Red light brain freeze; Invite Austin Gould to lunch; Teaming up on 92.1 FM; 25 workers in Bridgeton would love food truck; Cindy

The column that asks, when you are on Broad Street in Bridgeton facing west at the KFC light and the left-turn arrow coming the other way goes green and no one is there to turn left to Pearl Street, is it OK for a westbound pickup to proceed through the red light on his side and not wait for the delayed green, because, if it is, all the rest of waiting traffic were fooled.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


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Good evening!

Big meeting at DiLisi’s Ristorante today at Carll’s Corner and guess who was there eating alone at 3 in the afternoon? Austin Gould! Are you kidding us? We asked why he was eating alone and he said since his wife passed, it has been that way.

Austin Gould has so much experience to pass on to so many people — especially youngsters — that he should never eat alone.

Make it happen, Wendell Lloyd.

Anyway, Melissa Helmbrecht and WVLT station manager met for the first time over our Saturday radio show every week from noon to 2 p.m.

You have to give Hemple credit. It didn’t take long for his salesmanship to kick in and start asking for a refreshment stand for the Cohanzick Zoo, which Helmbrecht loves more than us.

But we digress. Start listening for promos for Helmbrecht’s 17 — add ’em up — 17 programs she represents working out of the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick, 40-44 E. Commerce St., with the third floor called the Hope Loft, that will begin on 92.1 FM next week leading up to Saturday’s program.

Starting Saturday, June 3, at noon, invested people from all over the country will call in as part of the show until you are as familiar with the 17 programs — all affecting you personally and economically — as you are with Geico and My Pillow, both on WVLT and Spanish sister station WMIZ.

Somewhere in the conversation, Hemple mentioned food trucks in a somewhat negative light as an alternative to the refreshment stand, but Helmbrecht immediately said if a food truck appeared near her Loft, all 25 or so employees “would trudge there no matter what the weather to buy lunch and trudge back.”


And here is the only thing we’ll say about this: Why can’t someone in Bridgeton who can present gourmet truck food — unique offers — operate the food truck?

Why does it always have to be an outsider coming in and making money with everything needed in the city, bid or no bid?

Why can’t this be part of the self-contained city park plan? Guess who is back — or never left — the downtown progressing? Cindy Williams, who is designing more store facades, like she did for Fu Leen Meng, Randy’s, Hummel’s, etc.

Bridgeton Main Street has obtained another grant to pay for the work.

Sudden thought: Can the program quickly design a new sign for the Ashley-McCormick that includes Hope Loft? A sign that hangs out from the building so travelers so see it from both directions before they’re right upon it?

Steven Paul, put down the birthday cake and call Melissa, connect her with Cindy and make it happen right now! Put the Helmbrecht-written story all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the city’s website, Bridgeton Main Street’s website, Greater Bridgeton Area Chamber of Commerce’s website, Rotary’s website, your website, Debbi Boykin Greenberg’s website, then take a photo of all the lawyers and executive-trained personnel with multiple degrees connected to people you wish you knew.

Are we getting through to anybody out there?

“I want to formally welcome Edmond Anmahyan to our team of service technicians. Edmond brings with him expertise in Cyber Crimes, high technology video surveillance including mobile CCTV applications, Mac repairs, Server Maintenance and a diverse, professional background in IT.

“He has completed the Microsoft MTA 366 Networking exam, too, and attended Colorado Technical University for Cyber Crimes. He is fluent in Armenian, Bulgarian and English as well as many computer languages.

“Edmond is a really a good catch for our company and we are proud of him and welcome him on our team of dedicated professionals.”

— Gary E. Meyer

CEO, GEM Enterprises


“This has been one of the most incredible community nights all year. So many people! Thank you so very much to Law Enforcement, A Chance to Change, Knights of Columbus, Huron County Sheriff and Huron County Schools.

“What a Blessing!”

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight

in Michigan

“I want to thank Steven James Paul for getting involved with Bridgeton Main Street Association. Bridgeton needs more events like the Cinco De Mayo event they had today. It was a wonderful family event that I enjoyed with my whole family.

“I saw some of Bridgeton finest down there today having a good time like John Fuqua, Boot Walker, Jorje Romero, Sangeeta Scott, Denise A. Todd, and many others. I want to thank Mayor Albert Kelly, Curtis Edwards, Gladys Lugardo, Jack Surrency for having an event like this run by The Bridgeton Main Street Association. They should be very proud of this event. Thank you to all the volunteers that made the event a success.”

— Andrew Bodine

“Calling all Softball Players! It’s that time of year again. The 6th Annual PBA Softball Tournament. The tournament is to help organizations that help kids with Autism. It’s a fun-filled, 1-day tournament. Let me know if you are interested. Together, let’s make a difference!”

— Rick Kott,

Millville PAL

Rich Ehala, as a 6’5 BHS center, always could eat and this dish yesterday at Sparacio Farms on Landis Avenue proves it.

“Strawberry shortcake treat … large size.”

YOU CAN BOOK ITJersey Fresh will help you get rid of that winter weight in time for 34th Street in Ocean City.

Red light brain freeze; Invite Austin Gould to lunch; Teaming up on 92.1 FM; 25 workers in Bridgeton would love food truck; Cindy

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