Success breeds traffic jam; Plywood windows not a plus; Dave Bontempo was here, inducted; Lucy Bruno rules the dining room; Third-grade class hold Memorial Day service; Calling Dr. Pai; Millville on the right radar; Millville PAL one of those blips; Newell Branin Jr., too;

The column that says you can’t beat an air show on Memorial Day weekend, and if you missed today’s because of the weather, the Blue Angels are flying again on Sunday, and if you have young kids, it’s the wow factor for them, but allow 90 minutes to exit the airport.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Why would a house be boarded up on Route 49 in a nice neighborhood between Quinton and Salem City?

We hate to see that anywhere, let alone on a major highway. It screams UNSAFE!

Dave Bontempo get inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame — the charter induction — in Atlantic City!

He was a member of the Evening News sports department before heading to the Press of Atlantic City.

Ed Hilt, a co-worker of Bontempo’s at both the News and Press, gets inducted into the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey, and Bontempo follows suit in Atlantic City after Pennsville native Lee Samuels gets inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Don’t try to tell us when the Golden Age of local newspapers happened!

Bontempo called us over a month ago and said we have to get together and we readily agreed, and he said he would call us back in two weeks.

He still hasn’t called, probably because he’s busy building his trophy case. Nobody was funnier to be around than Dave Bontempo. He can laugh up a room merely by walking in.

And he turned out to be a  Hall of Fame announcer.

Lucy Bruno might be the greatest dining room hostess in South Jersey. Nobody thinks faster and no one appreciates life more after beating colon cancer.

She breaks out the phone family photos, and goes and makes the salad after the waitress writes ALL THE VEGETABLES on the order slip, causing Pietro Bruno to bring his 50 years of experience out of the kitchen to ask what the heck is going on, so Lucy said she would make the salad.

The two haggled over what to charge for the salad — it wound up $15.95 — and both probably asked each other later why didn’t we retire before this from Mama Mia’s?

How about a fundraiser at Mama Mia’s to salvage downtown Salem City? how many fundraisers would it take?

We mention this because it makes us weep. But we love the police officer at the DMV.

Salem is much more appreciative than Pennsville. And our favorite McDonald’s hanging out the window girl is back. She waited on us when we worked in Salem, then left. Now, we’re gone and she’s back. We can’t wait to share stories.

Didn’t those shopping crosswalks make a tremendous difference in Salem City? Mind you, the city had to use the grant for that. Local officials had no choice.

We want to know who made up the grant.

Tuesday, at 12:30 p.m., at the World War II monument in front of Broad Street School in Bridgeton, Kristi Birtch’s third-grade class will hold Memorial Day services with a program involving the whole class, and a special tribute to World War II veteran Warren Robinson.

Her class plants the flowers you see beautifying the monument.

But, there’s more!

Dr. Ann Marie Pai has started a Garden Club right outside the school.

Who knows, they may have a corn maze around Halloween. Kristi says Dr. Pai is passionate. Know where  passion winds up? 92.1 FM Saturdays from noon to 2 p.m.

Any and all passion helping others.

Next Saturday starts the Melissa Helmbrecht era on 92.1 FM, with national implications. You have no idea.

But, we want to make one clear: Bridgeton is not going to steal her. Take that any way you want but we’re tired of inaction. Who do you think wrote that $500,000 grant for the county jail? It wasn’t Kevin Rabago. It wasn’t the business administrator. It wasn’t the mayor.

Let’s keep the credit straight from now on. Let’s not make it a one-line afterthought in the media. If you do, we’re going to correct it.

Hey, Texas Roadhouse opens at noon Monday with early dine until 6 p.m. Tonight, they piled cars on top of one another to get everybody in.

Wonder if they were all coming from the air show. No, it’s like that every Saturday night.

Lamb chops at LongHorn end this month.

Where does Linen Lean fit into all of this?

“Wouldn’t it be something to have a guest educator monthly on the radio? Great news with a positive vibe! So many great things happening in schools.”

— Kristi Birtch

And a board of education member?

Things are moving in Millville …

“Where’s the best spots for family outings in Millville? Where you can get an all in one day out with a city permit. Basketball, kick ball/baseball field, grills, outdoor outlets (for music), volley ball, picnic tables, horseshoes.

Looking for recommendations.

— JT Burks,

Taking Back Millville

Sounds like somebody is trying to connect the dots …

Somebody might beat you to it, JT. Or maybe they’re connected, too.

“It has been my experience that having as much of the logistics worked out as possible is better. But be prepared to be flexible simultaneously. Know where you want it, how big you want it to be, what you want it to include, and an idea of how it would be paid for. Leaving too much open ended seems to be the downfall of many great ideas in this city. I would absolutely support this, by the way!”

— D Bailey Miles,

connecting the dots

“Opening Day for Millville PAL Flag Football! When I learned Wednesday night that we had no coaches for our team for today’s game because of the Air Show, I hit panic mode.

“I then reached out to these two awesome young men whose responses were “When and where do you need us?” Thank you, Sammy Oquendo and Clayton Scott for stepping up as our coaches today and for volunteering to work with our kids through the season. You guys ROCK!”

— Nancy Williams

“Millville PAL-Hooked On Fishing trip at Union Lake boat ramp. Our kids got their new poles and I’ve never seen so many smiles!”

— Nancy Williams

Millville PAL, one of the dots.

Always great to see people stepping up to help our youth.”

— Newell Branin Jr.

Another one of the dots.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: But government is not the answer.

Success breeds traffic jam; Plywood windows not a plus; Dave Bontempo was here, inducted; Lucy Bruno rules the dining room; Third-grade class hold Memorial Day service; Calling Dr. Pai; Millville on the right radar; Millville PAL one of those blips; Newell Branin Jr., too;

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