Volunteers of America key; Bridgeton’s pink elephant lives; Code enforcement can help?; Going to bed hungry; Full-length mirrors needed; CCC baseball wins conference title!; Pastor Steve attracts $1,000 donation; Bianca’s Kids gets $5,000 donation; Pete Visconti’s engine silenced

The column that says we’re calling non-profit Volunteers of America’s satellite in Camden tomorrow to find out how many of their 24 beds are open for drug addicts, since everybody else seems to be full and not answering the phone, because we got some insight into that program this afternoon from someone who experienced a nephew being saved, turned around, salvaged — call it whatever you want, but call it.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

What are we going to do with that pink elephant at the corner of North Laurel and Washington streets in Bridgeton? It’s the old Stanley’s Deli building that still has the neon sign saying “magazines” covered over by pink whitewash, but still barely visible, and if you look at the top of the building, the gingerbread is outstanding, complete with round balls.

But the color of the building is hideous! And the pink covers every nook and cranny. There is not a “holiday,” in painters talk.

But that is not to condemn all of Laurel Street. In fact, from Commerce to Washington, only one storefront is absolute ghetto — GHETTO! It’s the shuttered one with all the ugly stickers and yellow cursive offers from the previous occupier.

Why is this allowed to exist when all you need is Mr. Clean to fix it?

And, J&J Realty, do you have to have your sign advertised in big red and white letters on every empty building? Does that make each building more likely to sell, perhaps to a myopic buyer?

Your signs dominate because every three or four buildings is a sad reminder. It’s like, “EMPTY!”

Don’t ever try selling the city’s code enforcement to us. It is so lacking! It could do so much more, but can sight enough regulations, like having to inspect every rental in the city once a year, to beg off being the catalyst for improvement.

Trash is not the problem, my friend. Not enforcing smartly is the problem, and we don’t care if we’re wrong, because the people we’re blaming know who IS at fault if they’re not, and that’s just as bad.

We think about this every time there is a volunteer clean-up for the city park or Old Deerfield Pike or the bluffs on the Cohansey River or the river. We should be doing those clean-ups leading to a spiffy downtown.

And there sits that pink elephant, a block away from Bob Thompson’s bustling, resuscitated McGear building at Commerce and Laurel.

It’s so disheartening!

Attention, wild animal lovers!

Tomorrow is Put Lipstick On Your Groundhog Day! Find your favorite neighborhood one, clean him up, then stand in front of a full-length mirror with him to see who’s prettier.

Found a way to cut obesity rate in half.

Install full-length mirrors in doctor’s offices in each individual room where you wait for the doctor. Dr. David Watts, the plastic surgery guru in Vineland, has one in his office.

Talk about a wake-up call!

Down 68 pounds since Aug.13! And, yes, we do go to bed hungry. We do look forward to the next meal. But we’re beginning to enjoy seeing the bottom half of our body for the first time since maybe … can’t remember.

Why does it take fear of death when it’s too late — obesity, lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure — to immediately change your mind about not being able to give up something?

We sense resistance from Shep about the new cell tower in Greenwich. He may not be happy about the location.

Not really sure.

“Cumberland County College baseball clinched the Garden State Athletic Conference title after beating RCGC twice in a double header game.

Best Athletic Director, Keith Gorman, great coaches, awesome volunteers, and formidable scholar athletes. We play to win!”

— Pres Yves Salomon-Fernandez

“I feared for my life today. I was the only male at this meeting! Ha, ha! Annamarie Forte Harris and I were honored to accept a generous $1,000 donation from the New Jersey Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma chapter to the M25 initiative. This donation will be used to eradicate homelessness. We are already seeing progress on people getting off the street, but it takes a village!

“Thank you, ladies, for making a difference!”

— Pastor Steve Harris,

Restoration House

“Thanks to the student council of RCGC/Gloucester County, Bianca’s Kids received a $5,000 donation today.”

— Debbie Savigliano

“The L640 will not be at Bridgeport speedway today due too rule changes that directly affect our teams future … rule changes that will all but outlaw our motor package.

“We were assured last season by track owner Brian Ramey and members of his staff before investing in this motor package rules would remain the same. Anyone who has taken the time to follow our team knows we have done nothing but support the track and this is a total slap in the face to our team …

“If you can’t beat them, change the rules.”

— Pete Visconti

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Meeting with Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler today, and that can only be a great thing.

Volunteers of America key; Bridgeton’s pink elephant lives; Code enforcement can help?; Going to bed hungry; Full-length mirrors needed; CCC baseball wins conference title!; Pastor Steve attracts $1,000 donation; Bianca’s Kids gets $5,000 donation; Pete Visconti’s engine silenced

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