Working at one eatery, eating at another; Good day to live; 2,000 feral cats; Rich Hoch on third hour; Bob Hutchings returning; Kelvonne Rhett; Salsa lessons, Sam; We need Jeff Cupe!


The column that says employees of restaurants show up at the strangest other eateries when they’re not working, but maybe that’s to compare what other restaurants are doing that they could be doing to improve things, like driving a Lincoln when you build a Lexus at work, but only, Byron Hitchner and his grandmother could answer that question while traveling all the way from Carll’s Corner to restaurant row on Delsea Drive.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

No one should die on a day like today.

Pick February or November, but not on a sunny, breezy, bug-free, humidity-free day like today. Today was a day for rebirth, starting over, getting the stink blown off from being cooped up all winter.

A day for a daydream while not in Florida.

A note on the eve, on the cusp, on the border of eliminating 2,000 feral cats in Cumberland County that can still breed, and do breed, and will breed at a rate so far unstoppable or even slowed down.

“Hello, Jack,

“After seeing the brochure info for Animal Friends Foundation in your column yesterday pointing out that we lend traps and remembering what we discussed on your show this past Saturday, I sat back trying to figure out what was missing from that brochure.

“And then I thought, oh, yeah, it must be our flagship voucher program that provides low cost spay and neuter services for cats and dogs year round to residents throughout South Jersey utilizing a network of 14 South Jersey veterinary hospitals and clinics.

“Since the start of our voucher program in 2010, Animal Friends Foundation has provided low cost spay and neuter services for thousands of companion animals throughout the South Jersey area and has educated many of its residents in the important role spaying and neutering has in any attempt to control a population of unwanted animals.

“Or, it could’ve been the work we’re doing with an advocacy group in preparing legislative change proposals in NJ animal welfare laws (including Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return) to be submitted at a future time.

“Or, maybe the liaison work we’re doing in bringing local animal welfare groups into a closer working relationship with CCSPCA while attempting to return stray and feral cats from local managed colonies that are trapped and removed, to the colony manager who spends their own money practicing TNVR for a program designed to lower the stray/feral cat population and reduce the euthanasia rates of otherwise healthy animals.

“I was pretty sure it wasn’t the ongoing preparation work being done in an attempt to assist the CCSPCA in reducing their euthanasia rates via TNVR advocacy in Cumberland County, because that would give people the false impression that AFF knows where CCSPCA publicly stands on reducing euthanasia among stray and feral cats thru TNVR.

“It could’ve been any one or all of those things. I only know that it feels like I’m doing more than the brochure suggests. We have a web site, Facebook page and everything.

“And, we lend traps.

“Thanks, Jack.”

— Ric Kuhns
616 Landis Avenue,Suite#B4

Mailing address: 1370 S Main Rd,#138, Vineland NJ 08360

Fourteen, huh? That’s important information to know. At what cost? Can they operate at $50 for all feral cats, and not $75 for females?

Can each one do 25 cats on a given Saturday? Followed by that weekend Sunday, followed by the next Saturday and Sunday with the same figures, with a total intake of $35,000?

And if we can find six more venues, that would be 600 more cats over two weekends, and a total of 2,000 spayed/neutered.

That’s 1/10th of the solution for a blueprint that goes soup to nuts from 2,000 roaming feral cats to 2,000 spayed/neutered feral cats in colonies, with no one doing more than should be normally expected of them, not doubling up, not going without sleep and not burning out.


With funding no problem!

Patton did it! Who cares if he was later fired?

Two-way talk show host Rich Hoch — rhymes with stoke — sitting in the first hour of Jim Sauro’s show on 92.1 FM Saturday, 9 to 10 a.m., after finishing his own, pulsating, two-hour show from 6 to 8 a.m. after marauding down like a bandit from Camden County’s Camp Cupcake in his Hochmoble limo to again see what the poor people are doing.

Globetrotting Bob Hutchings, who took off from Millville in 1969, will light once again on 92.1 FM again on Saturday, April 22, at noon, to reveal who paid his way to the Final Four in Phoenix.

Kelvonne Rhett, who will be on 92.1 FM with us at 1 p.m. on Saturday, in a conversation with her young daughter …

My convo with Lani this morning
Mom, can you get me zebra so I can name it Zybyz?
Me: Zybyz?
Her: Yes, her name will start and end with a Z. She’s a girl. All zebras are girls. Did you know that?
Me: Um, no baby. I didn’t know that
So if they’re all girls how do they have babies?
Her: God makes the babies jut like He makes baby children.
Me: Yes! Yes, that makes absolute perfect sense.
Her: I know. I know everything about zebras! I’m a zebraoligist!
Me: Yes, yes you are baby.

Is this where Jorje Romero hangs out?



Hey, Sam Feinstein!

Here is the answer to the booming salsa music hammering your windows.

Come join us at Casa de Zeus Vine Shed on Wednesdays for Salsa Dance class for the beginners. This is also a great opportunity to brush up on your skills or learn a new one. It is also a great source of exercise.

Classes are $10 for a one-hour lesson. A one-time registration fee of $10 will also apply.

Registration begins at 6:30 and class will start promptly at 7 p.m. Come and join us. You will have a great time. Please text 856-265-9650 to reserve your spot.

The neighborhood that dances together advances together.

How many fights did you see on “Bandstand”?

“God is good! He brought me out of the Lion’s Den for his Glory. And I see others and say, but for the Grace of God, there too goes me.

“Being on drugs is no life to be living. You lose a lot and lose out on a lot, as well. But when you turn your life over to the Almighty and cast all your cares on him, he brings you back shining! And he uses your lifestyle to help others to be set free. Amen!”

— Jeff Cupe

We would kill to get Jeff and his message on 92.1 FM Saturday at 1 p.m., along with Kelvonne Rhett.

YOU CAN BOOK IT:  There can never be enough witnessing.

Working at one eatery, eating at another; Good day to live; 2,000 feral cats; Rich Hoch on third hour; Bob Hutchings returning; Kelvonne Rhett; Salsa lessons, Sam; We need Jeff Cupe!

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