40-44 E. Commerce looking tall — 46 steps tall — for kids who want to go to college; Wally Kleppeler coming on 92.1 FM; SHINE Teen Camp with Shaun Connors; Eddie Williams sweating for summer; Theresa up for adoption at Kizzy’s Place; Sunburn and MRIs don’t go together; George Linen trying to keep it off; Ducking at Dunkin’


The column that says we entered the inter-sanctum of United Advocacy Group for the first time by climbing 46 steps to the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick building at 40-44 E. Commerce St. in Bridgeton, finally getting to meet shy Hillary Nichols and the man who is going to order our Facebook page and our incorporation, and we taped a couple of conversations for Saturday’s radio show on 92.1 FM from noon to 2 p.m. because we want you to understand exactly what is happening.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

There are 17 programs all either going on or set to go on under the United Advocacy Group, including a new come that arrived today and tied up Big Kahuna Melissa Helmbrecht and right arm Rich Nichols, Hillary’s cousin.

Wally Kappeler, who you may remember was hired as honcho at Silver Run School over Judy Kessler, who had been in waiting most of her career, and he later left to be the super in Maurice River Township, is coming on 92.1 FM Saturday as the director of First Star at Rowan, a program for foster children every summer from 9th to 12th grade before they go on to college free.

The program holds 30 kids max.

Kappeler will bring on one or two First Star kids to talk about what they think of a situation where 3 percent of them graduate college and half of them wind up in jail.

You know, we really have to work to be at the bottom of the barrel in education. It has taken a total effort.

Then there are the children of people in jail who get forgotten. So 100 of them are going to be entered into a program where they will be mentored and receive college scholarships.

This does not count the 34 kids currently enrolled as 9th graders who will not be able to afford college, but must maintain a B average and they will get the help they need through billionaire Bob Carr’s Give Back program.

Carr is paying up to $20,000 a year for four years for students to attend one of seven colleges, including Rowan, Montclair, Monmouth, College of New Jersey, etc., but not Rutgers.

So you have First Star and Give Back and the jail program as three being offered. This does not include Court Appointed Special Advocates or Family Strengthening Network, both funded by the Pascale Sykes Foundation, who is another man who said when I’m gone, put my money to good use and Fran Sykes has been doing just that.

What can’t be revealed at this time or the funding will be canceled includes a plan to flood downtown Bridgeton, and that’s all we’ll say about that.

All these programs are going nationwide, but we happen to have them here right now.

“I’m a thinker,” said Helmbrecht. “These are the people who carry out the programs.”

We taped some of the conversations for Saturday’s show.

Planner Cindy Williams is not calling us back! Has she been censored?

“Day 1 of SHINE Teen Camp was a fantastic day! We had a speaker from the Community Food Bank of New Jersey come a talk about hunger in Cumberland County. We wrote prayer cards, made sandwiches and packed 150+ lunches to hand out throughout Millville.

“We also handed out comfort bags that were a huge blessing to all who received one. We spent time talking to our neighbors and loving our community. When we returned to the church, the kids shared their experience and how it made them feel. They talked about what they saw while out there. They shared ideas of how we can all do something to bless someone.

“Our theme is ‘Living on Mission.’

“We talked about the Red Bird Mission and those they serve in Appalachia. They saw some of the amazing things they sell to make a living. Sa’Niya and Shelby who attended a mission week end spoke about the needs in Africa and how they want to help.

“We talked about how we need to share the hope of Jesus Christ with all people.

“It was an amazing day.

“Well done. Each and every one of you did a fabulous job today serving the Lord.”

— Shaun Connors,

SHINE camp

Where you at, Mister Keister? You can’t stop in and say hello?


Never lay out in the sun and then go an MRI!
Your body will blister where it’s red. We thought our right thumb and right hip were on fire. When the 30 minutes were over, the thumb had a blister, and we haven’t looked at the hip yet, but it hurts.
Longest 30 minutes we had to lay perfectly still or face an encore. Another one next Monday, one checking on the spine and the other on the cervical area.
At Kizzy’s Place, Theresa is up for adoption.
Mikiah Kreps and her mom, Deborah Fields, in Florida for the 2017 Golden Gloves.
Mikiah doesn’t look the same fighter who came to Bridgeton to fight Basimah “Boom Boom” Baker. Much taller and weighing 117.8 pounds, down from like the 153 pounds she wore here.
We dream of a rematch.
“Dear Mom,
“I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve always made sure I had everything I wanted/needed. You are one of the most hard working, loving, caring, genuine person I know. You always go out your way for me and I couldn’t thank you enough. Anyone would be beyond lucky to have you in their life. I’m proud to call you my mom and I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart.

“Love your daughter, Mikiah.”

George Linen: “Trying to get back so I had to visit the Doghouse to put in work. Planet Fitness won’t let the Dog Bark out.”
George, there are very few people in this world who have the influence over youth that you do, and, for that reason, please, please don’t put the weight back on and risk your health.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: How bad is it when the credit card is denied at Dunkin’ Donuts for two cups of coffee?
40-44 E. Commerce looking tall — 46 steps tall — for kids who want to go to college; Wally Kleppeler coming on 92.1 FM; SHINE Teen Camp with Shaun Connors; Eddie Williams sweating for summer; Theresa up for adoption at Kizzy’s Place; Sunburn and MRIs don’t go together; George Linen trying to keep it off; Ducking at Dunkin’

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