Enjoy the weekend; Remember those who died; Bud Maxwell remembered; Pete Manetas Jr. one of our greatest sprouts from the tulips; Remember the name Bob Carr; Bring players to SPCA; We’re trying to get child psychologist DiLisi on 92.1 FM; Sage Michael DeLeon advises; Ernie Van Meter: From twig to heavyweight; Doomsday at the SPCA; Bob Rose should come back to town under a shower of rose petals; Newell Branin Jr. buys 9 cheeseburgers at Jim’s Lunch’s closing day; Eddie Williams’ track downfall; Latina Woman Power Project

The column that says it’s Memorial Day weekend and all those workers who can’t wait until the end of their shift every day and for their three-day weekends like we did at General Motors for eight months as, first, a janitor, and later a hood inspector on the assembly line at $3.13 an hour, way too much to pay us in 1963, and the hood fitters —including Joe Biggs of Pennville — always told us, get out of here as fast as you can. The Army took care of that.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

God bless all the blue-collar industrial workers on their three-day weekend wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing.

May you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But us never forget those who died on the front lines and those who were killed when there were no front lines but enough foliage for the enemy to hide behind to kill over 50,000 for what turned out to be not a good enough reason.

They didn’t understand, but they went, and when our men and women go, we support them 100 percent until and AFTER they get home, and if you had the balls to spit on them, then you should have had the courage to drench the politicians who sent them.

“One thing will be missing Sunday at Laurel Lawn cemetery for Memorial Day? That’s our good friend Bud Maxwell. He loved to put it on!

“Glad to see his children are keeping up the tradition. What a great day. Thanks, Maxwell Family.”

— Alex Dragotta

“Great memories of that 1971 season from this, a member of the Class of 1972. I was the editor of the BHS school paper (Remember “The Echo?”). We had to peddle the paper for quarters at the Vineland game because the school was closed due to the disruption. What I’m perhaps proudest of, however, is how everyone in the school – athletes and non-athletes alike – came closer together and we had a terrific close to our senior year.”

— Peter Manetas Jr.

“Middle School students, impacting everyone we can. It’s not only drug use we need to discuss; it’s the trauma that these kids are experiencing. Spending 3% of national resources on prevention is unacceptable.

“Fantastic feedback today from students and staff as Aly delivered her powerful story to kick off our yearlong evidence-based student program. Steered Straight prevention programs truly making a difference!”

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight

at Pinelands Regional School District

Read this carefully, Cumberland County, and if you don’t remember anything else, remember the name Bob Carr …

On May 1, my new payment processing company, Beyond, was launched. While Beyond is committed to providing its business customers with leading technology, transparent pricing and world-class service, it is also committed to its philanthropic beneficiaryGive Something Back, the nonprofit I founded to help students from low-income families successfully graduate from college in four years without any debt.

All my personal earnings from this new venture will go to Give Something Back, and Give Something Back will be the majority shareholder.

Since 2003, Give Something Back has donated more than $35 million in scholarship money to fund the collegeeducations of 1,500 students at our partner colleges and universities across the country.

I’m also proud to note that 59 out of 60 students graduating high school this year in Give Back’s Illinois program have been accepted into four-year universities (the remaining student will be attending community college in the fall).

I love the concept of giving businesses a reason to give back to communities, especially in our current political climate. When you partner with Beyond to help your business succeed, you’re essentially helping these talented young people of modest means succeed in life.

For those of you contemplating becoming a Beyond customer, I’d like to share a letter from one of last year’s Give Back scholars. Several of these scholar letters come across my desk each year and they serve to remind me of the important work that Give Something Back does — and, with your support — can continue to do for years to come:

“My experience with Give Back has honestly been life changing. I have never been so honored and happy to receive this full scholarship.  

“Receiving this (scholarship) has shown me I can be successful and my dreams to become a pediatrician are now realistic. This program has introduced me to amazing friends I would have never found or have gotten a chance to include in my life without the Give Back program. I have been able to connect with them through the Give Back events which are more than just fun. Everyone in the program is so kind and very caring, it is hard not to make friends. What helps is that we are all in the same grade and all connected by this program which makes everything more amazing.  

“I had been worried about college, and even as a freshman in high school, it had stressed me out that I had so many unanswered questions about it. Especially since I had no one to console me or give me advice since my parents couldn’t afford or attend college. However, now my experience will be different. For one, I have the opportunity to major in my chosen course of study now that I am financially able. Two, I have so many people and friends to do it alongside with. I am no longer alone and my fears might be shared among my peers, which helps since we can do it together and answer each other’s questions, and in general increase the range of people to ask when I need help with concern to college. Thank you!”

At Beyond, we believe that we succeed when our customers succeed and when our communities succeed. By investing in the minds and futures of smart, capable young people, we are building a well-prepared workforce and contributing to a thriving economy – which creates greater opportunities for our customers and for our company.

I look forward to working with you.

— Bob Carr

It’s Doggie Night at the Phillies.

When are the ballplayers going to visit the SPCAs in the area?

When is it going to be Players Night on North Delsea Drive or at Step For A Pet?

And when is Michael Vick coming back to compete his war against dog fighting? We always said we needed him to help put an end to this dreaded competition.

Trying to get the daughter of Sal and Nancy DiLisi, of restaurant fame, on 92.1 FM soon with us to talk about being a child psychologist, like all the experts on Facebook.

“Some days, she comes home beat up,” noticed her mom.

We can imagine. We need her input from a frontlines perspective. We already have seen too much wrong.

Ernie Van Meter was a Tiger Woods-type golfer from Bridgeton who starred at age 12 at Cohanzick, making veterans like Bay DeLussa and Sam Ferrillo stand up and take notice in the annual Bridgeton Evening News Golf Tournament back in the day, when we worked three straight weekends and couldn’t attend the banquet because the story about the winner had to be written.

We lost track of Ernie, who could have played Timmy in “Lassie.” He was that cute as part of a golfing trilogy with older brother Greg and younger brother Troy. Dad dropped them off at the golf course in the morning and picked them up at night.

But Ernie has returned …

“I just started back playing two months ago I ballooned to 254 pounds, size 44 waist.

“Can you ever believe that skinny little kid became 254 pounds. Well, I finally had it and I went to Planet Fitness, worked out hard 3 hours a day for about 2 to 3 months

“I’ve lost 64 pounds now and my golf game is 90% of what it used to be. Give me another month and I’ll be back. I can still shoot par at Centerton, but that’s because they move the ball everywhere — not real golf, can’t stand it.

“I’m also a member of Merchantville. We don’t touch it anywhere. The Wii golf was made to be played a gentleman’s sport. Anyway, I love golf more now, never my life.

“Greg and I battle every Sunday. John Buehler’s coming up and another 3 weeks can’t wait to play with him.

“Take care.”

— Ernie Van Meter

“P.S.: Why isn’t the Class of ’76 golf team in Bridgeton Hall of Fame. We were undefeated. In my opinion, we deserve that, and my brother Greg was the best golfer ever to come out of Bridgeton.”

Wonder what it’s like on Doomsday at the CCSPCA? When time runs out for some of the animals? When there is NOBODY left to love them? When there is no one within earshot, on the Internet or up the road who can, will, wants to take care of them, you say take them to a “no kill” shelter?

OK, we’ll transport them, even one at a time. You have connections up north, out west, down south or at the shore?

We’ll start with Armani, at 11:59 p.m. on the clock. Call the CCSPCA at 856-691-1500 and tell them that dog with tons of love to give can get a reprieve, thanks to you, because you know where it can find love.

That’s for starters!

“Tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. this Saturday at the Ocean City Music Pier Box Office for the 2017 Ocean City Boardwalk Concert Series known as the Summer of Love. Fun & Music.

“The series kicks off Friday June 9 with Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Other great artists include: The Beach Boys, The Hooters, Graham Nash, The Temptations, Dave Mason, Shawn Colvin and Joan Osborne, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Get The Led Out and Glen Burtnik’s Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert.

“The concert series is presented by the City of Ocean City and co-produced by BRE Presents and Bob Rose.”

— Bob Rose

Soon, we’ll all be invited to Bob Rose’s beachfront estate in Ocean City, but only we will remember when politics screwed up the compass of a young man who tried to please everybody, but gave too much allegiance to the eventual losing party and was told to leave town.

And his previous party, now in power, doesn’t want him back because of a SNAFU with CCTEC, but we understand that was patched over when we spent $90,000 each to move two free houses built by CCTEC students to Bridgeton, and one of the recipients — All Sports Museum of Cumberland County — wasn’t allowed to use it where it makes the most sense, but what do they know with a museum that was born without costing taxpayers a single penny?

From personal trainer Eddie Williams on his BHS track career …

“Stress fracture in my foot at Penn Relays put a stop to my run.”

— Eddie Williams

Just like it did to Annie Williams trying to make the Olympics.

Have you noticed the Williams family name hogs the sports awards in Bridgeton, including Olympian Shana Williams?

And then came Ray Wilks Sr.

Last day of the season for Jim’s Lunch and Millville Soccer Club guru Newell Branin Jr. buys nine cheeseburgers.


Newell Branin Jr. is a restaurant’s dream.

“Tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., listen to Gladys Lugardo y Alcelia Goñez Rivera show.

“We Mujer a Mujer y hombres tambien. La Zeta 1270 AM Vineland. Our guest: The Latina Woman Power project Beatrice Sanabria-Caraballo.

“Call 856-696-7111.”

— Gladys Lugaro-Hemple

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Does the Latina Woman Power Project reach to downtown Bridgeton?



Enjoy the weekend; Remember those who died; Bud Maxwell remembered; Pete Manetas Jr. one of our greatest sprouts from the tulips; Remember the name Bob Carr; Bring players to SPCA; We’re trying to get child psychologist DiLisi on 92.1 FM; Sage Michael DeLeon advises; Ernie Van Meter: From twig to heavyweight; Doomsday at the SPCA; Bob Rose should come back to town under a shower of rose petals; Newell Branin Jr. buys 9 cheeseburgers at Jim’s Lunch’s closing day; Eddie Williams’ track downfall; Latina Woman Power Project

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