Mike Abbott hosts Jill Sungenis; Joy Carter coming April 22, and Monday, Aug. 21 to talk addicts; Millville PAL will sign up the world; Can somebody provide a rest-home daycare for Diesel; Begging Vineland officials to help stray cat colonies; Cory D’Amore recognized for book; Tonya Allen serving Easter dinner at Bethany; New chef in Fortescue


The column that says Mike Abbott is on 92.1 FM Saturday at 11 a.m. out of the bullpen after a hurry-up call from the station manager, and he’ll be talking insurance with Jill Sungenis after Mike and his wife go out for breakfast — staying local — at either the Amish Market or Aunt Betty’s, although he might run into Jorje Romero at either place.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Who knew the Amish Market was open four days this week?

After Bob Hutchings returns on April 22 at noon to talk basketball — and why can’t he talk Coach K into conducting a clinic for Millville PA — Joy Carter will join us on 92.1 FM.

Here is a sample of Joy Carter …

“My message pertaining to how people shouldn’t be so mean and disrespectful, my daughter included, or my message about how nobody will ever know the amount of suffering this girl may have had as a result of being an addict and just couldn’t kick it, which I’m sure led her to do and say the things she did to my daughter, who in return was totally out of line.

“Or the whole package — the problem with the drugs on every street corner here, that are rapidly diminishing our children and causing endless pain to loved ones. The same drugs that overpowered her, destroying not just her own life, but left behind so many ripples in this lake of destruction, infecting all areas of an emotional breakdown of many.

“Some grieving, others happy she’s gone because of her actions which caused them endless stress.

“Another issue is how everyone seems to have something to say, good and bad of everyone of these young folk when they die, but nobody will speak for them, in how this drug problem is way outta control around here and once they are gone and buried — other than mama and daddy grieving and missing their child — they are forgotten about, just another statistic, and the beat goes on, until another loses the battle, and drama starts all over again.

“And still nobody speaks out to end this epidemic of horror or takes any steps to try and figure out a way to try and end this viscous circle. They just lay and wait, for the next one to die so they can start the next round of drama.”

— Joy Carter

It’s going to be another good one, and then she’s coming back on Monday, Aug. 21, at 7 p.m. on 92.1 FM as we fill in for radio icon Steve Katz, who will still be recovering from tax season.

Hearing back from Millville PAL …

“Jack Hummel,

“I think 2,500 (kids signed up) is a huge stretch.

“However, we do have some scholarships for some kids. The more kids that sign up, the harder it becomes to fill all the scholarships. Parents are supposed to sign up their child, but they don’t have to be present. We haven’t ran into a problem at this time about parents not signing up their kids.”

— Officer Rick Kott,

Millville PAL

How about 2,000 kids, Rick? How about whole gangs wanting to join as teams?

What  wonderful that would be to have. Can you tell me how to locate the leaders? Where is the clubhouse?

We’ll take D. Bailey Miles with us.

Below the poverty level kids play free and everybody eats pizza on the way home and signs up for summer police camp.

Shaun Connors, who heads SHINE at First United Methodist Church, knows all the Center City kids and those kids know all the other kids, so maybe 2,000 is achievable, and you, Rick Kott, will be Mr. Millville Recreation as Rob Shannon retires.

D. Bailey Miles will be Miss Millville Recreation.

Let’s all rally around Diesel! Let’s put him in doggy daycare with somebody playing with him all day long.
He’s a bulldog 12 or 13 years old and obviously needs attention to stay busy during the day. Contact Crickett Lynn, his owner, on Facebook.
He loves candy! He loves to break down doors to get to it. If you have a candy store, ignore this whole message.
“Vineland residents, the communication to you regarding our attempt to realign an improperly approached feral cat issue is being misinterpreted by some as to indicate that the city government in its present form is in some way responsible for the manner in which Vineland is interpreting and administering its feral cat ordinance.
“Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me make this clear: The only chance we have at resolving the issues standing between city residents attempting to participate and demonstrate an approach to its community cat problem that will encourage more citizen involvement is to get together with Vineland administrators and present your managed colony care program in its most advantageous form that is free of components that may allow enforcement contrary to program design.
“Animal Friends Foundation didn’t think this was likely to happen under your prior administration and is a major reason why you’ve waited so long for an animal welfare advocate to step forward on your behalf and try to get it corrected.
“The current administration seated this past January under the leadership of Mayor Anthony Fanucci has expressed a willingness to partner with Animal Friends Foundation for the purpose of studying your feral cat laws, identifying the parts that allowed for the problems you’re having and make the changes necessary to ensure that the program as it is carried forward, can produce the results it is designed to produce.
“You need to support Mayor Fanucci and his administration and appreciate his intentions to address our concerns for the greater interest of the city and its residents.
“Further, you need remain willing to do whatever you can in order to help us help you.”
— Ric Kuhns,
Animal Friends Foundation
“Tonight I was honored third place in a writing contest I entered last semester. I submitted a book that took me four years to write. I was shocked that it made it this far to get recognized by the NJALL.
“An excerpt from ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ will be featured in the NJALL contest magazine.”
— Cory D’Amore,
once our producer on 92.1 FM
“This Sunday we will be serving Easter Dinner at Bethany Grace Community Church on Pearl St from 1 to 3 p.m. for anyone that needs a meal. Bring your appetite and enjoy a good meal w/great men & women of God that love to serve their community.”
— Tonya Allen
Good news for Fortescue …
“I was just looking through the Cumberland-Salem Guide and saw the ad for the Charlesworth restaurant.
“They made a big announcement that the ‘renowned chef,’ Peter LaMontagne, is now working there. This is great news for our area.
“Look out Shirley and Jim, expect a busy time. Yes, I made our reservations, but not for Easter.”
—Janice Laws
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Keep your radio on Saturday mornings.
Mike Abbott hosts Jill Sungenis; Joy Carter coming April 22, and Monday, Aug. 21 to talk addicts; Millville PAL will sign up the world; Can somebody provide a rest-home daycare for Diesel; Begging Vineland officials to help stray cat colonies; Cory D’Amore recognized for book; Tonya Allen serving Easter dinner at Bethany; New chef in Fortescue

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