How do big families make it now?; Tooth control; Waitress Lauren headed for TV news; CBK back, talks Bridgeton politics; Pastor Steve Harris writes his own pr; Millville Soccer needs sponsors; Buddy Kennedy drafted by Diamondbacks


The column that asks, how do poor people with multiple kids shop for clothes when a pair of pants not connected to a black tie affair or tuxedo cost $68?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

When we were in 4th grade, the city of Newark in Delaware put fluoride in the water and made a film called “A Drop In The Water,” and our 4th-grade class was taken by bus over to the water treatment plant to be in the film, and we think of that every time we see a poor person with only a few teeth left in his mouth because his drinking water was never treated and he couldn’t afford a dentist.

Of course, with CompleteCare now, dental services are available, but that wasn’t the case in 1951.

And we still hear people scream, don’t touch our drinking water.

Lauren at the Outback has her masters at age 22 and has gotten her communications feet wet with an internship at FOX 29 and has a friend working at SNJ Today.

So if you want her to wait on you, better hurry to Deptford.

Look who’s back … 

“Hi, Jack!

“Hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer. Regarding your tag line, I didn’t think that the Bridgeton City Council & Mayor terms expired til 12/31/2018?

“And I highly doubt Angie Edwards would run against Mayor Kelly, and I thought he was leaving @ 2 terms? I think I remember you saying that a few times in the past. What’s changed?

“But I did hear a rumor that a sitting member of City Council has their house up for sale? I guess they’ve given up. Is it time for everyone to jump ship from Bridgeton? Or maybe they know something the rest of us don’t yet?

“The optics on that one aren’t good. Thanks for your time. Good Luck!”


Politicians are allowed to changed their mind, especially when their present term has ground to a halt because it takes four votes to pass a bond, and not just the three on his side.

Mayor Kelly did tell us a couple of years ago that two terms was enough to devote to the city, and he wanted to move on. But he also said he wanted the park plan implemented in three years, and that hasn’t happened.

He has not told us he is running again, and if he doesn’t, Council President Gladys Lugardo-Hemple is reportedly ready to make a run. Yes, the election is bot until 2018, CBK, but it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it now, especially since ally Councilman Jack Surrency is again running for freeholder.

The only sure thing is, if he runs, Kelly won’t have the same slate.

CBK, you don’t think Angie Edwards would enjoy being mayor?

She would absolutely love the power, just like she once had with the board of education, like when she didn’t want the BOE elections to be moved to November.

And so it wasn’t back then.

Pastor Steve Harris, of Restoration House, writes his own pr.

“”This Saturday, Annamarie and I will be on Jack Hummel’s radio show. It’s on 92.1 FM.

“Feel free to call in, as it’s live radio. Jack is a trip to say the least. The conversations we get into are something. We will be on from noon to 1 p.m. I’m sure my church peeps will call in and heckle their Pastor just like church on Sunday! Ha ha.”

— Pastor Steve

Pastor Steve is about four miles and $30,000 ahead of his supply line, that’s how forward thinking he is.

If he doesn’t give up, we’ll eventually catch up to him.

A lot of pastors can put you to sleep. This guy keeps you awake with just his smile and laugh. God has a sense of humor.

Somebody else is signed up for 1 to 2 p.m., but they haven’t contacted us lately.

“Millville Soccer is looking for Recreation Team Sponsors for the Fall 2017 — Spring 2018 Season. Your support will cover the purchase of uniforms and other costs for a recreation team. You or your business will have your name printed on the back of the uniforms, name on our sponsor board and on our website. Your business name will be seen by thousands each weekend and beyond.

“The cost for the yearly sponsorship is only $250. That’s a small price to pay for easy advertisement and name exposure! Sponsor forms have been mailed to previous sponsors and friends.”

— Newell Branin Jr.

“Congratulations, Buddy Kennedy! 5th round to the Diamondbacks! Still think he should have went #1 overall. I may be a little bias though! Go, Bolts! Go, Millville! Go, Buddy!”

— Rick Kott

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Who will go to the World Series first, Mike Trout or Buddy Kennedy?

How do big families make it now?; Tooth control; Waitress Lauren headed for TV news; CBK back, talks Bridgeton politics; Pastor Steve Harris writes his own pr; Millville Soccer needs sponsors; Buddy Kennedy drafted by Diamondbacks

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