News reunion; Know what’s important from those who have been there; C&J Electronics outlasts Radio Shacks; So much more to be done; Mikiah Kreps update; Tri City Boxing update; First responders canonized; M25 Initiative adds 3 board members and we remember Pastor Ellen Rutherford


The column that says DiLisi’s may seem like a small place for a reunion, but not if it involves Newsies from 1999 to 2001 and beyond when Giuseppe Ungaro and Jennifer Byrne were covering the waterfront in Bridgeton, when it was their world and we were just passing through, and they had it and we had it to get — days gone by and can never be duplicated on Facebook.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

You have to figure out what’s important in your life as you go through stages.

If you’re 13-15 and all you can think about in your future is, say, Midget Football, somebody older than you is not doing their job.

By the time you’re 16, you should know what college you’re going to, applying and figuring out how to pay for it, because what you decide will define your life.

At age 75, you don’t have a lot of time left, so you pick and choose carefully how you want to go out. You don’t count on overtime and you don’t think shoulder to the wheel physical work as much as stepping back and using your free time to survey what needs to be done.

And we run across this by Michael DeLeon …

“…thousands of missing kids in this country that can’t get more than the back of a milk carton? How about the addicts that get thrown out of emergency rooms every day because they’re a scumbag junkie and can’t get a detox bed?

“Can you imagine if we covered sexual abuse in America’s households ….”

And then we know how we want to spend the rest of our time, and not blinded by the flashes of pretenders only interested in themselves.

“As of yesterday, all corporate Radio Shacks south of Toms River have been closed.

“That leaves C&J Electronics here in Bridgeton and Dave’s Electronics in Pennsville, both privately owned, as the last 2 electronics stores in south Jersey.

“There was 7,000 Shacks as recently as 2004; now there’s 67 left nationally. Let’s see how long that lasts. Thank you Mr Bezos and your Amazon buddies!

“Think of us before you point and click a new TV, computer or cellphone!”

— Chris Jespersen

“… It’s been hard. She is sick and can’t make calls. I think if she knew she could get something, it would be different.

“She said she wants help, but she’s tired of the disappointment. She doesn’t want to disappoint us and/ herself. She needs long term. Here, the most she will get with calling every day is 30 days.

“She needs the steps and she’s never even got to the point where they start the steps. She’s called me and said, ‘I need help.’

“I just don’t know what more I can do. I have been suffering for too many years and she is so mean to me. I feel not appreciated and unloved. She seems to live in a fantasy world and I feel I need to walk away from her. I love her but I won’t love her to death!”

— so much more to be done

Anybody who believes there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we have some oceanfront property in Kansas you will love.

“God didn’t give us a business (Minor Adjustments) to get rich. He gave it to us win souls.”

— Lernell Williams

Still wearing the wristband.

Mikiah Kreps update … 

“Facebook family and friends, please help us by donating to make it possible to travel to the Women’s National Golden Gloves and Ringside Championships this summer!

“Any amount will be greatly appreciated! Click the link here👉”

— Deborah Fields,

mother of Mikiah Kreps of Buffalo who came to Bridgeton and fought Basimah “Boom Boom” Baker at Fairfield School at the Throwdown in Gouldtown.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

“A lack of a gym doesn’t stop these young people from training.

“Right now, Tri City Boxing doesn’t have a gym, but these two young ladies asked if they could still train. A’shun came back to town and asked the same thing. We couldn’t say no to that.

“Yaeline, Ashley and A’shun are now training whenever and wherever they can!”

— Jerry Young

Are you serious, Jerry?

Do we still have the mentality of boxer equals thug?

So sad.


“When the tone goes off at 1 in the morning, or any time, a medic, volunteer firefighter, EMT or rescue person is startled awake, jumps out of bed, gets dressed and is en route.

“Regardless of the hour, the weather conditions, the holiday or event, when needed, they promptly respond.



— Jo Ann Remster

The M25 initiative, the lead facilitator and funding agent for the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition and the Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative, has added as board of trustee members Ken Pustizzi, Dr. Kim Ayres, and Jerry Covella.

The new members will join the current Board comprised of: Rev. Dr. Robin Weinstein, Hon. Carlos Mercado, Richard Elwell, Deborah Holman, Hon. Carol Musso, Hon. Albert Kelly, Hon. William Whelan, Rev. Stephen Harris, Daniel Rosario, Dave Moore, Hon. Paul Ritter, and JoEllyn Jones.

Leaving are Debra Behnke, Rev. Gary Stiegler, and Jonathan Cummings.

We want to say here that we will never forget the part Rev. Ellen Rutherford ad her church played in the implementation of Code Blue in both Bridgeton and Vineland.

She taught us a lot about life.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We drove a waitress nuts tonight by not eating, but spending three hours talking.

News reunion; Know what’s important from those who have been there; C&J Electronics outlasts Radio Shacks; So much more to be done; Mikiah Kreps update; Tri City Boxing update; First responders canonized; M25 Initiative adds 3 board members and we remember Pastor Ellen Rutherford

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