Laurel Street storefronts; Ice cream shop opens; Bertini window open; Historic photos needed for birthday party; Our transformation on 92.1 FM by the Hope Loft; So many calls about cats and kittens


The column that says there are two storefronts on North Laurel Street in downtown Bridgeton that have to go — between Commerce and Washington streets, and then we will have a good stretch for redevelopment, but should fixing those two storefronts rest with code enforcement or Bridgeton Main Street, and just how much is it going to cost the city to scrape the windows?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

We’ve been waiting for this, but look who beat us to it …

“A new ice cream shop called Luculus has opened in the Hopewell Galleria shopping center across from the Anytime Fitness.

“It is from Slovakia and is one of the first stores they have opened in the USA. They have a large variety of gelato flavors.”

— Paul  Ritter
President and CEO
The Cumberland Insurance Group
P.O. Box 556
Bridgeton, NJ  08302
Phone: 856-451-4050 Ext.1287

Love Randy Colle’s name on his facade developed by Cindy Williams.

Remember her?

Open window on the second floor in the parapet of the infamous Bertini building at North Laurel Street and Irving Avenue.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t look that bad inside. Is there such a thing a Victorian gingerbread plywood to brighten up the city? The state once promised to provide funding to save the unique structure, but the source dried up.

A plea that we promised 100 percent cooperation …

“You’re awesome, Jack! So I’m helping put together a 75th birthday party for Charlotte Fletcher Crane. I think you know her -—her husband used to be a lawyer with Casarow and then went out on his own before dying at age 48.
“But, anyway, our theme is ‘Turning History into HERstory’ and we wanted to have a bunch of photos and memorabilia from the history of Bridgeton over the past 75 years. She also graduated from BHS in 1960.
“Would you be able to help get some stuff on loan?”
— Chris Anne Fox
Great lunch at DiLisi’s today to figure out the future of our radio show on 92.1 FM Saturdays from noon to 2 p.m.
The transformation starts on June 3 led by Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler and Rich Nichols of the United Advocacy Group — a more inclusive name than CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) or Family Strengthening Network or First Star, all under the UAG umbrella.
It’s a team of roughly 25 people with Nichols the executive director and Helmbrecht the well-known Johnny Hopeseed whose only pet peeve is people who try and take all the credit.
Stop it!
They’re on the third floor of the Ashley McCormick building and that floor will henceforth be known as the Hope Loft.
Hope Loft and United Advocacy Group, fueled by the Pascale Sykes Foundation that is pouring $40,000,000 into/ four counties to jumpstart the economy. Get it?
How much of that rain has hit the ground in Cumberland and Salem counties, we don’t know. But we’re going to find out.
It’s all about hope, and that’s what our radio show is about, so we’re going to team up at least once a month and spots during the day on WVLT to educate, energize and show you the way, especially to college, which is a fantastic program already providing tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.
You on board?
We’ll still be attacking the problems in our community and featuring all those willing to come on a program, like we’ve been doing.
“So many calls today about cats and kittens!”
— Carol Hickman,
Roadstown Road shut off by a big, fallen tree.
Film at 11.
Tell us, where is Bowentown? Not Bowentown Road, but Bowentown? There is a sign on Route 49 pointing to a right turn to “Bowentown.”
Who has been to Bowentown?
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Sit-down with Bev Greco and Ric Kuhns tomorrow.
Laurel Street storefronts; Ice cream shop opens; Bertini window open; Historic photos needed for birthday party; Our transformation on 92.1 FM by the Hope Loft; So many calls about cats and kittens

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