IHOP on the rebound; Top Main Streets in New Jersey; Bakery capital of the world eluding Bridgeton?; How about a real food fare featuring the best from everywhere?; Michael DeLeon battling addiction

The column that says IHOP at the Ramada Inn in Vineland is taking applications for all positions, but we don’t think that includes manager Ken after 37 years at Denny’s or the waitress who put two daughters through nursing school and raised a supervisor son, but we could be their host and cashier.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Top Main Streets in New Jersey …


This street has it all! You’ll find galleries, flower shops, yoga studios, boutiques, diverse dining options, and more. Visit The Candy Buffet, Serendipity, Six Clothing, WYSH, Indulgence Cupcakery, Posh Pop Bakeshop, The Little Tuna, or Oriental Pearl if you’re in the area.


This may the busiest “Main Street” on the list. You’ll almost always find crowds on the street and you’ll never have trouble finding something to do. There are plenty of bars and lounges for the younger crowd, along with dining options everyone can enjoy. Eat at Vito’s Italian Deli, The Cuban Restaurant and Bar, Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant, La Isla, or Crepe Guru. Shop at Anthology Boutique, Dear Hannah, Bella Ro, Cheap Maggies, or Two Heathers. There are also salons, spas, fitness centers and much more.


Main Street in Chester is a bit smaller than others on the list, but still offers plenty to do. Dine at The Publick House, Lamplighter, Maria’s or Sweet Spot Bake Shop. Shop at Well Bred, Wickit Good, Midnight Owl, or Objects of Desire.


At the corner of High Street and Oak Street, you’ll find the quaint cottages of Village on High. These shops and galleries are truly unique! You won’t want to miss Eklektik Treasures. Further down the road, you’ll find Something Sweet, Bogarts Bookstore and Cafe, Levoy Theater, Old Oar House Irish Pub, Glasstown Art Glass, and more.


Maybe Bridgeton should be the bakery capital of the world.

When the ax man for one of the many companies that took over the News first came into town, he said he never saw so many bakeries.

And those co-bosses who came before told him the same thing. They said the town was swarming with bakeries.

So he came to the night shift bearing local sweets. The Coach Room’s delicious desserts live on at the De Olde Towne Tavern (the official name on the deed), and there’s Century Bakery and Terrigno’s, while Rudolphi’s Italian Bakery & Deli on Broad Street ships nationwide.

They have black forest cake, tirami su, coconut supreme and Italian rum cake. They also have Mandarin orange cake, chocolate mousse cake, Swiss chocolate cake, custard and cherry layered with yellow cake and sacher torte.

Can we go the sweet route and let Millville have Winfield’s, Andreas and Texas Roadhouse?

But, wait a minute!

How about if we do a food fare involving, for instance, Janice Laws’ homemade soup, reportedly the best in captivity?

In addition to the desserts?

Sell them right downtown, and even invite Duker T’s from Millville with some of his one-of-a-kind delicacies.

Go for the best from everywhere and entice them here, no matter what it takes. We don’t have to be the best to offer the best.

How often could we do this, and how many people would it take for it to be a real culinary arts district?

Is anybody listening?

“As long as people continue to focus on HEROIN or campaign to ‘Knock Out Opiate Abuse, the public will NEVER understand what the REAL Issues are. 1st of all, it’s NOT ABOUT ABUSE! Taking opiates As Prescribed can and does lead to addiction!

“It’s Also NOT ABOUT HEROIN or Even Opiates! It’s about ALL Prescription drugs. Benzodiazapenes kill more people than opiates. Why are people still confusing the issue?”

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight

YOU CAN BOOK IT: There should be a line stretching to Sherman Avenue at Health South waiting to get in to see Deanna Speranza-Murphy.

IHOP on the rebound; Top Main Streets in New Jersey; Bakery capital of the world eluding Bridgeton?; How about a real food fare featuring the best from everywhere?; Michael DeLeon battling addiction

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