No glazed donuts!; No Wendy’s forks!; Sunset Lake a sleeping giant; Solar panels on city dump?; Theater marquee not historic; Warren Robinson Pocket Park; Where do downtown people eat; Bridgewater Pub for sale; Funds available with no taxpayer money involved; Stronger Families; Pascale Sykes; Ric Kuhns speaks Tuesday night

The column that asks how can Dunkin’ Donuts be out of glazed donuts when the manager called before he came over and asked the help what kind he should bring if they were going to run short — and no one said bring glazed — and Wendy’s when you put “quality” all over your building, how can you leave out the knife and fork two nights in a row at the drive-thru?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Family swimming in Sunset Lake tonight under the careful watch of two adults, and the huge, boarded up refreshment stand there is a testament to stagnation in the city.

It reminds us of the Sixers trying to connect the dots with a star who can’t play of full schedule of games, a guard who has never been seen because of injuries and a No. 1 pick who completes the trifecta to live in the playoffs if they can just get on the court.

Bridgeton has a beautiful but polluted Sunset Lake, refreshment stand, amphitheater and picnic tables. but can’t seem to put it all together.

The splash park will continue to stand out like a beacon not far from the quickly deteriorating Swedish village, and the basketball courts aren’t hurting because of mid-80s temperatures.

Solar panels on top of the closed city dump in the park? Mike Abbott says that’s what the Cumberland County Improvement Authority wants to do, but at least the CCIA seems to be accomplishing things while city council is mired in personal squabbling.

It takes four votes to pass a bond, and a bond is needed to cap the dump and pave Mayor Aitken Drive. It’s not going to happen with this city council.

The new sidewalks along Mayor Aitken Drive are a godsend for a city that primarily walks to where it’s going.

But what happened to Fat K Designs next to Tracy’s Corner on North Laurel Street?

When the combined library with third-floor county workers was canceled across the street, did that kill their fervor? Do the city fathers still believe when ground broke for that library, all the shuttered stores along the street were suddenly going to be filled?

Dream on.

We still want to know where city workers in the city hall annex, the United Advocacy Group on the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick building, CompleteCare and Gateway on Washington Street, plus all the courthouse workers and jail guards eat lunch.

That’s a lot of people who may not be interested in Latino cuisine, but still want to eat healthy, but maybe that’s why so many cars with delivery signs on their roofs are scurrying around town.

We need to do a survey.

When the News left town, did it take the Bridgewater Pub with it?

It’s for sale.

There is nothing more dazzling than a theater marquee all lit up at night, and nothing sadder than a dark marquee hanging like a cloud over a building that was torn down, leaving only the entrance, with plain plywood covering the front.

Why is it allowed to exist? Could it not be an entryway to the Riverfront instead of looking like a box canyon with the impossible entrance from Broad Street and the mostly used entry from East Commerce Street?

Why just alleys leading to the promised land from Laurel Street?

Thompson Plaza and its busy looking windows a perfect downtown setting. Bridgetown owes Bob Thompson big time!

The Warren Robinson Pocket Park is a reality at Pearl and Commerce streets with a bench donated by the Bridgeton Fire Department and a plaque honoring the man who always answered his phone when someone in his city didn’t have an answer to a problem.

He engineered the new home of Bridgeton Veterans Park in the city park after land behind the old city hall was earmarked for development even though it was then Veterans Park.

He proudly served on the Neighborhood Dispute Council until a new person took over and told him he was running it wrong, and that’s one thing you didn’t tell Warren Robinson.

If you really want to tribute him, do something with the Bertini building at Laurel and Irving that now has yellow danger tape around it. Robinson fought for over two decades to have it erased from the city’s memory.

He never failed to mention the code that Bridgeton operated under when he attended city council meetings, and asked why it wasn’t being enforced.

Although a decorated World War II veteran, he did not join those organizations, opting to be a lone eagle in his quest for justice for the little people who found themselves caught in the grip of injustice.

He exposed a trash can in the recreation area filled with sandwiches prepared by the jail as lunch for inmates on clean-up detail.

He loved the limelight while fighting for alleys in the city not be closed to traffic so police could maintain a quick response to crime. He got the holes in the walkway across Broad Street bridge fixed by the state in unbelievable quick time.

And he was proud of it.

92.1 FM WVLT fallout on a Saturday when we hoped Michael DeLeon would call in from Arizona, but “filming took up the whole day” and, instead, we had to listen to Mike Abbott schedule a caller to work on his soffit and Alex from Buena whining about becoming a minister and writing all kinds of grants to fleece taxpayers, and who knows what somebody did to his Cheerios this morning when he wasn’t looking.

He later recanted:

Mike, tell Jack I take back all the bad stuff I said about advocates and preachers.

“Jack put the horns on me. Right after his show I went outside to water a hanging basket and got stung by a bee. First bee sting in over 40 years.”

— Alex

Stronger Families is an empowering relationship between a family and a supportive team of community partners.

Call them at 856-453-4913.


A Pascale Sykes Foundation grantee.

The team includes administrative coordinator Mary Hadley, program coordinators Robert Hadley and Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler, community advocate John Fuqua, family advocate Brandie Slattery and Pastor Albert Morgan.

Hey, Alex, no taxpayer money involved.

Hey, Alex, Pascale Sykes Foundation is giving away a fortune to help everything from kids to the economy in South Jersey. No taxpayer money.

Hey, Alex, billionaire Bob Carr is spending millions on kids in Cumberland County that can’t afford college in a program called Give Back.

No taxpayer money.

Wake up, man, and smell the roses!

At the Cumberland County SPCA …

“I really wish we could just be done with temperament evaluations. Don’t ask me how he did in a strange room with a weird stick hand poking at him, ask me how he did when we let him run around the office and burn off his energy and play with toys and just be a normal dog. Ask me if he was enjoyable to be with or if I couldn’t wait to put him away. Ask him if I felt safe when I was playing with him.

I mean, I get TE’s, I do. But I feel like hanging out is important information, too. And it’s such a much more enjoyable way to spend time with a dog.”

_ Maria D. Stoerrle

We need this girl on the radio.


YOU CAN BOOK IT: Ric Kuhns goes before the freeholders Tuesday night to plead his case for TNVR backing for feral cats, and some may have to be turned away to not violate the fire code.



No glazed donuts!; No Wendy’s forks!; Sunset Lake a sleeping giant; Solar panels on city dump?; Theater marquee not historic; Warren Robinson Pocket Park; Where do downtown people eat; Bridgewater Pub for sale; Funds available with no taxpayer money involved; Stronger Families; Pascale Sykes; Ric Kuhns speaks Tuesday night

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