Texas Roadhouse selling the beef; First Star program a winner; They’re inventing the growing shoe; One more week of school and guess who may be coming to dinner?; One year ago today, Elk Lake was the big headline; Shep blamed everybody but the Russians; Trevor Ward getting stronger! None takes the same verb as one!


The column that says Texas Roadhouse is still there and doing as well as can be expected during the summer months, and owner Andy looks the same and waitress Kristi was smiling when we left, and there was enough beef around the table to fill a barnyard, and this after we preached how many more people could be fed with the grain we give beefers, and who says milk is still good for us?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Busy show today on 92.1 FM with the First Star director, a First Star mentor and two First Star students, and listeners now know what the summer program for foster children at Rowan University is all about.

If you didn’t listen and, given the sunshine, we don’t blame you, suffice to say free tuition to Rowan when they finish high school.

Two girls are already in college and can’t wait to come back and address future First Star students starting in the 9th grade, with a maximum of 30 in the program.

Several First Star students called the show and didn’t have to be prodded, and we enjoyed their banter and laughter. God, it feels good to hear people laugh! The director on hand steering the ship was Wally Kappeler, superintendent of Maurice River Township School.

We asked him some tough questions about education and he never flinched.

For us, the saddest thing was no teachers called, not even retired ones.

Apparently, cheerleaders must come from elsewhere, but if Kappeler was even half telling the truth, Maurice River students are lucky, indeed.

There are as many as 17 other programs going on under the umbrella of United Advocacy Group, and we’ll champion every one of them on future shows, especially when scheduled guests don’t take us seriously.

First Star student Markayla’s group is inventing a growing shoe so you don’t have to buy a new pair for your kids every so often, with replaceable parts.

Patent it now, girl, before Nike wakes up!

Mother Hubbard with the full cupboard Melissa Helmbrecht made a cameo appearance in her busy schedule.

One more week of First Star and we’ve been invited to partake of supper one night. The students eat well off a healthy menu unless pizza sneaks in. Do you know how many pizza places there are in Glassboro? Churches are up for sale everywhere, but not pizza joints.

But, after all, the top food groups are included in pizza — grains, dairy, vegetables, meat and even legumes if you order the right toppings, but no nuts.

When they start including walnuts as a topping, you will be eating healthy while the arteries close.


Happy birthday to Chandra Pitts, and if you don’t know her by now, you don’t know Delaware!

If we get one more request from somebody claiming to represent the New Jersey State Fraternal Order of Police, we’re going to scream. They may be legitimate, but it is not the way for a STRAC organization like that to beg for funding.

We’d rather you pull us over with lights flashing and ask for money.

We’d rather buy Chief Mike Gaimari pizza.

Eddie Williams, of Elite Personal Fitness in Priolo Plaza, says join him on Sunday morning …


The Hopewell Shopping Center has a sign up housing another tenant, despite it being behind the Hair Barn and not facing the road. It’s one of Bahri Yilmez’s newly constructed units.

Go get some gelato and check it out.

One year ago today.

A little history.

The column that says nothing bad at Elk Lake happened without your permission, because doing nothing to stop it is giving your permission.

“While on the topic of the waste of Elk Lake, another is Wheaton Island.

“When the state bought Wheaton Island and tore all the cabins down, it had a small ramp that with a little work, would have given many people access to the upper bay for boating, fishing, hunting and trapping.

“But they let that go to hell. Also, it is just a hangout for kids at night.

“Trash and beer bottles everywhere. but was a very nice place at one time. Now, I don‘t go in there.

“The road is not maintained and down to one lane. You might bit by an idiot coming or going.

“It’s a shame about the fish kill at Elk Lake, but the breached dikes and don’t repair others to encourage fish spawning. Bullcrap! State should leave properties alone because they screw them up big time.

“Only one pond they took care of in Hopewell. Certain people think it’s their private domain. State put in a water control device to keep the salt water out.

“Why, when they let others open to salt water.

“Print that and see if they can answer it.”

— Shep

Why blame the state, Shep, for Elk Lake’s demise? Did you want them to patrol it? State police? Fish & Game? Did it ever come up at a Greenwich Township Committee meeting? If not, why not?

Apparently, generations before you took good care of it, and you enjoyed it as kids.

So, who dropped the ball? And why can’t you replace the boards and start over?

They drained Elk Lake to stop the midnight parties, and only the fish suffered.

Trevor Ward “is feeling stronger every day.”

— his mom

How many times do we have read the verb are with the subject none in newspapers that only hire college graduates?

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Nobody should lose their electricity in this heat.

Texas Roadhouse selling the beef; First Star program a winner; They’re inventing the growing shoe; One more week of school and guess who may be coming to dinner?; One year ago today, Elk Lake was the big headline; Shep blamed everybody but the Russians; Trevor Ward getting stronger! None takes the same verb as one!

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