

Deanna Speranza-Murphy wants CRHS alumni coming back to talk to students about their successes …

“CRHS certainly welcomes alumni to come speak to current students about their career choices. One interesting example that comes to mind is Allison Gaines, CRHS Class of 2010 and Arcadia University Class of 2014, returning to Cumberland Regional to present to students in the Biomedical Life Sciences and Justice Studies academy programs about her job as a medicolegal death investigator with the New Jersey Southern Regional Medical Examiner’s Office. (See

“Any grad interested in coming back to CRHS to offer inspiration to current students is welcome to get in touch with me at Thanks!”

— Lauren Taniguchi

Where are you, Andrew Pierce?

We were fortunate enough to be exposed to Lauren Taniguchi at the News before she went on to CRHS to work under the superintendent as the straw that stirs the shake.

She would be successful anywhere, including press secretary for any senator or president of her choice.

United Advocacy Group, 40-44 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton,  under Melissa Helmbrecht is now tied in to AmeriCorps …

AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; they serve their members by creating jobs and providing pathways to opportunity for young people entering the workforce. AmeriCorps places thousands of young adults into intensive service positions where they learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship.

Another notch on the movement forward.

What if Google came to town? What if a dozen of these kind of online businesses came to town?

Michael DeLeon will charge nothing to talk to your kids anywhere in Cumberland County about the terrible drug invasion.

Including churches.

Here is one rant …

The man started Steered Straight and has been traveling around the country and Canada ever since and has made documentaries.

“I’m starting to realize that the American Food Industry is literally KILLING AMERICANS! Sugar, carbs, processed foods, GMOs, carcinogens in foods… OMG Seriously… Americans are paid to be SICK not WELL!”


Is it worse than butter?

“Today is a bitter sweet day. It is officially the last day of presentations here in the great state of NJ. I have had wonderful experiences this school year.

“Traveled to Pennsylvania, Florida and Indiana. Touched many hearts and many have touched mine along the way. I am still unbelievably grateful that I am part of a wonderful program.

“Steered Straight will be back at it in September. My passion will be just as strong but the mission bigger and bigger each year due to the rapid growth in overdoses. It will be a long summer for me. I will patiently await the day that I can again, touch hearts of those youth who are suffering. 

“In August I will travel to another state. Michigan. I long to check off each state with my journey with Steered Straight and Michael DeLeon. No matter the state, the season or time of year, there is always someone who can benefit from our mistakes.

“I always say, don’t waste your pain, share it! That’s what I intend to do. Today, and every time I have the opportunity. So for the next month and a half I will take the time the reflect on how far I have come. 

“Thank you to all who have followed me and Steered Straight this school year. Thank you for the kind words and compliments regarding what I have been doing. I truly appreciate it. Special thanks to Michael Reagan DeLeon for giving me the opportunities to use my passion.

John Fuqua, you and I have worked side by side all year long and have had many laughs together; many tearful days. You are an amazing friend and such a great person. Thanks for being there for me.

“It’s not always easy to bare your soul and talk about such personal things but the reward is so much bigger. Again, I will say utilizing my pain as a platform to help these kids is the most surreal feeling. 

“Til next year…. much love to the whole Steered Straight family!”

— Crystal Ann



You don’t want your group to be part of that? You don’t want them to be exposed to this?
“My friend, Michael DeLeon, has committed to lose 90 pounds using a unique system that has been working time and time again for many, many people who thought being a healthy weight was impossible for them.
“I’m so thrilled that he has taken the first step in being an example to all that he inspires on a daily basis!

“Obesity is all around us and if we can inspire one person at a time to do the BulaFit and take the fat off once and for all, this country would look a lot different!

“I went to the gym and I’m blown away by how many overweight people are there working so hard with such little results. 

“If you care about someone overweight and wish you could help, YOU CAN! I have the solution to being overweight. I’m helping one person after another to not only take off the extra weight, but they are also being relieved of neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, knee pain and their skin is so smooth and radiant. The longer I’m around this, the more amazed I am.

“Who knows someone who feels hopeless about their weight and is depressed from all the pain they are in every day? I would love to have someone every day feel this positive about being able to achieve such a huge goal after only one day on the Shake and Burn!”

— Terry Kristofich

Ex-Newsie doing well …
Pete McAleer has been named director of the Office of Communications and Community Relations, Judge Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts, announced today.
“Pete McAleer brings a record of success as both a communications director and a newspaper reporter. His experience inside and outside state government will serve the Judiciary well. I am confident that the office will continue its exceptional work under his leadership,” Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said.
The Office of Communications and Community Relations leads all of the Judiciary’s public information efforts, including media relations, publications, video production and maintenance of the court website.
The office also oversees other important areas such as minority concerns, women in the courts, and litigant services, which encompass issues of access and fairness.
McAleer, who will take over the director’s role on Aug. 1, joined the Administrative Office of the Courts in 2015 as communications manager.
Prior to joining the courts, McAleer served as the first director of communications for the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller. From 1996 to 2008, McAleer worked as a newspaper reporter for various New Jersey publications, the last five of those years as the statehouse bureau chief for the Press of Atlantic City.
“Pete’s efforts and leadership as a Judiciary spokesperson, particularly in the area of Criminal Justice Reform, have been instrumental in communicating the great work of the Judiciary to the public,” said Judge Grant.
“He will be a valuable addition and asset to our management team.”
“I would like to thank Chief Justice Rabner and Judge Grant for this tremendous opportunity,” McAleer said. “Since my time as a reporter, I’ve been aware of the Judiciary’s peerless reputation and its commitment to transparency and open government under Winnie Comfort’s leadership.”
He covered Millville for the News in the late ’90s and was thrown a going-way party by the police chief, maybe for his 76-inch story on “Sparky.”
A coach takes time out to visit his family …
“Decided to go spend a few minutes with lil bro today. Shared some laughs, a few tears, but it was well-needed.
“The grief is over. It’s just all memories now. I always hated hospitals and graveyards, but I think it’s time to also visit my niece. This is why I made the visit today and I think he was just telling me it’s OK to go even if it makes you cry. Nobody will probably ever understand the BOND of our family except us, and even though we all handle it differently, we all share this close BOND!
“I love you lil bro and I miss you. The memories will never go away. I’m coming, niece. I can hear you calling me! Thanks for the memories! Love you Mikayla Mosley and Domitris Mosley.”
— Lynwood Mosley
YOU CAN BOOK IT: We’re all just penciled in.
Anna Lucia tight-lipped; Jane Hemighaus responds; Bad O-line, bad results; CRHS grads can come back and speak; Melissa lands AmeriCorps; Michael DeLeon won’t charge to talk to your group; Bad day for sugar; A Michael DeLeon testimonial; Michael DeLeon’s new trainer with 90-pound loss vision; Pete McAleer, who once say in our newsroom, moves up the ladder; A coach visits his family in the graveyard

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