Annie E. Casey Foundation’s words; Culture the hold-up?; Code Blue stats; Ellen Rutherford and Jonathan Cummings; Steven Paul poster; Do you really know Randy’s; John Fuqua wants you at the Alms Center!; Michael DeLeon is begging you!


The column that says Cumberland County is still last in education in New Jersey, so why isn’t all this money being poured in as Abbott districts having a greater effect, and is there more that we should be doing besides successfully feed these kids, and here is something that the Annie E. Casey Foundation — devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes and founder of Kids Count — says:  When it comes to serving communities, one size does not fit all. Evidence-based programs that work well in predominantly white communities can fail to deliver the same results for communities of color. One potential factor at play? Culture. Understanding a community’s unique ethnic culture and incorporating this knowledge into an evidence-based program can support both the program’s uptake and its long-term success.  

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Three more Annie E. Casey Foundation findings:

` Research institutions, universities and government agencies have been-there-done-that when it comes to developing, validating, and funding evidence-based programs. Partnering with these institutions is a smartmove for small organizations working toward evidence-based status.

~ In some communities, the kind of data collection needed to achieve evidence-based status can feel too invasive and discomforting — and ultimately turn a community off. In these instances, community-defined evidence may be an effective alternative.

~ To serve communities of color, engage them as partners — and let these communities identify their own needs, desires and definition of success.

With over 250 volunteers, the Code Blue program provided warm shelter and food for over 70 homeless individuals in our three major cities: Bridgeton, Millville, and Vineland.

This past season alone, Code Blue provided over 3,000 dinners to our area homeless and poor, and a total of 1,500 overnight warming center stays for homeless individuals.

— Rob Weinstein,

M25 Initiative founder

Looking back, we’ll never forget the input Pastor Ellen Rutherford in both Bridgeton and Vineland in helping with a lot of different programs.

And that goes for Jonathan Cummings, of ReviveSJ and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), currently cutting the biggest swath ever through child welfare in Cumberland County.

The Bridgeton Crabfest/Riverfest, set for Saturday, Sept. 16, at 1 p.m.,  is a staple in the Bridgeton Community and has become a family fun and educational event.

Pre-sold tickets cost $15, and $18 the day of the event.


Meet Steven Paul, the man with two first names who leads Bridgeton Main Street, the organization that puts on the annual crabfest/riverfest.

No word on the entertainment this year. The fact that it has been moved from oft-sweltering August should keep more people from picking up their dinners and going home.

Bridgeton hates August. It also moved the Bridgeton Invitational Baseball Tournament from that month.

Did you know that if your watch needs a new battery, Randy Colle, at Randy’s Bicycles Plus, will install it for you in like 5 seconds?

Do you know everything else that Randy sells and does besides bicycles? He’s been there as long as Big John’s Pizza, next door, on East Commerce Street.

Did you make it to Potter’s Tavern, 49-51 W. Broad St., on July 4?

Open on Sundays in July, 1 to 4 p.m. For more information, call 856-455-8580.

You know what’s sad. This historic structure was once turned into two apartments. Ah, Bridgeton loves its rentals.

Are we ready to from a Community Development Group and buy up the historical empty buildings on Laurel Street that have only been ruined on the first floor? The second and third floors have all the architecture.

Best way to use these second and third floors with all their outside gingerbread without turning them into dreaded, no-future apartments?

Trees will hide the plywood covering some of the architecture until we get a handle on things by thinking BIG, and inquiring and seeking out instead of just asking the man next door what he thinks.

Potters Tavern 2.jpg


One year ago today.

July 10, 2016

The column that won’t give up on even you despite some of your thoughts that don’t represent why you are here on this Earth, and do you ever sit at the edge of the ocean and think about that, and like Ken Bailey says, “When will people realize that change comes not from above, but from within? Asking for some higher power to make you change does nothing. Asking someone else to change does nothing. If you want change, you have to do the heavy lifting, not someone else. Be the change you seek?

“Stronger Families present ‘Heart to Heart’ at the Alms Center tomorrow at 6 p.m.! Calling all Stronger Fathers to attend!”

— John Fuqua

John Fuqua is our man trying to sort it all out. He’s lived it. He’s watched it die. He has come closest to explaining to us the meaning of the words “the streets,” as in “the streets got him.”

And after all the mourning and all the crying, “the streets” still exist?

How many Center City neighborhood adults volunteer at SHINE at First United Methodist Church in Millville? They are why there is a SHINE.

Yes, this is a fact-finding mission.

“IDEA….. If I can convince the mainstream media that Big PhaRma has been colluding with Russia instead of the Democrats and Republicans, maybe they’d actually investigate and report it!

“If You Go Out to Get Dope NOW, YOU ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE!!! Seriously, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… 3 kids found this morning, ALL Relapses 2 in Philly, 1 in DelRay…. ONE TIME!!! ONE MORE TIME!”

You CAN’T!!!! PLEASE. If you go out to get drugs now, YOU WILL DIE!! Please ask for HELP!!

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight

 YOU CAN BOOK IT: But you already know that.
Annie E. Casey Foundation’s words; Culture the hold-up?; Code Blue stats; Ellen Rutherford and Jonathan Cummings; Steven Paul poster; Do you really know Randy’s; John Fuqua wants you at the Alms Center!; Michael DeLeon is begging you!

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