Pigs float to the top; Hooray for Mayor Kelly’s basketball courts; Cat emergency in Fortescue; SHINE and The Prez — perfect together; SHINE to Parvin State Park; Wally Kappeler comes to 92.1 FM Saturday at noon for First Star; Poor cow, says Herman Evans; Eddie Williams wants your fat; BOE found $120,000?; Trenton and TNVR not perfect together; Three of Coach George Linen’s basketball players shot in the last three months and he needs help


The column that asks why the overhang at Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t come out far enough to protect motorists in the drive-thru from the rain, and make sure you go through the drive-thru so you can look at the pig sty in the depression to the right filled with trash left by pigs and accented while floating after the storm, and is it time for McDonald’s to provide a trash can somewhere?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

A temperature of 71? 71? When is the last time we saw 71? And we got some rain to break the heat wave. But did we have to have cars under water at the trestle on North Pearl Street?

And why is that suddenly a flood zone?

Everything was OK downtown except the food truck at the zoo had its canopy destroyed. But the bear didn’t blow away and, hopefully, the basketball courts will soon be dry and busy again.

Can you believe that kids can play all day and not create a disturbance? Knock on wood.

Cat emergency in Fortescue …

“Any help? Or suggestions! This is in Fortescue. Many of the kittens are sick and they are actually trying to force their way into homes. They are becoming a major issue, but also need medical attention.”

— Marilou Keefer Weber

SHINE gets a thumbs-up from Prez Yves Salomon-Fernandez …

“Thank you, Shaun Connors, for having me and for the work that you do.

“These kids are destined for greatness. We just need to support and guide them through their journey. They uplifted me, too.”

— The CCC Prez



“Another awesome day!

“Prez Yves Salomon-Fernandez, the president of Cumberland County College, came and shared her story with the kids. She was gracious, encouraging and inspirational. So blessed to have her take time out of her incredibly busy schedule.

“Our afternoon was spent on mission. We made hygiene packs, we filled bags with school supplies, 50 for Operation Christmas Child and 50 to send to Sierra Leone. Every bag has a prayer card enclosed. We wrote prayers cards to send throughout Millville., The kids wrote notes for the younger campers coming to kids camp encouraging them to follow Jesus.

“Our high school/college kids wrote amazing heartfelt letters to the Millville city commissioners. I am so impressed at the honesty, respect and concern they showed in these letters. The love that went into each project was beautiful to watch.

“Watching these kids be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ is overwhelming to be part of. Knowing some of their stories, knowing some of their struggles, watching their willingness to give of themselves, an absolute blessing.

“We finished the day by making prayer beads and talking about future missions we would like to be part of. I asked who really liked serving others and really liked missions,

“and half the room raised their hands. It amazes me how God uses His people. I am amazed at how He takes some who have so little by worldly standards, yet are incredibly rich in every way that matters. Such a blessing.”

— Shaun Connors,

Moses of SHINE in Center City Millville

“P.S.: Beautiful day at Parvin State Park. What an incredible blessing to spend the day with these guys.

We talked about the power of prayer this morning. What does prayer mean to you? When do you pray? Why do you pray? Do you pray? What can you pray about?

“Then we prayed. We wrote prayers, some were as simple as let me do better in school. Others were incredibly difficult. I am asking everyone who reads this to please pray for our kids, their families and the unbelievable brokenness in our city. Our kids deserve better than what we are giving them. What are we going to do about it?”

You are doing it, Newell Branin is doing it, Millville PAL is doing it, and D. Bailey Miles is going to be connecting the dots.

There will be some who mock the accent on religion with this program, but, then, we’ve never seen them provide an alternative answer to all the poverty, misery, drugs and crime that has gone on too long before blind eyes.

So keep your negative comments to yourself.

To unsugar coat it, we don’t care what you think.

Check it out www.Advocare.com/08031776 for Elite Personal Fitness’ Eddie Williams latest offer. He’s getting rid of the fat in the Bridgeton area.

We didn’t fully understand the Carver scholarship program for 50 children at Bridgeton High School.

The board of education “found” $120,000 to make the program work? Are they tax dollars? What is Carver providing above the $120,000?

We must continue to tell you that anything provided by Bob Carr and the Pascale Sykes Foundation through Melissa Hemple, of United Advocacy Group headquartered in Bridgeton, involves no tax dollar, something people like Alex from Buena has to have knocked into their heads.

Zip. Nada. Don’t confuse it with grants. It’s people giving back!

Bob Carr sold his business for over $4 billion two years ago, and now he’s giving back because somebody once provided a $250 scholarship for him to go to college, and he said he would pay back some day if he got the chance.

One of his business associates was in town today, and we almost got him to make a commercial. Perhaps, while taking a break from cleaning up from the storm on Saturday, you can tune in 92.1 FM WVLT between noon and 2 p.m. and listen to Maurice River Township superintendent Wally Kappeler explain how the Helmbrecht team’s First Star program so foster children can go to college — a program started by movie director Peter Samuelson.

First Star was founded in 1999 as a national 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to improving life for child victims of abuse and neglect. Foster kids have a 3 percent graduation rate and half of them wind up homeless or in jail.

Wally heads the five-week summer camp at Rowan every year for 30 foster kids at the start of 9th grade, from which they go right on to college free at Rowan. And it doesn’t cost citizen Mike Abbott a dime.

Now, how many people headquartered in Bridgeton have connections like Peter Samuelson and billionaire Bob Carr?

OK, maybe Bob Thompson, Bruce Riley and Paul Ritter III. But who else?

You take the Kappeler Connection and add in Pastor Rob Weinstein’s M25 initiative, the Carver initiative, Prez Yves Salomon-Fernandez at Cumberland County College and Mayor Albert Kelly’s Gateway connections and we should be able to get out of last place among the state’s 21 counties in education.

And once we get them in, we have to get them through.

And you will not believe what the plan is for downtown that neither the mayor or Bridgeton Main Street is aware of.

Of course it has to come from outside. The inside has been jaded for too long.

Herman Evans wants to know “why some poor cow has to lose its lie for a $1 burger.”

If we ate all the grain that we feed meat providers.

From the Cornell Chronicle …

From one ecologist’s perspective, the American system of farming grain-fed livestock consumes resources far out of proportion to the yield, accelerates soil erosion, affects world food supply and will be changing in the future.

“If all the grain currently fed to livestock in the United States were consumed directly by people, the number of people who could be fed would be nearly 800 million,” David Pimentel, professor of ecology in Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, reported at the July 24-26 meeting of the Canadian Society of Animal Science in Montreal. Or, if those grains were exported, it would boost the U.S. trade balance by $80 billion a year, Pimentel estimated.

With only grass-fed livestock, individual Americans would still get more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of meat and dairy protein, according to Pimentel’s report, “Livestock Production: Energy Inputs and the Environment.”

We want to start a senior home for beef steers, as well as stop raising them for 4-H shows.

Eventually, there will be no more beef cows because it will illegal to castrate baby bulls.

Steak will be limited to the black market, where you have to know the password — “Joe sent me” — to get into a secret, underground eatery serving steak from illicitly raised herds in South America.

Not only will we feed the world, but you will live longer than the steak holders.

“Are you paying for the preparation of the salad or the salad itself? I could grow a salad in my backyard, but I can’t really have a farm. I just think we as Americans have become way too dependent on the dollar.”

— Jason Hess

Bridgeton Midget Football, how many eighth-graders can you convince to get into one of these college programs as you get ready for the coming season?

Do you need Michael DeLeon of Steered Straight to talk to them?

All we think about is that back in the days of Bridgeton Babe Ruth, the only player who had his father living at home was the coach’s son. What is it you say on Facebook — WTH!

How can you tell TNVR on a mass scale will take money?

Trenton doesn’t want to hear about it.

“This was also brought up at the state meeting and there were proposals talked about from the state coffers.

“I spoke to Senator Ray Lesniak in Trenton last week. He is the biggest TNVR and animal activist elected and he is running again, but this subject we are trying to address.

“Trying to get the NJ Legislature to do anything let alone listen and pay attention for more than 30 seconds is VERY difficult. ADD is the thing that comes to mind if you want me to describe the NJ legislature and I have talked to many of them.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Community Cat Program coordinator

And finally …

“OK, it’s getting out of control.

“This past weekend a third former freshman basketball player for the team last year has been shot. All three this school year.

“Thank God for them to be alive, but still causing me to think about my responsibility to this community. Cumberland County needs to wake up. Am I the only teacher that has noticed this sad fact?

“What can we do more than we are already doing? Where are the father’s? Coaches, let’s get together and maybe we can create a safety net for the ones who need one.

“God give me strength. Edward Bethea, Albert Morgan, 3 in the last 3 months from one team?”

— Sgt. George Linen,

JROTC program at BHS



YOU CAN BOOK IT: Facebook tells us George Linen doesn’t have to do it alone, but there are not near enough volunteers from the at-risk neighborhoods.

Pigs float to the top; Hooray for Mayor Kelly’s basketball courts; Cat emergency in Fortescue; SHINE and The Prez — perfect together; SHINE to Parvin State Park; Wally Kappeler comes to 92.1 FM Saturday at noon for First Star; Poor cow, says Herman Evans; Eddie Williams wants your fat; BOE found $120,000?; Trenton and TNVR not perfect together; Three of Coach George Linen’s basketball players shot in the last three months and he needs help

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