Feral cat blitz?; Remembering Warren; Bob Westcott didn’t know; First Star for orphans; Where to take your wet phone; Brian Scarlato tightens up the books; Sober 6 years! Yes!; Alex Calabrese and the Moravians


The column that says 90 minutes with SPCA Executive Director Bev Greco is worth a gold mine when it comes to trying to organize a feral cat spay/neuter blitz in Cumberland County that will hopefully cut into the overpopulation faster than it can multiply, something that must be planned from start to finish just like a war, with one bottleneck able to ruin the entire effort, so be patient, Cindy Zirkle.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Remembering Warren Robinson …

“He was so great at Broad Street School with Kristi & her students. Good man.”

— Debbi Kimble

He loved being asked to talk to the third-grade children and they asked him a lot of questions, and they always invited him to any occasion at the World War II monument in front of the school.

“Nice tribute to Warren. He supported us all and will be missed.”

— Rich Hoch

His opening line on the radio was always, “I started attending Bridgeton City Council meetings in 1978 …”.

He served on the Neighborhood Dispute Panel and cried when he negotiated a peace between sisters that had gone on forever, and they hugged and broke into tears.

When given a problem, he always made phone calls to people in a position to solve it.

He got a broken Broad Street bridge project on the back burner started in one day after showing the state how you could see through the sidewalk to the river.

And he rattled the chains of the city fathers every chance he got, driving the business administrator nuts with, “I’ve been asking this question for the last two years.”

He never went to a work session in the back room. He waited out front for the public session with Dee Batten, who did everything for him when his eyes starting failing.

He loved going to the Amish Market for breakfast on Thursday morning, and loved to be interviewed at the Green Olive.

His favorite city council included John Ewing, the publisher who enabled him to produce his Homefront book detailing the heroic effort of a ton of local warriors.

He put them in venues to be sold and collected the money and paid Ewing back in full, with money left over.

But his most important characteristic was he always wanted to act alone to get problems solved, which irritated some people.

Mayor Albert Kelly made him an advisor to the mayor when he got elected, and that appointment lasted until Robinson’s first suggestion that the mayor didn’t follow.

From Broad Street School comes this …

“As I think about the class planting this year and their service for Memorial Day, I am hoping someone has a portable microphone. Please let me know if you have one we can use.

“Little different service this year, as you can all imagine.

“Say hello to my pop pop Mr. Robinson and thank you for sharing your life and memories with us.”

— Kristi Birtch

Another veteran fills in another veteran …

“I saw Bob Westcott in Walmart yesterday and asked if he had heard any news on Warren.

“He didn’t know he was in the hospital. I tried to fill him in

“He didn’t k now about Jack Horner, either.

“No BEN, no news.”

— Shep

This is big!

This is about foster children, the group that is least likely to succeed in today’s society.
This is big.

This is about foster children guaranteed a future thanks to a four-week program at Rowan. This is about First Star.

“We are looking for sponsors to add to this year’s First Star Rowan Academy T-shirts! The First Star Rowan Academy is a four-week residential summer program for high school foster youth living in South Jersey.

“Donate anything from $50, $100 or more!

“We at First Star aim to give foster youth the opportunity to rewrite the appalling statistics of their cohort and become exemplary citizens. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for and it is with these goals in mind we ask you to please consider donating to our students.

“This small donation will give our students a sense of worth, having the same equipment that everyone student has. Your donation will enable us to provide for them an opportunity that all children deserve and one they would otherwise never have experienced.

“Contact Jesse Beitler with any questions or interest via email jesse.beitler@gmail.com or phone, CASA Office (856) 521-0734.”

— Hillary Nichols,

CASA guru

“If you drop something in liquid like your iPhone 7, do NOT turn it on. Instead, bring it in here and let us work on it quickly with no delays so we can minimize damage by taking it fully apart and dealing with it head on.

“Water is not nearly as bad as running it though the washer with soap and such, or dropping soda into your laptop. PLEASE bring it into us right away without powering the unit on to minimize the damage. This is how a $150 repair quickly goes to a $400 repair.

“We have the tools and expertise to deal with these issues. I’ve seen sprinkler systems go off on a server, phones through washers (have one in here now), laptops with every type of liquid in them.

“People working on them, taking them apart charging them only exacerbates the issue and consequently raises the bill up significantly. If you want to play Youtube commando and DIY, good luck, and while there is nothing wrong with looking at videos, there is nothing like what to use to work on the parts and how to do the work.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

GEM Enterprises



Promises don’t put food on the table …

“Today is tax day. It’s also a very nice spring day. It’s also pay your bill or pay on your bill at Scarlato’s week.

“May 1st, the outstanding bills that HAVE NOT been paid on will go to the lawyers. Liens will be placed and small claims court will be in your future!

“For those who have contacted me and we have a payment plan in place, you are good. The ones who say you’re paying but never show up have made me do what I really should of done A LONG time ago.

“So please don’t make me take you to court. Also, the only credit at Scarlato’s is credit cards as of today.

“To my loyal customers, thank you for a great year last year and to one of our best starts ever this year! We work hard to make our customers happy and they spread the word to their friends and we thank you for that!

“Have a great day and get them bills paid!”

— Brian Scarlato

Success story …

“Today is my 6-year sobriety birthday.

“One of the greatest blessings this new life has given me is all of you. My darling Christine, my sisters and brother, my children, my family here and in NJ, my fellowship, my friends, my coworkers and MOST importantly — my God.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

— Joe

From Alex Calabrese …

“Buon giorno amici!

“Sometimes ‘mid scenes of deepest gloom,
sometimes where Eden’s bowers bloom,
by waters calm, o’er troubled sea,
still ‘tis his hand that leadeth me. (787)”

— The Moravians

They think deep in Buena.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Say hello to Jennie from all of us, Warren Robinson!

Feral cat blitz?; Remembering Warren; Bob Westcott didn’t know; First Star for orphans; Where to take your wet phone; Brian Scarlato tightens up the books; Sober 6 years! Yes!; Alex Calabrese and the Moravians

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