No large containers at Wendy’s; Ric Kuhns continues his TNVR journey through Cumberland County; SPCA working its magic; Sending cats, dogs north for adoption; Best Friends coming on 92.1 FM Saturday; Bridgeton’s appearance; Smoking with the kids (as shown above); CCC’s Will Latcham drafted

The column that says when they run out of large salad containers at Wendy’s, you know the apple pecan chicken salad is selling like crazy, or is it the citrus salad, but all we know 15 vehicles were in the drive-thru line Wednesday at dinner time, so the large containers were gone. but they gave us two halves, but charged only for a large.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Ric Kuhns continued his spay/neuter journey today …

“With an afternoon in the pool to think about it, I’m more than just a little pleased with the progress of the Bridgeton meeting.

“The people we talked to today are in two of the make or break positions as far as how successful a program can be, and that both Chief Mike Gaimari and ACO Billy Knipe are both just the right type of people needed in those positions.

“So, of the five county municipalities in which I’ve observed the TNVR introduction, I think Bridgeton has the best pieces in place to be successful right from the word go. I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen for them.”

— Ric Kuhns,

Animal Friends Foundation

“Since Wednesday night, we have transferred 27 cats/kittens to rescue/shelter partners, placed 15+ in foster care, and have another 23 cats/kittens pending rescue.

“Since the need was so urgent, we combo-tested many of them without reimbursement from donors/rescues. While we wish we had limitless funds, we currently medicating over 80 animals per day.

“Please help us keep up this pace by making a donation to cover a combo test. $25 covers one test, but a donation of ANY amount is so greatly appreciated! Thank you.”

— Maria D. Stoerrle,

Cumberland County SPCA

Second Chances — Cumberland County Animals In Need

In 2015  South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter and Cumberland County SPCA was able to save over 1,500 cats and dogs by transferring them to several rescue partners!

These lifesaving efforts can be costly. Multiple tests, vaccines and medications are often required in order for an animal to be accepted into rescue in addition to the costs of traveling. You can help get these wonderful animals off to a new beginning by sponsoring a cat or dogs transport at

Best Friends Save Them All Network Partners …

Operation Catnip
Winner, 2014

Operation Catnip was awarded $10,000 for the TNR of 400 cats in Gainesville. Not only was their project a success, but they also celebrated 20,000 spay/neuter surgeries!

Partner organizations are eligible for all of the following:

You’ll find all the details about the Network and an application to apply online at

We hope that this information is helpful. Thank you for being part of the solution to help animals in need. For more than 30 years, Best Friends has been working to save the lives of animals in America’s shelters. Join us at Together, we can Save Them All.®


NMHP Network

Best Friends Animal Society |

Saturday, from 1 to 2 p.m., on 92.1 FM, Aine R. Doley, of Best Friends, will join us in the studio from Germantown in Philadelphia.

Not Bev Greco, as some guessed.

On the Bridgeton appearance front …

“You don’t have to be a high school graduate TO PICK UP TRASH. As I was driving down Pearl Street, I was seeing everybody sitting on their front porches and on the railings as trash was just laying all in their yards. MAKES ME SICK!”

— Reva Christian

How many front yards, Reva?

Since the advent of the red and blue trash buckets, we’ve noticed an improvement in the trash situation and remember a promise by Dean Dellaquila, of public works, when he was selling the recycling program that “we’re going to clean up this town.”

That hasn’t happened, Reva, or are you just not aware of that effort by Dellaquila? Not too long ago, trash littered the streets because we had those little, green, square recycling buckets that held nothing. Bottles blew down the street.

We had a man come to city council who told of a neighbor throwing his garbage out a window on to his property.

At one time, the city didn’t know who to go after, the tenant or the landlord, when it came to citing trash in a yard. At least it brought trash to the forefront.

Before we forget, we want to talk about the string of buildings on West Main Street in Millville that have beautiful new exteriors. We don’t know who owns them, but they are a credit to the community.

“How the hell can parents think it’s OK to smoke weed in front of their kids, with their kids? I just don’t get it. And if you think this is a rare thing, you have no idea how bad it’s getting.

“Please mark my words … Please! America’s ignorance to what marijuana has become will become its Trojan Horse. You’re Kids Are Being Targeted, America, and you’re not even paying attention!

“100,000 people are going to DIE this year to an overdose! You think I give a crap about being politically correct and professional when it comes to THIS PANDEMIC? Well, I DON’T!

“Love AA, love SMART Recovery, love NA, love Celebrate Recovery, love whatever fellowship you need to find to find a life free from addiction. But what this post is about, and what I can’t stand, are the fake people in this movement and in this fight that do it for money, do it for notoriety and do it for fame, yet they can sleep at night with their ringer off when these kids are back on the streets killing themselves.”

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight


No automatic alt text available.


“Congrats to CCC alumnus Will Latcham on being drafted by the Cardinals.

“Also a great accomplishment for our Head Coach, Keith Gorman, the coaching staff, volunteers, and all others who helped him get there.”

— Prez Yves Salomon-Fernandez

YOU CAN BOOK IT: You never know what people are thinking, but, most of the time, it won’t make any difference.

No large containers at Wendy’s; Ric Kuhns continues his TNVR journey through Cumberland County; SPCA working its magic; Sending cats, dogs north for adoption; Best Friends coming on 92.1 FM Saturday; Bridgeton’s appearance; Smoking with the kids (as shown above); CCC’s Will Latcham drafted

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