Screamin’ Jack Hummel; Cheryl Pace needs honor; Trash in Bridgeton; Who is Laura Turner?; The future is spelled M-E-L-I-S-S-A!; Who doesn’t work at the prison?; It’s called brain drain; Alex Calabrese: Jobs are out there; CCSPCA kennels filled; Kissy’s Place beauty; Fooling drug dealers; 12U softball World Series bound!


Call us Screamin’ Jack Hummel on 92.1 FM WVLT every Saturday from noon to 2 p.m., and we’re the man who half the population calls a bully and the other half accuses us of just stirring the pot, and so be it, because we’re going to sound like a bully if some things in Cumberland County don’t change and we’re going to stir every pot that has gone stagnant from non-use.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

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Good evening!


We need a memorial to Cheryl Pace somewhere in Cumberland County for her devotion to animals.

Hey, Dean Dellaquila, that paved parking lot that used to lead to the footbridge across the Cohansey in the city park has trash littered at the end of the parking lot.

A trash can might help.

We found it when we went looking for the peaceful garden dedicated to stopping domestic violence in the city park because we heard no one is taking care of it, but it doesn’t look that bad to us.

Who is Laura Turner?

Does anybody in Bridgeton remember her and what she meant to the city park. There is a fountain in the park dedicated to her that looks like it’s blocked from working by concrete blocks.

But she was important enough to put a nice plaque there to explain it’s in memory of her. Does it ever work? Does her relatives know about it?

We’d like to know.

Great radio show today despite the albatross around our neck sitting next to us.

The recovering drug addict didn’t show, but that’s OK because her recovery is more important.

But nobody believes us about the importance to Bridgeton of Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler, and co-host Mike Abbott even mocked her. Hopefully, he will live to regret that foolish move.

We’re going to let you know book, chapter and verse everything she accomplishes in Cumberland County, but especially in Bridgeton where her United Advocacy Group is located on the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick building.

You want to meet her? Join us at 2 p.m. Monday, especially you, Steven Paul, head of Bridgeton Main Street. We need to get started on the new sign for that building as it becomes the hub of progress in the city.

John Daddario’s eBay site is still for rent on Park Drive. He’s taken a job teaching printing at the state prison. Is there anybody we know who doesn’t work for either the city or the prison?

Millville city commissioner Joe Sooy, who we meet coming out of the WVLT studio one Saturday a month, was a captain in the prison system.

Most of the Bridgeton Midget Football staff work at the prison and take cruises together every year. We’re starting to believe South Woods is the best industry to hit town since Owens-Illinois left.

You say the prison means families of inmates are moving into town to be closer to them, and you believe families of inmates are moving into town to be closer to inmates and ylu believe most of families are thugs preying on neighbors. How smart would criminal activity by a family of an inmate be? Do you have any proof of that? Do you have any proof they are even moving into town?

Aren’t there enough other reasons for poor people to move into Bridgeton, like medical care and all the things Gateway Community Action Partnership has to offer, although they are in more than three counties now, so they couldn’t be called Tri-County anymore.

Until YOU bring in new jobs, don’t knock the prisons!

Alex Calabrese called and told a story of a 16-year-old immigrant from the Dominican who is graduating early from high school after taking two years to learn English, and that we have people here who don’t even want to go out and find a job.

We asked if he knew how many top graduates leave this area after graduating college because the best paying jobs are elsewhere? The brain drain is tremendous, and is not going to end soon.

In places like Princeton, it’s called Einstein Alley for a reason, and businesses looking to relocate know that.

Alex said ShopRite is hiring, and that’s good news. He said you can drive down the road and see “Hiring” signs. He knows someone who has been trying to fill out his workforce for two years with good pay and benefits, and hasn’t been able to accomplish it.

This should be good news to Michael Mickey Williams of Minor Adjustments because he’s always looking to place his students, and, Alex, is there a job there where all you have to do is watch a dial all night?

Every dog kennel filled at the Cumberland County SPCA and three dogs are in danger.

Contact Rita Shicunoff on Facebook.

“There is is white dog in the Bridgeton park near the pavilions. He won’t let me get close enough to pick him up but he does have tags. Please share.”

— animal lover

The old Bridgeton … and Pepsi Cola Randy …

“My most memorable moment with Randy was when my sister was working at Greco’s on Church street and made a cheesesteak for Randy and as he walked out the door a guy punched him in the face knocking him to the ground and stole his sandwich.

“So my sister went out there to help him and say a few harsh words to the scumbag that did that and then she decided to call me and tell me what had happened, so between what he did to my old buddy and said to my sis, I knew he was getting a beating.

“So she said he was sitting on a porch on Church Street, so I called Bill Loew and told him what had happened and he met me at the store where I got Randy and told him to come with me because I’m going to hit that guy that hit you only ten times harder and he’s right down the street.

“So with his eye all swelled up, he walked down there with me and Bill and I said stand right there and watch what I’m gonna do to him. Long story short, he was ripped off the porch and I left him in the middle of Church Street for the ambulance to pick him up, looked over at Randy and he had a big smile on his face saying that’s what you get, that’s what you get !

“Don’t like bullies. Had to share! RIP, old buddy.”

— Darrell Capps

Who was the guy you beat up?

Kissy’s Place …

Who wouldn’t love a Maxwell!? Looks like a Shepard with the fur of a Golden. #AdoptMaxwell


“Jack, I don’t mind if you quote me. Just quote me correctly. The Peoples Republic of China shot drug dealers on sight. I said, in the U.S., because we have a constitution, we cannot do that.

“I did say all heroin/meth dealers, if arrested, should be charged with attempted murder. And, drug dealing is a crime against humanity. The politicians are all in unison, blaming the medical profession, but ignoring the drug dealers.

“In fact, because of Beach Bum Chris Christie’s bail reform, arrested drug dealers are released faster than you and I get through a visit to the Motor Vehicle office.”

— Alex Calabrese

We said he wants all drug dealers shot like they do in China.

If they announced they were doing that in Millville, and put out a release that they had just gunned down two in Captain Buck Park that made all the papers, how many drug dealers would there be the next morning?

In fact, let’s let police announce they’re going to shoot all drug dealers, even if it’s just a ruse, and see how many drug dealers opt to leave.

We’ll even take it one step further by dressing up two officers as drug dealers and have them “gunned down” on Third and Oak streets with blanks, and then haul the “bodies” quickly away, and see what that little Shakespearean play gets us.

You gotta use your head in this business.

But, the truth is, if there were no addicts, there would be no dealers. It is the addicts who must be addressed.

Jim Sauro’s listening numbers highest on Saturday morning on 92.1 FM.

If he wins an Assembly seat, will the freeholder have time to continue his radio career?

“Premiering our new film at the ‘Art of Recovery’ film festival with Manny Mendez. Thanks to Steven Forte for that expert editing. So grateful to God for the opportunity to Scream RECOVERY! We’ll release the film on Aug. 1.

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight




“5 Bushels and a Thousand Clams going down today at the Italian Club!”

— Frank Miletta

Gotta hook up with them, Bridgeton Main Street!

“Sweat4Summer. Most people gather during the summer to gorge themselves with bad food, liquor and funerals.

“How about we change the trend. Let’s get together to improve the Health of Ourselves and Our community! Join us for the next one.

“Sunday, July, 17, at 10 a.m., Elite Personal Fitness, 571 Shiloh Pike, Bridgeton, NJ 08302 and join our group — Spark the Fight Against Obesity in Cumberland County. And let’s keep it going!”

— Eddie Williams,

Elite Personal Fitness

The Alan Ewing Carman Museum of Prehistory of Cumberland County is located at 1461 Bridgeton Road in Greenwich, NJ. This is at the corner of Greenwich Road (known as “Bridgeton Road” once you are in Greenwich) and Ye Greate Street, across from the post office and Aunt Betty’s Kitchen, The hours are from 1 to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It’s a good idea to call in advance to be sure the museum is open, as the staff is all volunteer. 856-455-8141. Admission to the museum is FREE.

— Sam Feinstein

Sam knows all the good places.

He is Bridgeton gold! We’re brass! Alex Calabrese is iron!

“Thank you, everyone, for your calls, texts, and messages about our girls.

“They fell short of winning, but gained a lot of insight. Antietam (no idea where they are from) won the 12U Regionals. It’s all good because, as state champs, they still qualify for the World Series but $$$$ is going to be the problem if we can’t raise it in 2 weeks, so PLEASE SHARE our Go Fund page and if you know a business that could help, we can provide our tax number to them.

“Thank you for all the cheering. We heard you loud and clear, South Jersey!”

— Lisa Marie Trexler

YOU CAN BOOK IT: So much coming for Bridgeton, but not from Bridgeton, so the attitude is good.

Screamin’ Jack Hummel; Cheryl Pace needs honor; Trash in Bridgeton; Who is Laura Turner?; The future is spelled M-E-L-I-S-S-A!; Who doesn’t work at the prison?; It’s called brain drain; Alex Calabrese: Jobs are out there; CCSPCA kennels filled; Kissy’s Place beauty; Fooling drug dealers; 12U softball World Series bound!

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