Go away with your heat, Fla.; If no port-o-potty, what about urinating trough?; Robin Weinstein goes to Washington; TNVR presentation not what Ric envisioned, but support was outstanding; Bryan Real switching up; Chandra Pitts fights on; Watching yourself on Jim Quinn sobering; Cedarville BBQ will sell out; Mama of Mama Mia’s treats you like family


The column that asks, if there is anything good about living in Florida during the summer, you won’t find it on Facebook after February and March, gut isn’t it beautiful here in the open countryside of Cumberland County with the sky blue overhead and the humidity low and a full-size apple pecan chicken salad just $6.46 at Wendy’s.

How can you need illegal drugs if you have all this weather and all your faculties, and a nickel in your pocket?

Will Code Blue have to break the poop drought and put port-o-potties in downtown Bridgeton?

Or can they at least put up a public pee trough like they had at Alden Field for years, so the homeless don’t have to resort to peeing on walls in alleys that connect parking lots to workplaces and stores?

You know, a concrete block station without a door where you make two turns and you’re inside?

“Dear Friends and Partners:

“I am excited to announce that I will be speaking for the NJ Second Congressional District at NJ Hill Day in Washington, D.C., to advocate for the homeless and the poor.

“Will you join me? Transportation is available and registration is free! Registration is at http://ow.ly/MHJq30cZeDG.”

Pastor Robin Weinstein,

M25 founder

Make sure you have all you shots.

“You promised you’d gather the players and come to River Bend to discuss the cat situation rationally. Still waiting and the garden is producing wonderful fresh food for a culinary treat. Promise not to serve cat!”

— Cindy Zirkle

When everything is in place for the big TNVR push, we’re coming to you to raise the $1.5 million needed.

When we discussed it on a radio a couple of months back, remember that we said instead of waiting for grants, let’s find somebody who knows a lot of people with deep pockets and they can raise the money locally simply by yelling out their River Bend window.

The first name that popped into our head was Cindy Zirkle, who could prepare one of her exotic, gourmet meals as Ric Kuhns and his merry band of TNVRers sit around the table in serious discussion, while your Ernie tempers one proposal after another and you keep saying, “Don’t forget to save room for dessert!”

And we wind up doing something no one has done before — and maybe make the Guinness Book of World Records, with which Sam Feinstein has connections.

A downer …

“Freeholder Barber and Members of the Board,

“I just wanted to thank you for hearing the supportive offerings of my colleagues Adrienne Possenti, Jane Guilluame, Brian Hackett and Gary Meyer at last night’s meeting. They represent leadership positions in their fields who contacted me and graciously offered to support my request for your endorsement.
“I’ll have to rely on facts of the issue, and the outpouring of support from local friends and fellow advocates to exemplify the TNVR interest in Cumberland County. As is said, you get one chance to make good first impression, and after waiting five weeks to step before the board to request your endorsement, I had certainly hoped to have had the chance to present my request under more favorable conditions.
“But between the sheriff’s officer at the table who was heard to say, ‘if they want me to be quiet, they can come tell me themselves,’ the county representative immediately in front of the podium who talked and jumped around so much as I spoke, distracting my concentration, the representative at your table who saw the need to interrupt me as I spoke not one, but three times — and a 100-degree fever  I had been enduring for the prior week breaking at the same time — I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
“The embarrassment I felt in front of my friends and supporters who took the time to attend on my behalf is something I’ll not soon forget and will certainly serve to remind me to make any future interactions with my elected officials by mail.
“Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think my issue deserved a bit more respect than I was able to give it last night. I’m guessing I should just remain feeling fortunate that the State Director of HSUS as well as the Director of People For Animals traveled together from North Jersey, and arrived just as I stepped away from the podium, or I might have felt worse.
“Nope, I’m still embarrassed this morning. I’ll just have to hope our municipal leaders don’t see what happened and send someone else to advocate for TNVR in their town.
“Lesson learned.”
— Ric Kuhns

Relax, Ric. You were just looking for vocal support. The meeting at the LongHorn with the three freeholders was much friendlier, and, remember, no pet grant was ever given because a sheriff’s officer couldn’t keep his mouth shut because he saw a chance to perform on a big stage.

The support behind you was the important thing. You’ve got a pretty big army out there waiting to be led, so don’t let one Valley Forge winter stop you.

Some more TNVR news …

“The residents of Cumberland County need to immediately stop trapping/catching or calling Animal Control on cats that have an ear tip.An ear tip tells you that the cat has been trapped, spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies.

“It also tells you that it is part of a colony that is being cared for. Unless an ear0tipped cat is injured or shows signs of distress, it should never be taken to an animal shelter. Maybe you are well-meaning, but the only two things that happen when you take an ear-tipped cat to a shelter is that it most likely will be euthanized, and it also puts other cats in the shelter at risk.

“Any cat being brought into a shelter must be held for seven days. Most shelters run at full capacity. This means that the ear-tipped cat is taking up cage space that could have been used for other cats in need.

“A cat that has been there for seven days will be euthanized to make room for the ear tipped cat being housed. Basically for every ear tipped cat that gets brought into a shelter you are killing two cats. You are also wasting taxpayers dollars. For every ear-tipped cat that goes into the shelter system, the town that it came from gets charged for seven days of boarding fees. So even if you don’t care about the cat, think about all of the wasted money that is spent on boarding a cat that has already been sterilized, vaccinated and fed.

“Animal control officers have the obligation of explaining to people what an ear-tipped cat is and why it should be left alone. People stop clogging up our shelter system with cats that will not multiply and have already been inoculated against rabies.”

— Rita Shicunoff

But thanks for at least caring, people, and why can’t the shelter tell them to take it back where they got it?

“Here’s a Facebook comment from the lady that doesn’t really use Facebook. It was an honor for me meet so many wonderful animal advocates from my own little community, to take a stand with you and to speak out with you.

“We are doing the right thing. I am humbled to be part of this great work. When God wants us to take care of His creation, it’s a slam dunk, a hole-in-one, a home run and a touchdown all in one. Maybe we even made God smile. Blessings everyone.”

— Adrienne Possenti

“It was a wonderful night for all of us ‘crazy cat people!’ You were great, Ric, in spite of not being healthy and I think you got your point across. And now it’s time for more information to be sent to the freeholders. We’ll talk!”

— the former Linda Rosenberg, of A Novel Idea — Chapter II at The Spot, 608 N. Landis Ave., Vineland

We’ve found Bryan Real …

“Officially saying goodbye to The Village Mentors and hello to Royal Teens INC.

“Same mission, same purpose, same passion, but the vision is bigger! We’re more than just mentoring! Expect innovation in the near future! We (teens and parents) put a lot of sweat, blood, and tears into The Village Mentors, but we still have more sweat, blood, and tears to give!

“The Village Mentors was the caterpillar. Royal Teens is the butterfly! We’ll be ready to launch our new programs and services fall 2017!!! Follow our new page Royal Teens and be a part of the journey!”

— Bryan Real

Meanwhile, across the bridge ..

“Explosive speaking engagement at the New Jersey Grassroots Reentry Symposium this morning. Leadership team meeting with a few pretty amazing partners this afternoon. Grant submission due by 11:59 tonight.”
— Chandra Pitts,
One Village Alliance
Chandra Pitts gets more accomplished by accident than most activists do on purpose, and God has given her a big job — the city of Wilmington, with a crossover to Salem, where it all started.
You want action? You want Chandra! We’ll get her over here again on 92.1 FM.
How much do you want to bet it sells out, like the Cedarville Fire Department is the Pied Piper.
That truck is as old as us, so why can’t they restore us.
Get your ticket from any firefighter.
Just looked at a tape of Cumberland County Hotline with Jim Quinn on SNJ Today when he interviewed us and we must say, we have a face for radio.
We tell a couple of Quinn secrets you may not know, including how close he came to moving WSNJ radio to the front of the Laurel Theater downtown, plus make way for 150 senior houses on the SNJ property.
Township wouldn’t allow it.
When we die, you’ll be the ugliest man on earth.Watch it and you’ll see how the memory has gone. But Quinn looks great! He’s on Monday through Thursday from 6 to 6;30 p.m. on Channel 22.
You’ll find a Ric Kuhns interview if you Google SNL Today and click on shows and then Hotline. In fact, all the past interviews are there.
No calories at Mama Mia’s.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Bahri Yilmez for king of Cumberland County.
Go away with your heat, Fla.; If no port-o-potty, what about urinating trough?; Robin Weinstein goes to Washington; TNVR presentation not what Ric envisioned, but support was outstanding; Bryan Real switching up; Chandra Pitts fights on; Watching yourself on Jim Quinn sobering; Cedarville BBQ will sell out; Mama of Mama Mia’s treats you like family

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