Bale of hay on highway; film at 11; Kizzy’s, Kuhns, cats; Novel set in Greenwich; CBK on a roll over historic buildings; The Nail House story; Mary Elmer Park — get used to it; BHS Track Alumni surface; Stuff the crabfest!; Mikiah Kreps all grown up, but hasn’t forgotten us


Big bale of hay falls out of pickup truck in front of Wendy’s and what’s a farmer’s wife to do? Why she rolled it over to the sidewalk and called for help on her cellphone. We would haver put it back for her, but we didn’t want to show off. Film at 11.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Two good interviews on 92.1 FM today, with Kizzy’s Place willing to take part in a massive spay/neuter effort for the 25,000 feral cats in Cumberland County, and Ric Kuhns called in back in high gear suggesting a meeting of the minds to lay out an intricate plan and see how many sites, how many vets, how many cages, how many trappers and how many volunteers they can assemble — and how much it’s all going to cost.

Is it better than saving historic buildings? No. It’s just somebody else’s idea of doing something to leave the planet better than he found it.

Stephen Goldhahn gave us a copy of his new novel that takes place in Greenwich in the six months before the tea burning with fictional characters in real places, and he’s going to hold a book signing from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday at Aunt Betty’s, right there on Ye Greate Street.

Sorry to say Shep is not in the book, but there may be a sequel. Shep and Gregg Jones could turn it into a New York Times best seller.

“Hi, Jack!

“Lonnnnnng holiday weekend so I’ll keep it short. They should maybe hire you — ignore the name Bridgeton — if you don’t like what they’re saying change the conversation, right?

“Which is exactly what you did. Because I seem to remember that CHABA recently came before council because of bills in arrears for some studies on the Nail Works site. Am I correct? I might not be, so please let me know.

“So the city covered the deficit. Or matched the funds. I didn’t think CHABA was a government thing, but what do I know? Spending money it doesn’t have certainly sounds like a government thing. Then the bill comes due and all of a sudden they are crying to get bailed out.

“I don’t know any of them but the words ‘entitled’ and ‘pretentious’ come to mind. JS.”

— CBK,

Curt But Kind

Your ire is misplaced. Or a little late.

You see, the Nail House was once a museum until a lady’s heel went through a floor board because of termites, so they had to move everything out.

Problem was, they put the artifacts in a building with a leaky roof and a lot of them got ruined. How many, we don’t know, because nobody has been allowed to see them.

For the longest time,  no one knew where they were hidden. Then somebody whistleblew that they were in the locked, old city hall, where the floor is now rippled from water damage.

To make matters worse, someone who gave the city an old, old photo to go in the collection wants it back because they were promised it would be displayed, and hasn’t been.

And the city refused to give back the picture.

The city owns the Nail House, so don’t be hard on an organization trying to save the last piece of the Cumberland Nail & Iron Works that dominated what is now the city park. They’re doing fundraisers and they’re also giving out scholarships.

Instead, let’s concentrate on Mary Elmer Park on the western side of Cumberland County where you can take your time and zooom through all the exotic animals in the Cohanzick Zoo, and you can park it in 1,100 acres of paths where the indians used to run and a peacock may join your walk and a raceway guides you to Sunset Lake where the folk singers are warming up for a concert while the kayaks ply the waters.

Dr. Mary Elmer donated much of the land for the city park and a lake is named after her. Just like they don’t want prisons to include the name of the city they’re in, let’s keep “crime-ridden” Bridgeton’s name out of the park, which can easily be reached by hardly even touching Bridgeton.

We can keep the name Donald Rainear Amphitheater because his record as mayor was clean and he saved the CCIA from bankruptcy, and he tried to keep John Ewing straight.

When Bridgeton Main Street comes up with a solid, Latino, economic plan to help the downtown, they will find local investors to join in. But they can no longer be a puppet of the city government that has done nothing to improve the situation.

Working hard is not the same as working smart.

“Let’s try to get these numbers up on this BHS Track Alumni Group.

“Share with anybody that went to BHS that maybe had the coach as teachers. Our coaches were more than just good track coaches; they where good teachers.

“I’m a member of Rotary Club. Our slogan is ‘Service above self,’ which is the purpose for this group. Not just talking about memories, but to give back from which we came.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to give an award to a BHS student in the name of Howard Furtek, Wil Barry, etc.?

“The name is officially registered through the County as ‘Bridgeton Track Alumni Association’ so’s the Facebook group. We are having a meeting on July 15 at 9 a.m. if anyone would like to get more involved.”

— Andrew Bodine


Don’t leave out the girls. We sent two to the Olympics.

Bodine going crazy …

“Also, Sept. 16. I’m in charge of running Bridgeton Crabfest this year. We could start getting this non profit going with this. We can have a non-profit both at the event for $25.

“It could be used as reunion in a way. Day is staring off with a 5k run. I KNOW WE HAVE A BUNCH OF RUNNERS IN THIS GROUP!

“It is also going to have a motorcycle show. And I think a riverfest where I have the river all way down to Greenwich. Bouncy houses in activities for the kids. Face painting. A good way to bring everyone together. BBQ AND CRABS. Beer and wine.”

— Andrew Bodine

Can the Lenni-Lenape perform?

Can the Minyo dancers dance, taiko drumming groups drum?

Devin Riley sing?

A karaoke contest with prizes like is held at the Deerfield Harvest Festival?

Sam Feinstein on the bass guitar playing Duane Eddy.

Can Sam Feinstein be in charge of entertainment? If so, we will go his salary. Sam is a double-barreled shotgun because he can also take promotion pictures for next year.

Jerry Young, who’s your best rapper? Who’s your best local group?

You gotta get more people involved!

Remember when you thought all you had to do, Bill Spence, was rotate the crops?

Remember Mikiah Kreps, the boxer from Buffalo who came down and took on our Basimah “Boom Boom” Baker a few years back?

She’s all grown up now and fighting tonight at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta.


Her mother, Deborah Fields, posted a picture of the proverbial stare-down.

“Carol just messaged me to mention that the ‘Peanuts Gang’ has been rescued by Carolcatz from the CCSPCA!

“Yay, Carol, once again to the rescue!”

— jamie Swain

“I know I look sad… my name is Finn, my shelter name was Romito at Philly ACCT. I was on death row there, no fault of my own. It was scary and loud. This rescue called Kizzy’s Place saved me from dying in there. I made it out alive, and my foster mommy is good to me. Even though she saved me, I am still empty inside. No one has asked to meet me. No one applied to adopt me. Why? I am a good boy. I just want someone to love me. I think I am cute, why doesn’t anyone else? All of the other doggies that were saved meet tons of people who want to adopt them… why not me? I am very protective of my humans, they mean the world to me. Look at my ears, they are irresistible!”

Will you be my mommy or daddy? I promise I will love you forever. Just give me a chance.

(aka Romito)


more information-…/18225021-vineland-new-jersey-ame…



YOU CAN BOOK ITWhen no one loves you, should you have to suffer?


Bale of hay on highway; film at 11; Kizzy’s, Kuhns, cats; Novel set in Greenwich; CBK on a roll over historic buildings; The Nail House story; Mary Elmer Park — get used to it; BHS Track Alumni surface; Stuff the crabfest!; Mikiah Kreps all grown up, but hasn’t forgotten us

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