Where’s that card?; Strive for college, poorest county in the state; Michael DeLeon lays it on the table; Shaun Connors needs help in Millville LISTENING, a novel idea; First, exactly what happened?; Jorje Romero may have a dinner coming


The column that asks how many debit cards are misplaced, canceled  and then found long before the replacement arrives, but it can never be used again, but it’s still better than a hundred dollars because companies don’t replace that, and nobody carries cash today anyway?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Don’t ever tell us we didn’t have to go to college unless you went to college, and, if you did, and now say it was a waste of time, you really don’t know how much you learned.

You want to be told what to do the rest of your life, get a job. And if you think your child has to be $100,000 in debt after four years, you obviously know nothing about higher education.

And that’s not smart.

Following Michael DeLeon …

“If I was in this fight for frigging friends, I wouldn’t waste my time. There’s TOO LITTLE TRUTH in Addiction and Recovery. Too many EGOs and too many faces with two sides.

“When people talk out of both sides of their mouth, I wonder which one to listen to, so I just ignore both. Those of you with thin skin should find a softer mission.

“Big Pharma, Insurance Companies, The Medical Community, Big Tobacco, Drug Cartels and the Politicians who stir their pots are all sitting down at their big feasts while your families are being DECIMATED!

“Some of you are too busy licking your paws while we’re burying kids. As someone who does not know how to be politically correct, I also don’t choose to wear a mask. I am who I am.

“If you don’t like it, I don’t give a (rip). This isn’t the time to kick back and sing Kumbaya. It’s time to band together and be real.

— Michael DeLeon,


Steered Straight

A response …

“Well, I’ll tell you this, the ones that seem most benign are, in fact, most malignant .

“They agree with everything and get paid to do … ? They scream and oust while they are busy with bullbleep.

“My blinders are on to all . Wont let that get me down as I have lived without a paycheck over a year now, up all night and all day brain-storming, loving ,helping .

“I hope they can live with it .

I will say, I’ve seen very, very few cases of moms losing kids stooping so low. But I have seem some with kids in recovery.”

— Katrina King

Faith needed in Millville…

“Tonight’s gunfire in center city truly has me at a loss for words. As innocent children lined up at an ice cream truck to get a treat, they were forced to scatter and run home in fear. Tonight as children played baseball, the fields were cleared due to the sound of gunshots.

“Today, at SHINE, we talked about sharing our faith with our hurting friends. We talked about the 8-year-old boy from Cincinnati who hanged himself after being bullied and beat up. That led us into a conversation about how telling our story could save someone’s life by giving them the hope of Jesus Christ.

“As we talked, kids sat there and cried when we talked about some of the adult issues they are forced to deal with.

“I sat with several kids while they shared a little about their stories … trama, abuse, abandonment, incarceration, hunger, eviction, drugs, gangs, hopeless, unloved, unwanted, broken.
“There is too much to even wrap my head around.. Our kids, all kids, deserve better.

“We ask the question, what are we going to do? The violence in our city, what are we going to do? Inevitably, someone gets defensive. Someone wants to blame one person or the other.

“This is not making Millville safe. This is not solving the problem. What will it take for the citizens, city commission, police, churches to come together and try to do something? We can all admit, what we are doing now isn’t working!

“As for me, tonight I will humble myself before God and confess that I am part of this, I, too, have turned my head, not seen the depth of despair, I will ask God to forgive me for my part. I will ask my heavenly Father to protect our children, to humble the proud and to work in the hearts of the indifferent. I will ask Him to give us leaders that are Godly. I will pray for Him to give us courage to admit we need help.

“I will pray for Millville.”

— Shaun Connors,

SHINE director

If we keep reason on her throne, let’s find out why the shots were being fired, and, if at somebody, who? Do you understand how important it is to not cast blanket blame, but to find out what exactly is going on.

That’s the job of the police. And we believe it is our duty to the scared to reveal all that information so we know exactly what is going on so there can be an exact plan in place to fix it.

Is it a drug turf war? Is it scare tactics designed not to help authorities clean up the area?

Fortunately, this is not Chicago. It is also not 50% criminal. It’s not 10% criminal. The drug dealers don’t want to do anything to reveal themselves.

Fear not enough to be paralyzed, Shaun Connors. You are doing enough. Letting the children speak, yes, letting the children SPEAK, instead of always been talked to, just listening to them is AWESOME!!!!

Who didn’t think of that earlier? This what Court Appointed Special Advocates do.

Tell them to invite their buddies, Shaun, who also have stories to tell. How many volunteers do you need to be able to do this?

Yes, we have Story Time at the library, but do we have Tell Your Story Time? What is the time and class in the grade school curriculum where kids get to tell their stories with the board of education in another room listening?

If it wasn’t for Dr. Thomasina Jones, Bridgeton BOE meetings would put you to sleep, but maybe that’s because all the great things are done behind closed doors or executive session.

But, after covering those meetings and city council meetings and two Bridgeton Main Street meetings, where’s the passion? Go for it, Doc!

“Poet Samuel Foss wrote,

“’Let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man.’ (‘The House by the Side of the Road’).

“That’s what I want to be — a friend of people. I want to stand by the way, waiting for weary travelers. To look for those who have been battered and wronged by others, who carry the burden of a wounded and disillusioned heart. To nourish and refresh them with an encouraging word and send them on their way. I may not be able to ‘fix’ them or their problems, but I can leave them with a blessing.”

— Jorje Romero

Have you been to the Hope Loft yet, Jorje?

Do you care enough to sit down with Melissa Helmbrecht and let her put you to work instead of meandering?

I will buy you dinner if she doesn’t take to you like a mermaid to a sea. You’re just what she’s looking for.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: But we don’t speak for others, just guess.


Where’s that card?; Strive for college, poorest county in the state; Michael DeLeon lays it on the table; Shaun Connors needs help in Millville LISTENING, a novel idea; First, exactly what happened?; Jorje Romero may have a dinner coming

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