Roadhouse adding calorie counter; CompleteCare rant; Shear Mania; Hot towel shaves remembered; Pastor

The column that says Texas Roadhouse is adding calorie counting to its menu starting shortly, so you won’t have to guess how many calories are in a 32-ounce steak, but we already know it’s over 2,000, but if it’s all you eat all day, aren’t you still on your diet, or you can eat three orders of 10 boneless wings at 650 calories per order?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening again!

Bad vibes …

“I went to complete care on Washington Street this morning and the sign said walk-ins welcomed, but said you have to make appointment and gave me a card to call. Why didn’t the receptionist make one for me? They need to take the sign off. Called and was put on hold for 15minutes so I just hung up.”

— pissed off

Good vibes …

“See what’s new at Shear Mania! Another day at the office getting our education on!

“As if you don’t love these products enough, we are learning the many uses each product offers. Stop in and let us make believers out of you.”

— Megan Davis


Why don’t shops give hot-towel shaves like in the old days?

On bases in Korea, they smear a skin protector on your face after the hot towel and shave with a straight razor. The shave lasts at least two days.

Nothing feels better than a hot towel.

Upper Deerfield Midget Football will be taking registration at a discounted rate during UD Community Day, April 29. Football and cheerleading.

“Years ago, God put a man in my life that helped mold me who I am today. My stepfather, George Middleton. Dad would tell me, ‘I don’t care what people think and neither should you.’

“While it took me years to understand, this morning, the light bulb went on. I don’t have to out-preach, out-minister, out-perform, out-do anyone. I’m cool being me. Who God made. me. Broken, busted and everything else that comes with being me.

“I don’t have to out-shine or one-up someone. Just be me. It’s so liberating that we just need to do the assignment that God gave you and me. I don’t have to be the smartest, brightest, handsomest, theological, etc., in the room. I just need to be me.

“Why put pressure on yourself and God never put it on you? Something to think about. Have a great week, everyone. Don’t compete with the Joneses.. It’s not worth it. Let the people that wanna compete have the stress. It’s all theirs.”

— Pastor Steve Harris

Maybe you need a radio ministry with sponsors every week. Rent an hour for maybe $150 and get $900 in sponsors. The good thing is, you won’t know if it’s 10,000 listening waiting to be fed or just you and God.

Not bad either way.

“We cannot overcome all the negative statistics individual or just one community program.

“We have to flood our streets with love, activism, accountability, education, resources etc. … and don’t stop. The hustlers and bangers don’t stop and don’t sleep. Their recruitment tactics are cooler than ours because it coincides with the music and movies youth are impressed by.

“So you can’t do much if you don’t reach parents, as well. It’s like a philosophy I have: You can send food and money all day to people overseas, but if you don’t reach the head (government/in our communities, the parents), you’re just putting Band-Aids on things, and once you leave, it goes back to what they know as normal war, fear and pain.

“. So any efforts we do, we have to not sleep and work around the clock in our communities to get things done. This is for us all black, white, Spanish because it will take us all.”

— J.T. Burks

You can’t expect outsiders to fix our problems. We let it happen and only we can fix it or it will happen again.

It’s happening, J.T.

The right people are no longer giving out fish, but working hard to teach fishing.

“As long as “treatment programs” want to treat ‘addiction’ instead of what lies beneath the ‘addiction,’ the revolving doors of centers and funeral parlors will continue to spin!

“Do your research! Everything That Glitters Sure as Hell Ain’t Gold!”

— Michael DeLeon,

Steered Straight


Joe Young remembered.

Dec. 26, 2011.

“The destruction of the Civil War monument really bothers me and a bunch of my friends.
“I got involved in Civil War reenacting way back in 1964 when we re-enacted for the Civil War Bicentennial.
“Then, sometime in the early 1970s, I organized the 24th N.J. Vol. Infantry portraying a unit that formed in Bridgeton.
“Bridgeton contributed more volunteers per capita than any town in the country, save one in New England.
“We, the 24th, were very involved in re-enactments and word spread of our organization.
“We participated in many of Bridgeton’s Memorial Day Parades and fired volleys at the GAR plot on Broad Street and the Civil War monument in Veterans Park.
“‘Pop’ Boultinghouse was the caretaker of the Broad Street CW plot and spent hours and hours there every day keeping the plot immaculate.
“The time came that he felt that he could no longer handle it and asked if the 24th could take over being caretakers.
“We agreed to this and a ceremony was held when ‘Pop’ turned the key to the plot over to us.
“We performed the duty the best we could, but not matching what ‘Pop’ did.
“At the time, the mound that was encircled by a gravel path, as was the perimeter.
“Four paths went from the center out to the outer path.
“The grass was unbelievable difficult to mow, so we brought in power mowers, a luxury ‘Pop’ didn’t have.
“He used the old reel-type manual push mowers and manual trimmers.
“‘Pop’ was a WWI vet and I don’t know where he got the strength to perform his self-appointed duties.
“One time, his mowers were stolen (he kept everything at the plot, under a plywood cover) and a plea over WSNJ got them back!
“I give much credit to Mr. Bill Horn (spelling?) for continuing ‘Pop’s’ endeavor after the 24th disbanded and no longer maintained the plot.”

— Joe Young

YOU CAN BOOK IT: A lot of people have passed, but won’t be soon forgotten.

Roadhouse adding calorie counter; CompleteCare rant; Shear Mania; Hot towel shaves remembered; Pastor

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