Winning an appetizer for Lincoln; Did you spit on Congress?; D. Bailey Miles gearing up; A black man loses it; Dog smarts; Tatz tardy; Family Strengthening Network’s Day of Service; Buena Alex, not dias; Putting barrels to good use in Millville; Let’s finish the Totem Pole project; Walk to stop autism at Sunset Lake promises TV cameras; New county clerk’s office promises more; Sobering stats from KidsCount

The column that says winning barbecued chicken wings at your favorite eatery is OK until the waiter asks what sauce you want and the guy who’s eating them is in the car wagging his tail in expectation, and this is a first for him, so we don’t know which sauce he likes, and you mean you don’t share with your dog, but you would if you were still on that ill-fated diet to get ready for the beach.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening again!

And, soon, there won’t be any Vietnam War veterans left, or the people who spit on them in California when they returned home, but we think them saying that when they came back is symbolic because, of the Vietnam veterans we know, spitting on them might be the very last thing you would ever do. Just saying.

Why didn’t you go spit on Congress?

If we send troops anywhere, we will support them with everything we have, and then some, but if you want to bitch about it, make a human chain across the gangplank before they leave.

If D. Bailey Miles eating prime rib increases her ability to think outside the box — 6 ounces max on the plate — do we soon see the first plank of her platform for uniting the effort to help all of Millville’s at-risk kids using the assets already in place?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

“I’ll be away Monday, but the show goes on. My upbeat fill-in is Zach Reed from In The Mix, 7-8 p.m. on Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT.”

— Steve Tatz

Show is “Get Over It.” We’ll fill in for him on Aug. 21.

The taxman needs a break now and then.

When do we march for ourselves …
 “I am filled with so much anger and disgust right now! Just talking to my nephew 8:30 last night at Bim’s Pizza telling me to come to his Semi Pro Football game today and saying he was going to a party in Millville and Vineland, which I told him not to go to.
“Wake up at 8 a.m. today to news that he was shot and killed last night.
“I am embarrassed and ashamed to call myself a Black man and be affiliated with this race of people who, it seems, all they wanna do is Kill EACH OTHER, sell drugs and abandon their kids.
“We are stereotyped bcuz of OUR OWN ACTIONS, but some are too stupid to realize that. you’ll sit on your porch getting high all day from smoking, sell drugs from your gmoms front door all day, but then cry that WE are being treated unfairly, we are still slaves, and the white man is holding us down.
“All this while, your pants are holding you down from sagging down by your ankles, you don’t have a license, don’t wanna work, don’t take care of kids that you made, and sell poison to each other.
“Oh, boy, yeah that white man is really punishing us, huh? When I have to fill out an application for something, where it asks for my race, Ima put; I’D RATHER NOT SAY.. I’ll have my own protest and my signs won’t read Black Lives Matter, they will read; WHEN will BLACK LIVES MATTER TO BLACK PEOPLE.
“RIP, Vince, thanks for the ‘I love you, Unc’ and hug last night. Just didn’t think it would be the last.”
— Bruce Cornish
Too many intelligent black people to say that, Bruce, but we can understand your anger today. It’s the 1 or 2 percent spoiling it for everybody else.
Look around you at the people trying to help, and join them.
Happenings at Family Strengthening Network …

Contact us with any questions at

The Family Day of Service is an event where families join together to participate in meaningful volunteer projects. Adults, children, and students are given the opportunity to serve alongside one another while giving back to their local community.

To increase service by inspiring individuals to create, lead, or participate in volunteer projects; to improve relationships within the family unit through shared volunteer experiences.

The Family Day of Service aims to engage thousands of families in meaningful volunteer projects on an annual basis so that they will see the benefits and develop a habit of regularly serving together.

Jack, there’s a slight flaw in your addiction analogy.
“Take away someone’s favorite food, no residual crime, stealing, burglary, etc., will result. Nor would there be a cost to the TAXPAYERS.
“Crying costs nothing.”
— Alex Calabrese,
raised in Bridgeton, but keeping Buena good
Buena Days Celebration is called Buenas Dias.
Looking good in Millville …
Thank for the interest, we sell them in our store, stop in to see us. They are nice and sturdy and made out of wine barrels. Located at 137 N. High St. Millville across from the Levoy Theater.”

— Marcos DeJesus

Over $8 million of private funding going into the new county clerk’s office-plus on North Pearl Street, stretching from Pearl to Laurel Street and eliminating Church Lane in Bridgeton?
Doug Long’s new office?
It’s an economic development plan! It beats the proposed combined library that was booked for that site.
Please, let it include a women’s shoe store and let the investor be the owner of the Green Olive, who has proven by far to be the best thing to happen in western Cumberland County since Route 60 from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to Route 55 was taken off the drawing board because Salem County didn’t want Mannington Meadows disturbed.
Bridgeton Library is not going to make it.
Now closing at 5 p.m. on Thursday and Friday due to staffing shortage. Called temporary because somebody left. You can’t get blood out of a stressed stone, and county library has a new director, but not Bridgeton Library.
And the board of directors head is not returning our texts.
 Walk To End Autism Saturday at Sunset Lake will include TV cameras and newspaper reporters starting at 9 a.m., according to organizer Gladys Lugardo-Hemple, who is walking for her granddaughter, Alondra.
How far is the walk?
Is there a fee, or just donations?
Who is allowed to sit at the table with Mike Abbott and Carl Hemple Sr. during the walk?
Call 856-297-7523 because checks are pouring in!
Flippers Custard, 900 N. Second St., Millville, has been in business for 45 years, and has upside-down banana splits.
On GoFundMe …

“My name is Kate Hart Nardone . I was born and raised in Millville, where I have been a small business owner, and an active artist in the Glasstown Arts District.

“For the past two years I have been praying and hoping to get approval on restoring the Wheaton Art’s “Totem” Pole that has been there for decades. It was originally hand made on the grounds by a group called The South Jersey Wood Carvers.

“I personally am 33 years old, and have pictures with it at age four. 2013 was the last year it stood on the grounds.

Because the bottom portion that was in the ground was rotting, the pole had to be taken down for safety reasons. It broke my heart to see this part of Wheaton Village’s history be lost.

I was contacted by the board of Wheaton Arts last night, that they have finally approved me to remove the pole, restore it with a team of local artists, and display it in the Millville Art District upon completion!

“I am so happy and thrilled to be able to bring back a piece of our town’s history!

“The Go Fund Me donations will go specifically toward the following project needs:


“My team and I thank you for your support and generosity in helping our dreams for this project to come true!

“Love and light.”

— Artist -Kate Hart  Nardone and TEAM
From Kids Count …
Child safety.
In 2013, Cumberland once again had the highest rate of child abuse or neglect investigations at 105 per 1,000 children, up from 96 in 2012 ‐‐ more than double the statewide average of 47.
Family economics.
The percent of Cumberland County children living in families earning too little to meet their needs rose from 24 to 30 percent from 2012 to 2013. The county’s median household income also declined slightly from about $51,000 to $50,000 — far lower than the state average of roughly $85,000.
The county ranked 20th on this measure in the Kids Count rankings. Cumberland County families had the highest percent of families spending too much of their income on rent, increasing from 60 percent to 64 percent in 2013, ranking last among the state.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: We’re too good to be so bad.

Winning an appetizer for Lincoln; Did you spit on Congress?; D. Bailey Miles gearing up; A black man loses it; Dog smarts; Tatz tardy; Family Strengthening Network’s Day of Service; Buena Alex, not dias; Putting barrels to good use in Millville; Let’s finish the Totem Pole project; Walk to stop autism at Sunset Lake promises TV cameras; New county clerk’s office promises more; Sobering stats from KidsCount

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