Inspira Urgent Care great!; LA Male and Larry Leonelli; Wendy’s out of apples!; Guidance Center not reachable; 12-food-truck Vineland festival; Lyme disease no fun; Coach Lynwood Mosley unloads; Krissy Cagle on the rise; CCSPCA’s requested paperwork revealed; Steered Straight on a mission

The column that says Wendy’s was out of apples today for the fast growing apple pecan chicken salad that is sweeping the dietary set like the plague, with a woman at urgent care in Mullica Hill saying it was her favorite salad, but could not recommend a Wendy’s anywhere in the area, and what’s with that, Rob Rone, when it’s only a couple of miles from Rowan College, but there’s none in artery-clogged Pennsville or Salem, either, and no film at 11 to change it.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

We’re driving home from Inspira Urgent Care in Mullica Hill listening to the Steve Tatz Show on 92.1 FM, then on comes owner Larry Leonelli of LA Male on Landis Avenue and he’s a breath of fresh air, asking any business that needs exposure to call the show.

And Leonelli had an activist on named Anthony who is trying to get NJ Transit to change one of their routes to go past the Guidance Center on Carmel Road.

They refuse to do it, with Anthony not knowing that it takes an act of congress to do that.

So not this Saturday, but the following Saturday, he’s coming on our show — “Screamin’, Stirring The Pot, Bullying Jack Hummel” — at noon, mainly, because he’s passionate, and we’re all about passion.

He won’t get any further with NJ Transit, but he might get the notice of Fran Sykes, of Pascale Sykes, who funds the little buses scurrying around Bridgeton, and is now pouring $40 million into boosting the South Jersey economy.

We’re going to tell you right now, if anything is going to push Cumberland County off the stagnant cliff, 92.1 FM is going to be operating the bulldozer.

They’re the future.

Also on the Steve Tatz show, it was revealed downtown Vineland is going to have 12 food trucks come for a food festival on Sunday, Aug. 6, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., at Landis Avenue and the boulevard.

TWELVE food trucks!

What does this mean, Bridgeton? Two of them are from Sea Isle City. We’re not a big fan of one-day events to push the downtown economy, and we’re not sure what it will do for Vineland, although organizers are expecting 3,500 to 5,000 hungry.

They’ve added entertainment, encouraging people to stay the whole day. But where do you poop?

We had untreated Lyme disease for over 14 years …

The debate over the existence of chronic Lyme disease — among the most heated in modern medicine — has gained momentum toward the doctors who treat it, patients who have symptoms of it and researchers who study it, a review of Lyme developments suggests.

Tilting the scale are several new research studies, showing, for example, that the Lyme spirochete can change form to evade treatment and infect people through untested strains. Two more states just enacted laws to protect physicians who treat Lyme disease with longer courses of antibiotics than recommended. And the government announced a tenfold increase in estimated yearly Lyme cases — to 300,000 — an acknowledgment of the scope of an illness some think has been minimized.

“The awareness is growing regarding the persistence of Lyme … which cannot be ignored much longer,” said Mary Belliveau, a chronic Lyme sufferer from Red Hook.

— Poughkeepsie Journal

And we suffer the effects.

Coach Lynwood Mosley coaching the neighborhood …

“How can you be a grown man and sit around your girl all day? Not working or tryna make a dollar. How can you be a grown man 30+ and have to wait for your girl to take care of you? How can your girl be more independent than you?

“Come on, fellas, it’s 2017, man. If you ain’t rich by now, it’s over for the streets. Double-ups will not support the family! This is not the ’90s-early 2000’s. Betta get in somebody’s office and fill out an app!

“Get a job start your own business something. Ladies, stop taking care of a joker and encourage him to do better. Seriously, tho, don’t put him down scream and holler. Be supportive of him. Just something I wanted to say because it was on my mind.

“This is not a shot. This is encouragement to jokers, man. I wanna see everybody doing good and something positive!”

And a playoff spot for Lynwood’s Big John’s Pizza Bulls!

Documenting the Krissy Cagle rise …

“Tsunami finally enjoyed a solid weekend, finishing third in Ocean City. Krissy went 6-for-9 with a couple of walks and five RBIs.

“Spent one hour on the beach and slept for most of the time. Where did the weekend go?”

— daddy Erik

Cumberland County SPCA releases requested material …

In response to a court order, the Cumberland County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CCSPCA) disclosed unredacted versions of invoices that it had received from a veterinary clinic and submitted for reimbursement to the City of Millville.

In some cases, the unredacted invoices show that the clinic had given the CCSPCA a 50% discount that the CCSPCA’s redacted versions, which were submitted to the City, did not reflect.  In sum, the CCSPCA in certain cases received discounts from the clinic that it did not pass along to Millville taxpayers.

As an illustration, I have posted a five-page document here.  The first page shows that CCSPCA invoiced the City of Millville for, among other items, $48 and $101 for exam and euthanasia cases SC34786 and SC34788, respectively.  Pages 2 and 4 are redacted versions of the clinic’s invoices for cases SC34786 and SC34788, respectively, that Millville provided in response to an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request.

Millville claimed that those invoices, which disclosed only the $48 and $101 figures and not any discounts, were redacted by the CCSPCA prior to having been submitted to the City for payment.  Pages 3 and 5 are unredacted versions of Pages 2 and 4 and show that the $48 and $101 charges were actually discounted by $24 and $50.50 respectively.

There is no evidence that the CCSPCA’s decision to not pass the discounts along to Millville violated any law or its contract with the City.  Also, some of the invoices disclosed in response to the court order were redacted only to remove information related to other towns for which the CCSPCA performed services.

— John Paff,

the man who will find you if he thinks you’ve screwed up

“Weed Between The Lines” – As perception of harm goes down, youth use of marijuana goes up.

The legalization movement has increased youth use to all time highs across America and age of use has begun earlier.

The problem is, almost all of the national conversation that youth get about marijuana are lies. There is an agenda to hook kids early and the product has dynamically shifted to what the drug once was.

Marijuana has been genetically modified to become a commercialized and industrialized toxic poison. Kids think it’s safe because most parents think it’s safe. Most Americans have no idea what is happening within this new industry.

This student assembly will engage students, open their eyes, and most importantly lead them to question their own misconceptions about what marijuana is and what it can possibly do to the development of their brains.”

— Steered Straight,

it should be coming to your school soon

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“Helping Young People Help Themselves”

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Michael DeLeon is the name and keeping kids alive is his game.

Inspira Urgent Care great!; LA Male and Larry Leonelli; Wendy’s out of apples!; Guidance Center not reachable; 12-food-truck Vineland festival; Lyme disease no fun; Coach Lynwood Mosley unloads; Krissy Cagle on the rise; CCSPCA’s requested paperwork revealed; Steered Straight on a mission

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