No blue cheese crumbles; film at 11; Steve & Annamarie better than Donnie & Marie, Sonny & Cher; Pastor Steve Restoration House blog; Can we save both birds and cats?; Message from CCSPCA; Who let Bridgeton fail and who made your new location great?; Unions do in Owens? Plastic?; Nicey’s closing; Dunkin’ Donuts hostess happy; Pennsville sweet corn good; Pet show returning to Millville as one of the dots, not a dash;


The column that says when they’re out of blue cheese crumbles for their salads at Wendy’s, and it’s the owner who tells you at the drive-thru window and apologizes, it’s still a good thing because it means you can lose even more weight with the apple pecan chicken salad. Film at 11.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM, Pastor Steve and Annamarie Harris join us to talk about how Restoration House was born in Millville, then the TNVR program takes the spotlight from 1 to 2 p.m. with Germantown, Pa., in the studio in the person of Aine Doley, of Best Friends, an animal rescue group, with connections to grant givers for TNVR.

We don’t know anybody who gives grants for the euthanasia of feral cats, but we know municipalities who pay dearly for it.

Haven’t seen them pay for TNVR.

The opposition …

“… These are smart, educated people who have all the information you would share. They just hate cats because they like birds. One posted a link to an article on a rabid cat in NJ, as if this is common.

“You will also see them issuing a lot of stuff about toxoplasmosis, as if people are going around touching feral cat poop. Most toxoplasmosis in humans by the way, is from eating undercooked meat.

“My concern is that these are influential people in the county who have links to the politically powerful. I just don’t want TNVR advocates at the meeting to be blindsided by any support they are able to muster. If they bring in numbers, you are dead. My observation of local politicians is they will often vote as encouraged by the majority of the audience in attendance.”

— cat lover


Are they willing to trap and pay for the 30,000 cats to be euthanized? It actually costs more than TNVR.

“… influential people in the county who have links to the politically powerful … .”

We’ve always wanted to meet these people in Cumberland County and how their influence has worked. Guess they will all be at the next freeholder meeting. Guess they all know Jim Quinn, Darlene Barber, Carol Musso and Carman Daddario.

Guess you’re dead, Ric Kuhns.

” … First and foremost, we’ve been getting in more than 20 kittens a day for the past week at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. The numbers are quickly becoming overwhelming and we really need your help. I know everyone is not in a position to adopt, but there are many other things you can do that will make a difference. Volunteering, fostering or donating for the kittens care is always needed, but you can help from your own home as well. If you have unaltered cats roaming, please do anything you can that might help to get them fixed. Don’t feed them unless you are taking full responsibility. If you know to whom they belong, please help educate them and refer them to us for help in finding affordable spay and neuter services. … .”

— Bev Greco,

executive director


A Pastor Steve blog:

Good afternoon!

A bit rainy today so I figured what a better time to write my blog than now!  ha ha.  So let me share something personal with you today.  I saw a news clip this morning regarding an 11 year old that became a business CEO of a lemonade standfranchise.  Yes, I said it right.  An 11 year old.  In the interview they asked him how he got into this.  His response was that he loves legos and wanted the Death Star from Star Wars.  However, his Dad told him that he had to pay for it out of his own pocket.  The price?  $400.

So he decided to sell lemonade. has the rest of the story.

OK, so onto my teenage dream.  Back in the early 1980’s, albums and 45’s were still popular but starting to become challenged by the Compact Disc.  In the meantime, my Step-Father was an avid music collector.  We had wall to wall albums and two turntables with a rack system (only older folks from back then would know what I just described). Anyway, I got my own stereo and loved my own collection I had.  So I thought one day, maybe I have my own store and sell albums, etc.

But my first thoughts were…”How am I gonna do that?”  “Where do I even begin? ”   And so, the dream died before it even got off the ground.

How many of your dreams have never got off the ground?  Maybe it’s time to pray and believe in God’s promises.  There’s nothing to hard for him.  Don’t let your dream die.

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

— Pastor Steve

Carl Hemple wondered which city councilman has his home up for sale, so he rode by his best guess and the For Sale sign was in the driveway.


“If the park is a great place to visit, why couldn’t Bridgeton? i guess because now it has such a bad name. Yes, Jack, i think I am kidding myself.”

— Reva Christian

Bridgeton will re-invent itself with the next generation of Latinos and other immigrants hungry for a better life instead of just dwelling on memories and what used to be.

Look at all the new businesses settling in Hopewell. None is locally born. Not even the Sunoco station’s deli.

Downtown Bridgeton does not look rundown to the merchants. Most of their clients are within walking distance.

What happened to the last generation following all the successes of yesteryear going back to the Cumberland Nail & Iron Works, Ferracute, then Ritter’s and Hunt’s?

All of you people who moved away didn’t leave us in a good position, did you, and you certainly aren’t responsible for the new success you write about, so don’t demean the ones still here.

Who believes immigrants dumbed down the education in our county? Made it 30 percent functionally illiterate? That doesn’t happen overnight.

“I feel the same way Jack does. Owens closing was a big blow to Bridgeton. It was the beginning of the end of Bridgeton.”

— Trish DeCamp

“What is helpful in understanding the Owens pull out is this: They were being taxed to death by those in political power. God forbid industry was given reason to stay.”

— Cheryl Mather

How much of a role did the unions play in getting higher wages? The long strike in the late 1960s? Plus the old equipment at the plant?

But the biggest reason was the popularity of plastic. It killed the glass industry. In the 1970s, to buy plastic in Bridgeton was to be a traitor to the city.

John Daddario closing Nicey’s on Park Drive for what we hoped would be a run for governor.

No such luck. Going to prison. It’s usually the other way around.

Our favorite Dunkin’ Donuts hostess, the one who says she is a figment of our imagination, told us today she has given up on all New Jersey men, and found one from Ohio.

A Buckeye, no doubt.

Coffee didn’t taste quite the same tonight.

How much cholesterol in a Phillies Bundle Box?

When will some of these foods be nicknamed “ambulance chasers”?

Will Rottkamp’s make the June 25 promise for their first sweet corn? It was just a guess while dining at DiLisi’s about a month ago.

The woman who used to teach with Fred DePalma tried his sweet corn from the Pennsville Farm Market today and pronounced it delicious.

Big kernels, too.

We watched DePalma pitch in the Salem County League and Bridgeton Invitational.

Pet show returning in Millville …

“Good morning, everyone!

“We’ve met with the Parks Department and the pet show is happening! It will be open to all pets, and is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 23. More information to come. What we need now is a theme for the show, and we welcome your ideas.”

— D. Bailey Miles

When the dots are connected in Millville, D. Bailey Miles will help connect them.

And there are great dots in Millville. REALLY great dots! Support a dot?

 YOU CAN BOOK IT: There are dots and there are dashes, but the dashes have left town.
No blue cheese crumbles; film at 11; Steve & Annamarie better than Donnie & Marie, Sonny & Cher; Pastor Steve Restoration House blog; Can we save both birds and cats?; Message from CCSPCA; Who let Bridgeton fail and who made your new location great?; Unions do in Owens? Plastic?; Nicey’s closing; Dunkin’ Donuts hostess happy; Pennsville sweet corn good; Pet show returning to Millville as one of the dots, not a dash;

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