Mike Trout exit up yet?; Why accident-free used car?; M25 looking for landlords; NIMBY?; Homeless never ask for help; Jean Nocon off to see Duprees; Rich Nichols cutting a commercial; Down 84 pounds; Dinner with Giuseppe; CCSPCA adoption chief coming on 92.1 FM; Michael DeLeon DAREs to rant; Andrew Pierce; Ralph Waldo Emerson’s pens success


The column that asks if the Mike Trout Exit (27) on Route 55 is a reality yet because it has been 24 hours since we first asked and why would anybody be against it except maybe Don Money, the ex-Phillie who has farmed in Vineland ever since he retired, but nobody famous has ever been needed in this area more than Trout, but only his name, and maybe his own restaurant which is what every New York Yankee star invested in back in the day, and, by the way, if it has to be signed by the governor, we’ll send him two free meals at Nicole Maul’s place.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Why does a used car you’re buying have to have never been in an accident, like bent fenders and grills can never be replaced like new by one of the many body shops in the area.

We’ve hit a half-dozen deer over the years and the vehicles were always repaired, and you can even say the replacement parts were newer than the ones damaged.

“Hooboy, this car has been in an accident! Thank goodness you checked with Carfax!”

Our girl on the road again …

The Dividing Creek Historical Society is sponsoring a bus trip on Sept. 17 to see “The Duprees and Doug Church (Elvis)” in concert at the palace in Blackwood. This is two spectacular shows and dinner for $85. The fee of $85 includes bus fare, driver’s gratuity, the show, dinner and gratuity for the dinner.

The bus will leave the Walmart parking lot in Millville at 12:45 p.m. and return around 6 p.m. Make checks payable to the Dividing Creek Historical Society. The deadline is Sept. 4. All proceeds benefit the DCHS. For more information contact Linda @ 856-785-2013.

— Jean Nocon,

Dividing Creek Historical Society

Dr. Robin Weinstein, president of the M25 Initiative and convener of the Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative, and Ralph Padilla, CEO of PRAC of New Jersey, announce that the collaborative is seeking landlords of rental properties in Cumberland County who are interested in housing one or more of the 42 chronically homeless that will be placed in permanent supportive housing by Sept. 30 with guaranteed income for rent and support through the partners in the Collaborative.

Check with Mike Abbott at the Crooked End House.

NIMBY? Not In My Back Yard? Not in my neighborhood?

“Hey, that’s where those homeless guys live! There goes the neighborhood!

Grow up!

You know what is absolutely unreal about things like this? They never asked for help in the first place.

Who ever told you, “Yeah, this scruffy-looking guy came up to me and said, ‘Can you take me home with you?”’

Who in Center City Millville ever came up to the director of Center City Neighborhood Group and said, “I’m at Fourth and Oak and I can’t wait until the next Dottie Wilkerson walk so I can tell you all my problems.”

Never happened. They never came to a meeting. They never joined in when a neighborhood trash pick-up was announced.

Yes, early on, Dr. Weinstein was asked for housing by a couple and he put them up in a hotel at his own expense.

And, yes, they ask Mike Abbott for money every time they see his loaded pockets downtown while he’s operating with a chair and a whip chasing panhandlers.

Rich Nichols cutting a commercial for United Advocacy Group Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at 92.1 FM while Melissa Helmbrecht flits around South Jersey putting together 18 different programs to help kids, families, neighborhoods and three counties without using taxpayer dollars.

And us. That’s the big one, although down 84 pounds while passing Sam Feinstein like he’s nailed to the floor. Ever try to lift an 84-pound human being? Find a child who weighs 84 and lift them, carry them around for 16 hours. That’s what we were carrying last August. Aug. 13 to be exact. Now it’s 256, but don’t try picking up 256 pounds.

But we digress.

Dinner with Glory Days magazine’s Giuseppe Ungaro Tuesday at Longhorn where is $5.49 salad with light ranch dressing and three diet Cokes are a complete meal for us.

You pay for the first Coke and find out the waiter has a master’s degree and twins while also working at Bayside Prison, with a pension after 25 years, which is at 56 for him.

The bill gives three tipping alternatives — 10%, 15% and 20% of the bill, and the 20% came to $7.71, and how do you tip the penny, but, for us, anything less than a $15 tip for service for two is inadequate.

The work is the same as a table for four, which will be at least $75. We told the hostess to tell the owner to get rid of the suggested tips on the bill. If they’re still there on Tuesday, we’re bringing in the Cowboys running back.

But we digress.

We may have the woman who handles adoptions at the Cumberland County SPCA on 92.1 FM at noon not this week, but the Saturday after to talk about how she is doing everything in her power to get shelter cats and dogs either adopted or fostered.

She hasn’t said no, and, to tell you the truth, she may be already scheduled.

We asked her boss to ask her today, then talked to the great Carl Hemple Sr. about a past due bill.

Every time somebody tells us to wait a couple of months, we remind them of our age. We realize we’re all penciled in, but the pencil mark is a little more faded for some.

Telling like it is …

“Again trying to get a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and as I have found out over the past 5 months, his staff is totally incompetent as I get conflicting emails, completely impossible to communicate with, and absolutely IGNORANT on the phone!

“A.G Sessions, your communication department is a DISGRACE! Pushing the DARE program is not only a BAD idea as designed, it will, as it always has, INCREASE youth interest in drugs.

“COPS ARE HEROES — PERIOD! But they are NOT the right messenger for this information. It will ONLY work when blended with a program like Steered Straight or other continual, age-graduating curricula that penetrates the mind and addresses ‘SOCIAL COMPONENTS’.

“DARE is an information model. That doesn’t work! An information model only works when blended and supported by a social-influence model which is evidence-based and has been proven to be the most promising intervention model available!

“Prevention through DARE is well-intentioned. However, EVERY study shows its ineffectivedeleonness. Mr. Sessions, ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE! I want to speak with you!”

— Michael DeLeon,

founder, Steered Straight

We could be wrong, but when is the last time DeLeon spoke in our neighborhood?

Everybody who has had DARE in their school will tell you how nice the police officer was and how much he wanted to help kids.

But did it work?

We know teachers who bought kids in their classroom winter coats and fed them at times and she was loved, but did she connect with the kids when it came to learning?

Do see why hearts are broken in the education system? The kids have to learn, perform, raise themselves from the level they were at when the year started. It doesn’t matter if they started out at the F level as long as they improved to at least a C.

We’re going to talk to Bob Hutchings about that a week from Saturday on 92.1 FM. He’s a retired Millville High graduate and Bridgeton High coach who was removed because he didn’t get enough of his basketball players into college, it was rumored.

Whatever happened to former Delaware running back Andrew Pierce?

The Cumberland Regional graduate is sorely needed in the local communities as a role model.

From Rob Weinstein …

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

—- Ralph Waldo Emerson

YOU CAN BOOK IT: He can do all that as the new Bridgeton business administrator in 2018.

Mike Trout exit up yet?; Why accident-free used car?; M25 looking for landlords; NIMBY?; Homeless never ask for help; Jean Nocon off to see Duprees; Rich Nichols cutting a commercial; Down 84 pounds; Dinner with Giuseppe; CCSPCA adoption chief coming on 92.1 FM; Michael DeLeon DAREs to rant; Andrew Pierce; Ralph Waldo Emerson’s pens success

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