Underwater treadmills for your dog; Get in free-agent market, Phillies; SHINE program under told, so meet Shaun Connors on 92.1 FM; Fibre Arts Cafe; Outback coupons; Erik Cagle lands on his feet in California; Shep the greatest; Bridgeton PAL defeats Herb Henry All Stars; Get Walnut Street kids involved


The column that says if your dog is not getting enough exercise, take him to Pet PT in Cherry Hill where the underwater treadmills never stop turning, and if you think we’re ridiculous, how come you get to join a fitness club when you could run like Jorje Romero free, not to mention good conversation in two languages.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

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Good evening!

When are the Phillies going to enter the free agent market again?

When are we going to land another Cliff Lee-Roy Halladay 1-2 punch so fans want to storm the stadium again, and not just on Opening Day?

If they offer you Matt Stairs’ new job as hitting coach, don’t take it. Hitting coaches go to Philadelphia to die.

“Jack Hummel,

“SHINE after school program is at First United Methodist Church.”

— Shaun Connors,

SHINE director

“With prom and graduation, season coming up, the school keeps focusing on drinking and driving. No amount of fines is going to stop it.

“Kids need to feel safe to call and ask for a ride home if they had anything to drink. None of this if you are over the legal limit crap. A simple if you even had a sip call for a ride is the solution.

“Talk to them about it if they are going to drink to have a sober friend they can trust around to watch their back and talk to them about never putting their drink down to avoid being drugged.

“Pretending like just telling them not to drink is a perfect solution isn’t going to work. They need to know the dangers of drinking, but if they do, the best way to stay safe.

“While no parent wants to hear their kid tell them they were out drinking, they’d much rather get that call from their kid than from the hospital. Remember you might be able to take your kids’ keys away, but other parents might not.

“You’d rather your kid call you for a ride than get in the car with another kid.”

— Chris Giesen

The schools in Cumberland County do an excellent job of getting the message to the kids.

“Fiber Artists are invited to help celebrated the 2nd annual Celebration of the Fiber Art, May 2017.

“The exhibition takes place at the Village on High Gallery, 501 High St. N, Millville. Professional work for display and sell must be in to Carol at the FiberArts Café yarn shop located in the Village on High by 6 p.m. April 28.

“The work will then be assessed for inclusion. Pieces must hang on the wall or go on a table top. A donated fee is required to place your pieces.
• A donated fee (your choice) is required to place your pieces.
• Work must be dropped off by April 28, 2017.
• Work must be picked up by May 31, 2017.
• A fee of 30% of total sales is required to cover costs.

“It’s a celebration of the Fiber Art,s so let your imagination soar. Spread the word and come view and purchase some wonderful works of art. Last year was a great success, so let’s make it even better for 2017.”

— Carol V. Moore

Outback offering $10 coupon if you buy $50 gift card. That’s $20 per $100.

Also, if you eat three times at Outback, the fourth time offers 50 percent discount. Or you can take a 24-hour plane ride to Australia like the woman we met in the Deptford Outback and eat with a Kuala Bear.

Erik Cagle lands on his feet.

“After nearly six months out of action, I’m officially heading back to the grind Monday as editorial director of ENX Magazine, based in Toluca Lake, Calif.

“Instead of battling the traffic on Ventura Highway, I’ll have to maneuver around two cats en route from the bedroom to the kitchen table. I actually have butterflies in my stomach, but according to Rocky Balboa, that’s a good thing.”

— Erik Cagle,

author, journalist, editor, coach, Hall of Fame founder Pittsgrove whit

Next Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM will be Shaun Connors of the Millville SHINE program that does for Center City youth what Code Blue does for the homeless and Millville PAL does for the young and restless.

It is religion at its best!

A little history

July 16, 2014


That was the bank account balance in January when Shaun Connors was halfway through the school year providing five-day, after-school homework help for Center City kids in the SHINE program at First United Methodist Church.

Last week, Connors, the new director of the program, sat down with former director Steve Walters to talk about the program.

“It’s been a busy year,” she said. “The school year was fantastic. Some days, we brought in 50 and 60 kids and we fed them snacks and we did homework.”


“You see, we got involved in a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time and we got involved in a Holiday Hearts program where we purchased all of the product,” she began to talk faster.

“We wound up with about 80 kids and parents, and anybody else who wanted to come, including two homeless,” she said.

“It was cool. The kids from the culinary arts program at the high school prepared this fabulous spread.

“Jimmy McCarthy’s budget had been cut and it was the first meal they were able to prepare.”

The SHINE kids prepared the decorations for the tables.

Kudos poured out of the effervescent Connors.

“The culinary arts team served the dinner,” she said.

Walters, known to the kids as Mister Keith, had to step down as director because of a stroke. He is more of a cheerleader now, but takes photos. He didn’t make the Thanksgiving dinner, but he is still a cheerleader after slimming down from 365 pounds.

“I eat healthy now,” he almost whispered, grabbing a second cookie from the table.

“Except for cookies.”

Connors never let the ball drop.


“That’s when the congregation stepped up,” praised Connors about the dwindling funds.

They responded like never before with money and snacks.

“They baked cookies. Janice Page. Marge Astheimer. Donna Wilson. Charlene Davis. The next door neighbor.”


“I don’t know her name,” said Connors. “We began talking to her over the fence. The next thing you know, she brought us cookies.

“Today, she brought us piping hot brownies.”

Not every volunteer can be mentioned, but they are loved.

“We have 50 and 60 people who help us with our two summer camps,” threw in Mister Keith.

Christmas a year ago, they gave out 26 stockings.

“This year, we gave out 84 stockings,” said Connors. “It lets them be kids. They get gift cards, socks, gloves, hats.

“We had two Christmas parties for them.

“Judy Kessler and Barb Morrow had a little bit of money left in the Center City Neighborhood program and they did crafts with the kids and fed them in a fun little party.”

After school is going great guns. Last year, they might get up to 20.

“This year, we might get 25 or up to 62,” said Connors.

The SHINE room is no longer big enough. They have to hold it in the big room.

“One group goes upstairs with Judy Reeves and Diane Brown.

“Jay Reed, Judy Lokey or Claire Thomas will go in the computer room,” she said.

The rest of kids have a Bible lesson and maybe go outside and play kickball in the parking lot.

“We’ve cleaned the board of ed (Culver Center) and we’ve cleaned city park,” she explains.

Connors focuses more on service than trips for her kids.

“We went to Parvin State Park yesterday,” she said. “You do two service projects, you get two trips.”

Project Nature just donated $500 for a Christ-centered entertainment to come to the church.

They went Christmas caroling.

It led to one of those moments.

“We went down Third Street, up Fourth Street, down Fifth Street, zig-zagging everywhere” said Connors.

It was chaos at best, with kids hanging on fences, walking in the street, trampling on the grass, some not singing.

“And then this tough girl, new to the program, who has never asked for anything asked if we could go to her house.

“I would have gone to the moon for this girl at that point.”

She said her 17-year-old sister was there with her newborn baby and her mom was in the hospital with a heart attack.

“When we got there, I went into the house with a couple of the older kids and we formed a prayer circle, and as we prayed, this girl laid her head on my shoulder,” she said.

That moment in time made it all worth it.

Even when the bank account said $7.68.

You won’t read about this in the newspapers. Too much crime to report. Crime sells. If you could find shots fired every night, the number of viewers would boom.

Notice how few shootings are reported in Vineland. Guess they took away all the guns. Or the Vineland Police are not so free with their information unless somebody, gets shot.
Did you ever see in big, bold, black letters on Facebook, “SHINE TAKES 200 POOR CHILDREN TO WEEKLONG CAMP!”
Nobody wants to read that. We all know some 20 shots were heard in Bridgeton around Walnut and Marion streets, but what was the score of the Bridgeton PAL-Herb Henry All Stars 14-17 game last night?
Which one do they want you to remember? Which one do they want to control the life of the daughters whose fathers built this town?

Medicine causing Shep to hallucinate …

“One of those quizzes asked who really knows how to grow the greatest flowers. It said (Shep), but, for some reason, it didn’t post it.

“I am cool with it. Everyone knows I am the greatest.
“Just to prove a point, I may go out and pick some more beauties.”
— Shep
Shep loves four things:
Everybody can meet Shep at the Maritime Museum in Greenwich any Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.
He’s as proud as a peacock of what is in the museum. He even does class tours.
But no Halloween walks.
And no Ye Greate Street Live! shows despite being better looking than Gregg Jones.
“Congratulations to the 2017 championship PAL team (14 to 17) for their win over the Bridgeton Rec league all star team. 54 to 46 final score.”
— Bridgeton PAL
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Now we have to get Walnut Street kids organized into something that won’t kill them or put them in jail for 10 years like the ones who are out now after taking part in the double fatal shooting at the Elks Club.
Underwater treadmills for your dog; Get in free-agent market, Phillies; SHINE program under told, so meet Shaun Connors on 92.1 FM; Fibre Arts Cafe; Outback coupons; Erik Cagle lands on his feet in California; Shep the greatest; Bridgeton PAL defeats Herb Henry All Stars; Get Walnut Street kids involved

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