Paula Austin hanging up your back this year; Greatest NBA player ever?; Sweet corn by June 25 at Rottkamp’s; Goldie Wulderk’s loan; Bag bingo at Deerfield School; Alex Calabrese rants; Jorje Romero rants; Vineland would like courthouse; Corky Warren has pneumonia

The column that says an insurance and Soroptimist icon in Cumberland County is retiring this year and that would be Paula Austin, who has always been no farther away than Carll’s Corner for 38 years — 9 with her father — when it came to filing a claim after a storm disaster, etc., and we would have never found that out if we hadn’t asked her why she took down her billboard on Route 49 between Shiloh and Salem.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

We’re going to be arrested for destruction of a car radio if sports commentators keep saying the reason Michael Jordan was better than LeBron James is now, is because Jordan was only 6-foot, 6-inches tall and 215 pounds, so having less to work with and accomplishing so much makes him better, so now we finally know why Wilt Chamberlain is rarely in that conversation at 7’1”, so maybe Steph Curry stands the greatest chance of all after Muggsy Bogues blew his chance at 5’3.

When they have to change the rules again because of a player’s domination, you can put them ahead of Wilt, and when four defensive players collapse on your man every time down the court, we’ll go with your man.

And if you never saw Wilt play, you’re not even in the conversation.

Rottkamp’s Farm Market promises sweet corn by June 25.

You can see it poking up under the white plastic rows on the Shiloh Pike. May it be served on every dinner table in western Cumberland County, the county jail, South Woods State Prison and at Bethany Grace’s meals.

And all food closets and even the food banks in the area, including Goldie Wulderk’s food distribution at the Salvation Army.

Make it happen, Doug Fisher.

By the way, Goldie still needs to pay off that loan she had to take out to put the new roof on the Senior Thrift & Caring Center right down East Commerce Street from the Hope Loft on the third floor of the Ashley-McCormick building.

We have clothes for you, Goldie.

Over the last 50-plus years, Goldie has had some well-known people who have contributed used, but terrific clothes to her effort, but not to get recognition, just like Bridgeton Professional Firefighters have donated their time and talent to keep her going.

We have not read anywhere but under our byline about these on-going efforts, and it’s probably because crime has increased and reports have become regionalized.

Know this. If Bridgeton doesn’t have the finest fire company ever assembled in Cumberland County, we need to redo the city budget. Combined firefighters and EMS responders on the premises 24 hours a day, and going at least 5 deep with available ambulances.

Not that we haven’t had the best fire companies all over the county over the years, but this one has no weaknesses.

If we told you Deanna Speranza-Murphy would give anything to attend this bingo fundraiser on May 12, starting at 6 p.m., at Deerfield School where she was board of education president until her battle against cancer interrupted, would it make you more likely to go and have her thank you personally?

And would you hurl invectives if you saw us carrying a purse out of the school, and has anyone ever been hit with a $400 purse?

“Well, Jack, last week, and it went mostly unnoticed, it was announced that plans are in the offing for a new regional jail. The Cumberland County freeholders are dense. This just adds up to Cumberland County being known as the prison county.

“That and the increasing violent crime rate in the three major cities, it is not good. It’s pathetic, Jack.”

— Alex Calabrese

“We have a Jail, don’t build another. Build on and expand the one we have, invest money in the downtown area to accommodate the traffic and volume of people coming to use the facility.

“Hiding it in the woods is a dumb idea. The money saved on land is going to be squandered on the contractors, architects and engineers. Buy up the surrounding properties near the current jail and build a state of the art addition with a parking garage that could be used by the jail, county clerks and courts personnel.

“Maybe the parking revenue can help pay for the jail over time. It also needs to pay the city a tax (fee). Enough is enough.”

— Jorje Romero

Jorje, the jail was constructed with an original and two separate, unconnected additions, so refurbishing would be too expensive.

Second, there is a parking garage that accommodates all.

The loss to the city will be the money the workers spend on food. It could also spell the eventual moving of the courthouse to Vineland.

One main reason for keeping it on Broad Street was its proximity to the county jail for court cases. That won’t be a reason if the jail moves to Fairfield.

You don’t know how badly Vineland has always wanted the courthouse. They’re 60,000 strong and want to be the capital of South Jersey when it becomes the 51st state. God forbid it’s Atlantic City.

Vineland landed the hospital as a coup. If the courthouse goes, so goes the prosecutor’s office, county clerk’s office, surrogate’s office … and Bridgeton.

We cannot refute the claim that housing the county jail and South Woods State Prison has made Bridgeton more dangerous because the families of the prisoners re-locate here in cheap — maybe even public — housing to be closer to their incarcerated family member, just like we don’t know “all those people on welfare wrecking Bridgeton.”

We keep asking for a name out of “all those” because “all those” can’t make it that hard to find a couple.

We do know that when drugs are the cause, the people trying to make them whole again ABSOLUTELY DEMAND that they not go back to their old neighborhood or it will happen again. But they’re fighting a losing battle there, so how does that stack up against your claim, Alex.

There are hundreds of articles written on the subject, but we want to know only about Cumberland County, and maybe you can provide the study because we’ve heard enough “I heard” and “It must be true” comments to believe nothing anymore.

“OK, so here is the story:

“I’m getting ready for some surgery on my left arm. All kinds of nerve problems. So I’m getting blood tests and X-rays and stuff for pre-op and they find that I have pneumonia.

“Apparently, I’ve had it for quite a while. So they put me on heavy antibiotics. As soon as I get rid of that, they will clear me for surgery. Another 6 weeks of fun. Thanks for all the concern.”

— Corky Warren,

Pioneer Broadcaster

Greatest Democratic picnic thrower since Donald Fauerbach

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Maybe the family should start leasing the OR at Inspira and then renting it out. Ligament transfer went well Monday even though we upset the valet man, and the patient went to DiLisi’s for dinner and tried the pescatore while sitting next to rock solid people like Kenny Austin.

Paula Austin hanging up your back this year; Greatest NBA player ever?; Sweet corn by June 25 at Rottkamp’s; Goldie Wulderk’s loan; Bag bingo at Deerfield School; Alex Calabrese rants; Jorje Romero rants; Vineland would like courthouse; Corky Warren has pneumonia

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