We tried, Eddie; HOPE VI looking good; BHS Class of 1958; Chasing John Daddario on the scales; Aorta size all-important; Kizzy’s Place on the schedule; So is author Stephen Goldhahn; The feral cat crisis


The column that says the man didn’t seem to mind the big dog in the back of the SUV to approach the open window and say he lived on the streets and gave his name as Eddie Deggs and said he was hungry for “something like a bacon sandwich or beef”  — not bus fare or trying to get home to Atlantic City or any other excuse — so we told him to go into Wendy’s and look at the menu and come back and tell us what he wanted, and he said thanks and went in, and though we waited another half-hour as a pimp came following his woman through the parking lot to Save A Lot and back again at a power-walking gait — and we would have loved to hear her story, while police harassed her lowlife owner — Eddie never came back, so, if you know Eddie, tell him we were serious because we may have seen him that Christmas Eve from 2 to 6 a.m. at the Code Blue at the Salvation Army a couple of years ago.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

Good evening!

Why do we have a Sunoco gas card?

There are no Sunocos on the other side of the county and  now the one at Route 49 and Burlington Road is closed and the one in Hopewell is no longer 24/7 and neither is the deli that accompanies it, so don’t run low on gas, night drivers.

We have a Shell credit card, but have never used it because finding a unicorn would be easier.

Two banks for sale in the middle of downtown Bridgeton, and we wonder if there are Latino financial institutions that are nationwide, because that’s what is needed.

Nice, big, sturdy buildings like are for sale in  downtown Salem.

You want upstairs living in downtown Bridgeton, but take a look at the second floor apartment just before Thompson Plaza on Laurel Street.

We don’t regulate apartments on North Pearl Street — and it shows —and there is no reason to believe code enforcement is going do anything different downtown. If you really can’t make it with your business, do we really need you downtown bolstered by an apartment or two paying rent?

HOPE VI housing has never looked better to the left of the rotten, plywood covered pink elephant at Laurel and Washington, and the Bertini building with the second-floor window open, probably for a feral pigeon colony.

“BHS Class of 1958 luncheon reservations are due for Thursday, June 22, 1 p.m. at the Golden Pigeon.  If you will call Sada at 856-455-6225, Pauline at 856-455-2668 or email me at lorettadilks@comcast.net mailto:lorettadilks@comcast.net, we will give our friends at the Pigeon an accurate count.

”Our May attendees included Joe A. and Rose, Jean Ritter, Pauline, Delbert Taylor, Ruth Ann Cossaboon, Alice Loew,  Nina and Bob Hamlyn, Margaret McKnight, Joan Hemple, Barbara Bowman, Peal Levin, George and Marian Moore, Elsie Gandy Brown,  Jack McEnery and yours truly, Loretta Lee Dilks!”

— Loretta Dilks


BHS Class of 1958.

Glad to see George and Marian Moore getting out. We’ve always wanted to see the “George Moore Story” filmed in living color, starting when he came here from WJIC in Salem 50 years ago.

He’s done it all with everybody who has been anybody, especially on the fishing scene. And we know he has a lot of Jerry Alden stories to tell. Alden did more for Bridgeton in his decades as recreation director than any other resident.

Out only question is, why did he change his name from Jerry Epstein when Bridgeton had over 100 Jewish-owned businesses, and why did radio personality Jonathan P. Casey — 37 years in the business — add the name Casey to his name and use his last name as his middle initial?

Health check: If our aorta enlarges to be 6 inches where it comes out of the heart, surgery.

It has never gotten bigger than 4 inches, and “You’re going to live a long time,” encouraged Heart House doctor Neil Skop on Wednesday.

When we hit 101 pounds lost, we will have surpassed John Daddario’s 100-pound effort back when Inspira’s Fitness Connection first opened after being converted from Sinnet (tennis spelled backward) Racquet Club.

Chief Mike Gaimari was also thin.

Kizzy’s Place coming on 92.1 FM on Saturday, July 1, at noon, and then a famous author who wrote a book about Greenwich comes on at 1 p.m. — Stephen Goldhahn.

Maybe he included Shep or Karole with a K.

Greenwich: The Final Project:L

“What happens when time lines and family lines converge, and history and sanity are preserved only to the extent that one is willing to embrace madness? On the eve of the new millennium, John Samuel Weston, owner of a small biotech engineering firm in Haddonfield, New Jersey, is about to find out. Centered around the historic Greenwich Tea Burning of December 22, 1774, the narrative follows two parallel story lines over the same six-month period leading up to the events of Dec. 22: one set in colonial New Jersey, 1774; the other in modern day Jersey, 1999.

“The story opens in 1999 as our hero, John Samuel Weston, wakes up in the psych ward of Our Lady of Lourdes hospital (Camden, NJ) recovering from an apparent psychotic break following a Labor Day weekend trip to Greenwich, Cumberland County, NJ.

“His friend and business partner, Bob Fenwick, experienced a similar ‘breakdown’ on a July 4th fishing trip to Greenwich, which is what prompted John to go to Greenwich to investigate. In time, John comes to suspect that his recurring dreams and visions of 18th century time travel were real, and uncovers a common link between family lines, a certain variety of greenhead fly found only in this area, and a peculiar form of mental illness affecting this back-bay region since 177 —t he so-called ‘curse of Greenwich.’

“Beyond historical science fiction, Greenwich a story of love and passion, a tale of family lines past and present, genetic engineering gone awry and the supernatural, as our modern day hero (John Samuel Weston) embarks on a mission of time travel to “lift the curse” that has rendered present day Greenwich a virtual ghost town.”

— Stephen Goldhahn

Did you know that back in the day, a man from Millville claiming to be Flyers goalie Bernie Parent spent a week in Greenwich at Marvin Hitchner’s watering hole living off his name before Frank Young, advertising exec at the News, recognized him after seeing his photo and exposed him?

We were all ready to do a story on him.

Who knew any different?

Where was Flyers aficionado and Greenwich living Billy King at that time?

We remember when John Daddario was mistaken for John Barrymore.

This is Step 2 to Ric Kuhn’s speech before freeholders Tuesday night:

“The Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter is making a major financial commitment to stop the euthanization of community cats in Burlington County. While donations are needed, more than money is necessary.

“We desperately need volunteers who are available during week days to help people trap cats, transport the cats to spay/neuter surgery clinics and assist with surgery recovery.

“You do not have to know anything about trapping cats. You must have willingness to learn and the passion to make a difference. Please email friends.say.snip.it@gmail.com to volunteer.

“If you can’t donate your time toward our TNR efforts, please consider making a gift to our TNR fund. It costs $35 to spay/neuter, vaccinate and ear tip each community cat. Please visit the Low-Cost Spay/Neuter page on our website to make a donation to pay for surgery and vaccinations for a community cat. THANK YOU!”

Is there a Cumberland County Veterinarian Association that holds regular meetings? That’s another step down the road.

You can’t expect to get ANY grant of substantial size unless you have an A to Z plan in place, with the Z earning you the final phase of the grant after you’ve met the A to Y, and don’t leave out any letters.

You decide how many feral cats you can spay/neuter in a certain period of time and if you’re lucky enough to get a grant, it will come in increments as you meet certain deadlines.

If you’re talking 300 in a year, it won’t make a difference in the ever-growing population.

If you’re talking 3,000, that’s a movement.

If you’re talking 10,000, that’s a mobilization of epic proportions and cost, especially two years in a row. It would take outside-the-county assistance, but, you k ow what, ACO Barry would be willing to lead that effort.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Jim Bergmann on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon and hoping Michael DeLeon will call in at 1 p.m.


We tried, Eddie; HOPE VI looking good; BHS Class of 1958; Chasing John Daddario on the scales; Aorta size all-important; Kizzy’s Place on the schedule; So is author Stephen Goldhahn; The feral cat crisis

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