Don’t publish your fears!; Questions that need to be answered; Do we need a federal task force?; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; CHABA meeting May 18; CCC Prez coming to 92.1 FM Saturday; Hemple going on location May 20; Michael DeLeon works the drug jungles

The column that says don’t let 5 percent or less of the city destroy all the good that has been going on, is going on and will go on in Millville because everybody knows where the biggest problems are, including the people who live there, but don’t expect them to stick their necks out because the fear of retaliation is real, even if a police chief we know well says it rarely happens, and he’s going on 35 years in the business.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

What did the girl beaten by several others in Millville do wrong? Has anybody bothered to grill the three that have been arrested? Aren’t you curious?

How can we prevent stuff like this if we don’t know why it’s happening?

If you want to get a handle on the problem, don’t interview the victims — the scared, the outraged. Find out the backgrounds of the three who have been arrested. Born in Millville? Born in Bridgeton? Went to school locally? Dropped out? Why can’t we collect this kind of data undercover?

Is it a drug turf war involving gangs? What gangs? How is it an intervention group we interviewed maybe 7 years ago knew the name of every gang leader in Bridgeton, including one who was 13, because their cases were in the city? The story was so revealing, even without naming names, she wouldn’t let us print it.

The girl getting beaten is just the tip of the iceberg, just like the video-captured beating a girl gave another girl in Salem caused shock waves. It was over a workplace incident.

It has always been that the police refuse to release details because “it might hinder the investigation.” Investigation of what? What details? That Second, 3rd and 4th streets are breeding grounds for drugs, crime and gunfire? That the fear is going to continue, fueled by Facebook postings?

What is happening to a great city? Is it bigger than the city? Is it Delaware Valley wide? Is it in need of a task force that the county can’t provide?

Don’t lament, insist!

What is happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

WEEKLY RESULTS OF 05-01-2017    
BRIAN SHIFLET 234-208-215 657
DIANA SORELLE 215-207-212 634
DAVE ZIEGER 236-224-167 627
SAMANTHA TAYLOR 194-182-235 611
NATE LANGSTON JR 194-191-225 610
CHARLIE BROWN 248-246-166 660
PAUL DODD 184-168-200 552
PHIL PROCIDA JR 182-175-181 538
BOB MURPHY 177-154-169 500
JUSTO LOPEZ 165-213-192 570
MIKE NAME 192-194-157 543
BRIAN KEEN 137-191-204 532
JAYSON HAGUE 190-158-158 506
FISH SAMMONS 237-256-232 725
DAVE WILLIAMSON 277-242-198 717
RAY MOONEY 243-246-223 712
KARL MUNSON 203-279-215 697
BRIAN SHIFLET 225-256-212 693
JAMES MESSECK 247-223-211 681
MOE THOMPSON 248-222-210 680
ERIC HOLLENWEGER 253-201-201 655
MARK COUCH JR 203-232-219 654
TYLER SHUMATE 258-201-192 652
JIM SANTORA 235-214-201 650
DEAN GAINES 203-210-234 647
MARK KAZAOKA 221-232-182 635
DAVE RUSSO 205-204-222 631
DAVE HEMPLE 179-200-249 628
HARRY WEEKS 233-233-160 626
JIM CAMPBELL 193-231-199 623
FRED KENDALL 217-205-199 621
DAVE FRANCE 204-223-193 620
BOB GALLAHER 212-217-188 617
JOHN MUFFLEY 234-182-199 615
DENNIS BRADY 196-214-203 613
PAT HEBERT 226-181-206 613
NICK DURHAM 209-182-222 613
PAUL LAWRENCE 177-207-228 612
KEN PUGH 146-243-221 610
HOWIE BAILEY 204-186-220 610
CURT EDWARDS 182-203-224 609
WAYNE GONZALES 180-224-202 606
ALFRED PIERCE 223-160-223 606
ALFRED PIERCE 268-244-201 713
MIKE DEFALCO 248-234-230 712
GARY STARCHER 230-225-245 700
MIKE SAMMONS 236-246-218 700
BILL ZIEFLE 266-208-225 699
PATRICK GODBEY 225-248-221 694
ABE JONES 247-224-204 675
DANA WOLBERT 245-193-230 668
NICK DURHAM 212-222-234 668
AUSTIN BOONE 215-228-221 664
RAY MOONEY 189-233-239 661
STEVE BUCK 201-220-237 658
TYLER SHUMATE 215-208-233 656
SHANE HARRIS 210-221-217 648
CHAD KOERNER 258-238-151 647
HEATHER RIPA 200-222-217 639
TINY LITTLE 214-182-237 633
CHRIS RAUNER 216-196-211 623
KIM PAULINO 289-154-172 615
TRAVIS CLARKE 224-183-207 614
GLENN CORBETT 147-269-197 613
SID JOHNSON 200-244-164 608
MIKE PIERCE 248-198-160 606
PRISCILLA LOGAN 180-243-181 604
ORVILLE JOHNSON 191-224-188 603
MARK COUCH JR 200-191-210 601

CHABA Board, Advisors and Friends: 
Our bimonthly schedule continues. OUR NEXT MEETING IS Thursday, MAY 18.
(I hardly know whether to be alarmed that no one corrected me when I sent out a notice for the 17th!)
BOARD MEMBERS: Please let me know that you have it correct now,

have it down, and are planning to be there (or if you can’t be).
— Flavia Alaya,
founder of CHABA
CHABA is an acronym too long to remember, so think of trying to save every historic structure in Bridgeton, starting with the Nail House, what is left of the Cumberland Nail & Iron Co. that took up a lot of what is Veterans Park in the city park.
It made everything from nails to railroad spikes, and Flavia is rescuing what is left from termites.

Our best days are ahead. Touching inauguration as first woman president of Cumberland County College. She is a gift to our community and we are so fortunate she chose us! — with Wally KappelerPrez Yves Salomon-Fernandez and Arthur Horn.”

— Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler (on the right),

United Advocacy Group

Hope Loft (Ashley McCormick building)

third floor

40-44 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton

The first child Melissa ever helped had the first name Ashley.

Prez is coming on the air with us Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m., following Old Broad Street Cemetery Memorial Day plans by historian Jim Bergmann from noon to 1 p.m.

“Part of my routine when I get up in the morning is to read the newspapers, then check the Twitter feed of our Athletic Director, Keith Gorman.

“Yesterday, Cumberland County College won the Garden State Athletic Conference. We couldn’t have asked for a better baseball team, Head Coach, coaches, volunteers, and players. Congrats to our baseball team!”

— Prez Yves Salomon-Fernandez

T. Carl Hemple, manager of radio station WVLT 92.1 FM, had his best month ever selling ads in April, and he wants us to be better known in Vineland, so he’s paired us with host Chris Randazzle from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 20, at Vineland Founders Day at Main Road and Landis Avenue.

Come out if you want and see the 20-foot tall banner with “Jack Hummel” written on it right above the portable radio board. The station begins broadcasting from there at 11 a.m. and will probably have interviewed everybody important, especially if it’s Steve Tatz.

“Powerful day today. So many students asking questions and opening up. Great message delivered by Aly Steered Straight. #StayInYourLane#DrugFreeWorld #SteeredStraight #RecoveryArmy Thank you, Belhaven Middle School!”

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight

in Linwood

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Never let them see you sweat.

Don’t publish your fears!; Questions that need to be answered; Do we need a federal task force?; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; CHABA meeting May 18; CCC Prez coming to 92.1 FM Saturday; Hemple going on location May 20; Michael DeLeon works the drug jungles

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