Keep your aorta stable; We missed Mama; Video: ‘The Village — Bridgeton The Gap’; How Best Friends saves animals; Michael DeLeon on his new music show, treating addiction in Canada; What are the negatives promoting drug addiction?


The column that says if you didn’t have to work on the longest day of the year —today — and got a chance to enjoy the sunshine, that was the best thing, but maybe second to getting a scheduled echocardiogram, scheduled visit with a Heart House specialist and blood draw all in two days, and the echo shows no expansion in the aorta where it’s connected to the heart, and who knew the width of the aorta is so important unless you look at it as an innertube?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Mama Mia’s in the unnamed Salem strip mall had the big three on, so Mama got to go home and we got to see all the photos from the Caribbean cruise the help went on, including kissing a stingray.

Our better half once kissed a beluga whale in Mystic, Conn., but they didn’t take a photo of it because you were only supposed to hug the whale, but for $140, she thought a kiss was appropriate and the 25-year-old whale didn’t seem to mind.

“The Village Mentors’ professional mentoring and success coaching organization is now partnering with Bridgeton’s community, community leaders, and programs to promote commUnity awareness.

“We are currently filming ‘The Village – Bridgeton The Gap’, a documentary based on unity, solutions, community involvement, and economic development. We’re encouraging our entire town to do their part by playing a major role in the documentary.

Sunday Closed
Monday 7:30 am 5:00 pm
Tuesday 7:30 am 5:00 pm
Wednesday 7:30 am 5:00 pm
Thursday 7:30 am 5:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 3:00 pm


Join The Village Mentors #DoingMyPart Campaign. We are encouraging everyone in our village to Do Their Part by making a positive impact with just 3 simple steps listed below.
1. Purchase: Order your #DoingMyPart Shirt at
2. Purpose: Wear your shirt while doing something positive in your commUnity
3. Post: Take a picture and post it on social networks @ TheVillageMentors and hashtagging #DoingMyPart

Pre-Orders will be ready for pickup on Friday, July 1. Shipping Orders will be shipped within 7-10 days of purchase.

We had a no-show for Saturday’s radio program on 92.1 FM, so this is what Best Friends is all about …

“Hi, Jack,

“Thank you for reaching out to Best Friends Animal Society and for your interest in the No More Homeless Pets Network. Best Friends is committed to helping homeless pets through specific programs in the United States.  Click here to learn more about how our work is focused.

“The Network was built upon Best Friends’ belief that collaboration is the key to ending killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters and is made up of hundreds of shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations across the country that are committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through effective adoption, spay/neuter and intake prevention programs. Together, we are leading the way by inspiring communities and implementing proven methods that show the country that no-kill is possible.

“Membership is free and we encourage you to become part of a group that’s dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets everywhere.

“Partner organizations are eligible for all of the following:

“You’ll find all the details about the Network and an application to apply online at

“We hope that this information is helpful. Thank you for being part of the solution to help animals in need. For more than 30 years, Best Friends has been working to save the lives of animals in America’s shelters. Join us at Together, we can Save Them All.®

NMHP Network

“Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends and other organizations purposefully describe themselves as being dedicated to no-kill. No-kill organizations euthanize animals who are suffering irremediably. They do not kill healthy animals and label it “euthanasia” to make it more palatable.

“Best Friends is leading no-kill efforts around the country through lifesaving programs designed to help stop the killing of animals in shelters.

“These programs include national advocacy initiatives focused on shutting down puppy mills, fighting breed-discriminatory legislation, and keeping community cats safe and out of shelters.

“To accomplish its objectives, Best Friends has formed coalitions of animal welfare groups and a national network of animal welfare partners, all unified under a distinct call to action: Save Them All.

“Promoting pet adoption: By encouraging people to adopt rather than buy their pets, we help increase the number of pets leaving shelters.

“Supporting spay/neuter: By promoting sterilization and providing spay/neuter resources wherever they are needed, we help decrease the number of animals entering shelters.

“Hosting lifesaving events: Through local and national events like super adoptions, Strut Your Mutt and the Best Friends National Conference, Best Friends brings together community members, volunteers, animal welfare professionals, policy makers and representatives from animal rescue organizations and shelters who are committed to helping homeless pets.

“To keep community cats (stray, ownerless cats) safe, healthy and out of shelters, Best Friends promotes and implements trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs in municipalities around the country.”

— Best Friends

On the drug scene …

“Our new Christian Music show started taping today with South Jersey’s own Dawson Coyle. Just back from his appearance on ‘The Voice,’ he shared his story, his music and his mission with us. Our shows, which will likely be called ‘Living Harmony,’ will begin airing in August. Stay tuned … .”

— Michael DeLeon,

SNJ Today

“Canada has the same sense of humor as America. What I learned in four days is that Canada has the same addiction problems that we do, a little more on the illicit drugs when it comes to incarceration and treatment.

“Their state-run facilities are as abhored as ours. If you want good treatment on demand up here, you have to PAY for it.

“The waiting list for that state-run, health-care-funded treatment is months long.

“Detox is taken a bit more serious. There are no damn Pharma commercials on TV, and the biggest takeaway of all — recovery isn’t really celebrated either. It’s weird. In both of our countries, I think overcoming addiction should be openly, proudly celebrated!”

— Michael DeLeon

“P.S.: How come everyone wants me to say, I Beat Cancer, but most people dealing with this fight don’t want me to say, I Beat Addiction?

The big question is, how do we stop everyone from getting that fatal feeling that they have to get hooked on drugs?

What do studies show about how many and what negatives have to be in place to make addiction likely, and what are we trying to do to erase those negatives beforehand?

Is it all hopelessness? Is it also good, bankroll-in-the-pocket that would choke a horse advertising by the drug dealers? Is it mostly the environment?

When addicts get out of treatment, they are told not to go back to the same environment, or addiction will take over again. So how do we wipe out that environment before it claims another victim?

Other than Steered Straight’s Michael DeLeon traveling all over the country and Canada spreading the word.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Patience is a virtue.


Keep your aorta stable; We missed Mama; Video: ‘The Village — Bridgeton The Gap’; How Best Friends saves animals; Michael DeLeon on his new music show, treating addiction in Canada; What are the negatives promoting drug addiction?

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