Bring non-profits to the forefront; Feelings spill over in Millville; Dennis Tawes is back; Jim Quinn shatters shoulder; Coach Lynwood Mosley: Put the guns down; Bianca’s Kids Food Festival; C & J Electronics your shipping store; Don’t sweat around the ice cream eaters; Crabs & conversation scheduled in Bridgeton; Last town hall meeting;


The column that asks, why don’t more non-profit organizations advertise in the media rather than rely on public service announcements, because those organizations, though they depend on charity, need to get their message out just as often as the new Grand Fat and the quadruple artery blocker?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Feelings spill over in Millville …

“Words cannot even express what I am feeling.

“Charles Boozer was a good neighbor to our church on 3rd street. Between the guns, the killings, and the down-right hatred of mankind toward mankind has nearly made me resent my own city.

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the status of black America is worse now than it has ever been historically. Yes, even worse than slavery. In slavery, the choice was not ours. But what you are doing toward one another is all personal choice.

“I never thought that the day would come when I would regret making Millville my home. Well, it has happened. I regret it.

“To the Boozer family, I am speechless but very vocal. I hope those responsible are brought to justice. Not looking for feedback, just telling my story. Bullies and bullets just aggravate me. If the culprits were real men, they would find another way to settle their differences! Punks will be punks.”

— Commissioner David Ennis

It is “the streets,” Pastor Ennis. At-risk kids are being swallowed up by “the streets.”

You tried with your Peace In The City meetings, but there were no at-risk kids there, only scared residents with no answers looking for answers.

SHINE is doing its part.

Millville PAL is doing its part.

Millviile Midget Football, under the guidance of your brother, is doing its part.

Millville Soccer Club is doing its part.

But the “streets” culture is still there among the estimated 2,500 at-risk youth in Millville. The gangs, the drugs, the crime, the working together along with higher-up, out-of-town leadership as an alternative to being bored to death.

And government and police are not the answer.

“Prayers go out to them the family of the one that had gotten hurt. Nothing is ever going to change unless we start changing the person in the mirror & stop passing the blame.”

— Mary Messeck

Remember Dennis Tawes, the pioneer artist who threatened to paint in the nude in his studio on a Third Friday?

We’ve heard from him, and lamented not seeing any of his posts …

15439882_1369677483042532_8194280354804361113_n.jpg  “I don’t know, let’s do something about that. I’ll be back in Millville next week.

:My wife passed away last month and she asked 3-things of me — To keep painting and return to the Arts District, be near our kids and to be a grandfather to our daughters baby when it arrives in July.

“So be it.”

— Dennis Tawes

Freeholder Jim Quinn will not be playing for the Eagles this season.

He fell and “shattered” his shoulder, and is facing surgery.

Hope Wentz holds up.

Coach Lynwood Mosley checks in …

“Good morning, everyone,

“I really just want everybody to have a great day.


“Hug your kids, make peace with your enemy. Nobody wins in these streets.


“Talk to your bm/bd. Get in your kids lives, fellas. Ladies try to forgive what you envy about him. It’s not for him; it’s for you. You can’t truly move on until you forgive the person you envy.

“Attend your kids’ games, practices, fellas. Support them no matter what they’re doing. I’m not gonna say we are in the last days because we live to die anyway. We were born to die. The day you’re born, you begin to die!

“But I will say this — you don’t have to increase your chances to go. If you go asking for it, you definitely gonna get it. Please take note to this. Get more involved in your kids’ lives. It’s not their fault. It’s important… MY OPINION!”

— Lynwood Mosley


If it’s for Bianca’s Kids, it’s all good.

C & J Electronics is now an authorized Fedex Shipping Center. Drop off your previously labeled boxes or we can print your shipping labels for you. Fedex Express envelopes and packages or Fedex Ground packages.

— Chris Jespersen,

the C in C & J on North Pearl Street

Ship your condolences to the Flyers.

“I don’t think that people should be allowed to just jog and sweat and work out on Wilmington’s beautiful Riverfront!

“They have absolutely no regard for those of us sitting outside trying to enjoy double portions of half priced happy hour specials, empty calorie drinks, and a triple scoop of ice cream on a warm sunny day!”

— Chandra Pitts,

One Village Alliance


Bridgeton PAL is pushing the following …

“This is a very important event. Grow folk talk right here. However, youth with mature and positive input are always welcome and encouraged to attend, as well.”

— Bridgeton PAL


“The community is definitely key … when they are not alienated and treated as criminals. Hope this meeting does some good. I’ve been to multiple town meetings here — nothing changes.

“So enjoy and hope this works once and for all.”

— Bridgetonian

Our hope is not to duplicate old town meetings with no end game.

“Honestly, you speak the truth and we don’t expect a once and for all solution, BUT we do hope those who step forward to be a part of this event will have some tools to follow through with after the meeting is over.

“We hope this will set our crabs and convo meeting apart from other events like you’ve experienced before.”

— Bridgeton PAL

“My mother was a huge advocate for the cause and involved until we needed you one day because I was assaulted by a neighbor, and i was treated as the criminal the whole time.

“I think the important lesson on a police officer’s end to learn is just because I live in a certain area does not mean I am part of the crime, and I should not be treated as such.

“I am a hard working city taxpayer and deserve respect. I hope it all does work out. I am still a city resident and still live in one of the crime-ridden areas in this city, so a change I would love to see.

“But it has to come from BOTH sides.”

— same Bridgetonian

Whatever you do, don’t have 10 speakers at a front table that have done nothing to fix things.

If anything, put those biggies in the audience and put the neighborhood on the dais.

Nobody wants to hear the police chief, the business administrator, the county prosecutor and politicians talk.

You haven’t fixed anything, so sit back and listen, for once.

And if we hear one more time that “you have to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement,” we’re going to barf.

Why do organizers feel they have to give all the speeches? Ask somebody from First Step — not a worker — if they want to school you.

Anybody in the system! We would rather watch a videotape of a PAL championship basketball game than hear an official drone on.

A little history

May 15, 2013

 Mayor Albert Kelly is slowly convincing residents that the city’s Tip411 line doesn’t record your phone number.He’s talking about the text system where people who see trouble or have information about a crime can text BRIDGETON and the tip to 847411 (tip411).

“The company that runs the service is in California,’’ he tells residents during his Community Action Team Walk every other Thursday.

“They’re not going to come after you.’’

Bridgeton also has an important phone number: 856-455-5550.

“It’s all about community involvement,’’ said Kelly at Tuesday’s town hall meeting. “We need volunteers.’’

The Bridgeton mayor ticked off the names of organizations like Tri-City Boxing, Neighborhood Watch and Little League that need volunteers.

“It’s about the quality of life’’ in the city, Kelly stressed. “We’re trying to improve the quality of life.’’

He told one resident that, no, a resident is not allowed to litter his own yard with trash.

When the same resident asked about barking dogs, Kelly said he remembers a time in his neighborhood when somebody would “lay on the horn at 4 o’clock in the morning.

“That doesn’t happen anymore,’’ he said. “Neither should dogs barking.’’

Most people seem to believe that the state building in downtown Bridgeton is used only by state Agriculture Secretary Doug Fisher.

“Actually,’’ said Kelly, “it’s being used by DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) and parole officers, who snuck in there very quietly.’’

Another resident complained that stores downtown don’t have clothes that fit her.

“We have to go to Walmart or Vineland,’’ she said. “And that’s not fair.’’

“Which comes first?’’ asked the mayor. “Stores or population? It’s a Catch-22. The social services building will help that.

“Most of the workers in that building will be women, and they’re going to need things like hosiery, shoes, garments.’’

“The mayor is working hard on that,’’ spoke up Darlene Bunting, a city executive at the meeting. “I heard him talk about that very thing at a meeting the other day.’’

Resident Mike Abbott revealed that everything he was wearing to the meeting was bought in downtown Bridgeton.

Kelly said he wants to keep the bus always going forward.

But, “We have to get the right people on the bus,’’ said Kelly. “The right people in the right seats.

“We’ve got great city employees.’’

He said that the tax office has a collection rate of 97 or 98 percent, “the highest anywhere.’’

Which brought up the old Murbeck and Ferracute properties languishing in the city.

“You can hear the glass breaking when the wind blows,’’ a resident said of Ferracute.

“No, that property does not bring in tax revenue, but part of the Murbeck site is occupied by a car company,’’ said Kelly.

He said that, concerning the saving of historic sites like Ferracute, the state is broke.

But as we revitalize the city, that could change, he said.

“Years ago, the feeling was, let it fall down around your ears,’’ he said. “Well, it’s falling down around our ears.’’

Speaking later in the program, Terri Carpenter told the group that Bridgeton Library has 42 different summer programs for children.

“How many people knew that?’’ Kelly said. “Wouldn’t it be great if the employees in the social services building could bring their kids to utilize the library while they’re at work?’’

Kelly also said he is taking a group of volunteers on Friday to clean up the cemetery in Springtown, near Greenwich.

“It’s overgrown,’’ said Kelly of the African American cemetery. “And we’re going to do something about that before Memorial Day to honor the black soldiers who fought in the Civil War who are buried there.’’

 YOU CAN BOOK IT: Where a community meeting is like setting out looking for a lost gold mine without6 picks and shovels.
Bring non-profits to the forefront; Feelings spill over in Millville; Dennis Tawes is back; Jim Quinn shatters shoulder; Coach Lynwood Mosley: Put the guns down; Bianca’s Kids Food Festival; C & J Electronics your shipping store; Don’t sweat around the ice cream eaters; Crabs & conversation scheduled in Bridgeton; Last town hall meeting;

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