Happy Father’s Day!; Four-hour Phils game?!; Alessio’s open in Millville; John Murphy at the top; Wheels of Thunder-UDFD #3 car show; Cat contacts needed; Rent a canoe at Piney Point; Hold the mowing!; Speak for a child who has no voice and make a difference in your own life


The column that says happy Father’s Day to wherever you may be, at home grillin’ or at the shore chillin’ and with your children God willin’, and a half-dozen of us spent a lot of it in line at Wendy’s when somebody had the gall to order 20 — count ’em —  20 sandwiches through the drive-thru.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Sudden thought — Phillies could run commercials between Joaquin Benoit’s pitches. Four hours to play nine innings on a sweltering day? Ridiculous!

Umpires need to yell more “Play ball!”

Or as local ump Dave Cossaboon used to say between innings, “Only the postman walks!”

International basketball coach Bob Hutchings leaves for Barcelona on Tuesday.

Alessio’s  Restaurant in Millville now open. 1712 East main St. across from the super Wawa.

Saturday’s specials included cream chipped beef $7.95, sauteed shrimp scampi $12.95, sauteed chicken Alfredo or chicken marsala $9.95.

Also sell ice cream and assorted desserts. Also we have some delicious lamb steak and veal chop specials . Open til 11. Bring your own bottle and enjoy.

“Does anyone have a contact for someone at Philly Paws? They had contacted us about two weeks ago interested in pulling kittens (and we desperately need the help they offered), but haven’t responded to any of my emails since! Thanks!”

— Maria D. Stoerrle,


We have to repeat this …

“Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad and husband. You have held us together in a time we could have easily fallen apart. You have been cook, parent, house cleaner, nurse — you name it — all while still trying to work. You are such a role model for our boys — what it truly means to love and care for a woman no matter what comes your way. No matter what, you make time to spend with the boys to teach them things and be involved in their lives. Thank you isn’t enough.”

— Deanna Speraza-Murphy



How can Al Solanik put all those places where he eats on Facebook and not gain an ounce and we look at a McDonald’s sign and gain weight?


Food cooked by firemen is the key. You already know how good their twice-a-year breakfasts are.

Rent a canoe at Piney Point.

Who knew …

“Many thanks to the city for not mowing down the wildflowers and native plants that grow along the raceway.

“Environmentally, they protect the raceway from erosion and filter goose poop. the flowers, are pretty and have attracted butterflies and bees!”

— Cathy Cooper

“Join us at CASA of Cumberland, Gloucester & Salem Counties for our summer training that will be held at The New Kountry Kitchen in Elmer during Thursdays, July 13 through Aug. 3, from 1 to 4 p.m. Meal will be provided. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

“Call our office at 856-521-0734 or email Jonathan at Jonathan@casaofcgs.org for more details.

“If interested, learn more about being a CASA volunteer and take the first step by filling out our online volunteer application found on our website here: www.wespeakupforchildren.org”

— Hillary Nichols,

Court Appointed Special Advocates

You speak for children who have no voice in Family Court. You help the judge make the correct decision. You make a difference.

There are more cases than advocates, but the gap is narrowing.

Tim Zoyac is the CASA advocate of the month for May!
Tim has been an advocate since Octobe, 2016, and is already on his second case. We selected Tim as advocate of the month because of his never-faltering dedication to our mission.
Add thorough, intelligent, reliable, and supportive with quite a few splashes of an outstanding personality and you’d have an accurate description of Tim.
Cumberland County advocate coordinator Patricia Holland elaborates further, “Tim is a selfless individual. He is always working and collaborating to make the community a better place for its residents, especially the children.”
Tim always has a CASA promotional statement on hand to assist our program in gaining more volunteers. He not only believes in the work we do to improve the lives of children, but he also makes it a part of his every day life. Tim works hands-on with children daily, showing them that they are full of potential and capable of anything they put their minds to.
Most recently, he joined our pre-service training for an additional time to support his mom, Patricia (another fantastic advocate!).
He is always professional, prepared and takes great pride in the reports he produces for the court.
Jesse Beitler, First Star Rowan Academy assistant director, says of working with Tim, “Success isn’t a secret. It takes hard work and dedication to achieve. Tim embodies that drive, aspiration and positive outlook that all great advocates posses.”
We are thankful to have an advocate like Tim on our team. He is not only an asset to CASA of CGS, but to the community as a whole.
— Hillary Nichols
Studies of youth who have left foster care have shown they are more likely than those in the general population to not finish high school, be unemployed, and be dependent on public assistance.
Many find themselves in prison, homeless, or parents at an early age.
~ 1 in 5 will become homeless after age 18.
~ 1 in 2 will be unemployed at age 24.
~ 3% will earn a college degree.
~ 71% of young women will become pregnant by age 21.
~ 1 in 4 will experience PTSD.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: So happy Father’s Day.
Happy Father’s Day!; Four-hour Phils game?!; Alessio’s open in Millville; John Murphy at the top; Wheels of Thunder-UDFD #3 car show; Cat contacts needed; Rent a canoe at Piney Point; Hold the mowing!; Speak for a child who has no voice and make a difference in your own life

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