No automatic doors for injured?; Weather takes the spotlight; A.C. dome over city once considered; Ric Kuhns-Misty Biggs great 1-2 animal punch; Shep takes care of cats, but not pills; Jane Uhland on our side; Campani’s Legacy Lanes


The column that says if anybody should have automatic opening doors to the office, it’s an orthopedic surgeon so the patients on crutches and in wheelchairs don’t have to fight to get in, and, yes, we know it’s not ShopRite, but come on.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Is there anything better than the hint of spring and all that happens behind it?

Today was the hint.

It will be followed by more sunshine, and if it snows 3 feet, it will all be gone a day later. Kay Rudderow Myers always says she’s experienced snowstorms later than this, and we always respond with, not with global warming.

Did you know they once considered building a see-through dome over Atlantic City.

Can we now do it over Ocean City, instead? About 100 feet out in the ocean, then all the way to West Avenue. As long as it goes over the custard stand at 55th and West.

This is what happens when Ric Kuhns and Misty Biggs work together …

“So awesome, Ric Kuhns!

“I cannot thank you enough for opening your heart & home for such a special kitty. Wow! One year! Cami is beautiful &spoiled, as she should be.

“Yes, all of us working together WILL make a difference. One Life, 1 kitty At A Time.”

— Misty Biggs

Misty has Mr. Biggs, too.



“Got a lady helping me with the (cat) explosion at old man I help farm.

“Started with one female showing up, now up to about 20 I got fixed so far and a home for a younger female that was fixed. In about a month, get two more fixed.”

— Shep

Shep took p.m. pills in the a.m.

Film at 11, as soon as he wakes up.

Hey, D. Bailey Miles, respond to this …

“I sure miss the good old days when nurses had time to actually take care of their patients instead of charting all the time. I do believe electronic medical records has ruined patient care. We’re doomed, people.”

— Jane Uhland,

who worked in a doctor’s office

We’re offended.

“Now before anyone gets offended, it is not the nurses’ fault.

“They have to do it. Even in the old days, if it was not in the chart, it didn’t happen.

“Just think about your last visit with your Dr.  How much time did he spend examining, talking to, or making eye contact with you or was he/she looking and clicking the computer.

“Another brilliant government idea. And if I remember the sales pitch correctly, you could go anywhere in the country and your records would be available to a Dr. in Timbuktu.”

— Jane Uhland,

our surgeon’s favorite sidekick after Coralee

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes, with Taniguchi spelling again corrected twice.

BOB DUBOIS 256-233-208 697
DAVE ZIEGER SR 245-224-205 674
STEVE GABURO 202-242-224 668
ALFRED PIERCE 241-208-202 651
BRIAN SHIFLET 222-237-192 651
JIM CAMPBELL 203-198-247 648
ANDREW DUBOIS 222-178-241 641
BILLY SMITH 195-227-218 640
JIM SANTORA 192-247-201 640
JEFF TANIGUCHI 212-193-232 637
JOE JOHNSON 234-204-195 633
TOM HUCK 221-212-199 632
FRED KENDALL 223-209-191 623
BRIAN MCGUIGAN 214-201-197 612
TED DENOFIO 192-220-190 602
ALFRED PIERCE 279-236-214 729
DAVE ZIEGER 244-200-268 712
TYLER SHUMATE 235-181-277 693
MIKE LAMBERT 229-224-165 618
BOBBIE HOUGH 179-222-235 636
DARLINGTON HENRY JR 242-208-172 622
RON WILSON 189-236-176 601
LEON FITHIAN 214-197-190 601
WAYNE GONZALES 224-178-218 620
PAUL DODD 207-224-172 603
DAVE HITCHNER 161-204-235 600
RANDY DICKINSON 209-192-149 550
GARY BIDWELL 148-196-166 510
JUSTO LOPEZ 242-191-211 644
ARIEL 225-178-164 567
JIM MONCRIEF 169-211-183 563
MIKE 169-203-177 549
BRIAN KEEN 174-186-170 530
JAYSON HAGUE 171-169-181 521
MIKE 172-162-183 517
JAYSON HAGUE 257-246-223 726
PATRICK HEBERT 215-246-257 718
ALFRED PIERCE 279-235-201 715
HOWIE BAILEY 232-257-223 712
BRIAN SHIFLET 213-257-242 712
RAY MOONEY III 226-236-248 710
NICK DURHAM 216-230-251 697
JIM SANTORA 198-235-254 687
PAT GODBEY 237-201-248 686
DAVE HEMPLE 244-217-224 685
TYLER SHUMATE 242-248-191 681
BILL ZIEFLE 223-267-187 667
FRED PIERCE 223-227-212 662
DEAN GAINES 170-233-256 659
JAMES MESSECK 217-243-194 654
MARK KAZAOKA 238-214-197 649
DAVE ZIEGER SR 227-215-204 646
MARK COUCH JR 210-300-136 646
MOE THOMPSON 185-201-256 642
MIKE SAMMONS 243-204-195 642
HERB HESTON 172-232-236 640
DARREN MCCHESNEY 256-213-170 639
SUGIE HENRY SR 169-247-215 631
MIKE PETIT 200-245-182 627
JOHN MUFFLEY 234-224-169 627
ERIC HOLLENWEGER 185-257-180 622
FRED KENDALL 201-224-196 621
ROD BARBETTO 180-235-198 613
JOE ANDERSON 222-204-183 609
DAVE WILLIAMSON 216-163-224 603
JIM CAMPBELL 197-190-216 603
JEFF TANIGUCHI 237-199-167 603
PHIL GANNON III 226-222-153 601
JOE COX 215-201-235 651
ERIC JOHNSON 185-220-230 635
STEVE MORRIS 193-158-237 588
DAVE HITCHNER 171-145-246 562
WAYNE BUMP 199-193-156 548
DANNY MILLER 129-199-217 545
TODD SAUL 191-164-168 523
TIM JACOBSEN 156-182-164 502
ALFRED PIERCE 255-259-246 760
MIKE SAMMONS 247-224-246 717
TYLER SHUMATE 202-264-236 702
BILLY ROBB 235-233-229 697
AUSTIN BOONE 223-225-248 696
MARK COUCH JR 208-269-214 691
TRAVIS CLARKE 257-218-215 690
MIKE DEFALCO JR 234-247-202 683
JAMES MESSECK 230-206-239 675
HEATHER RIPA 211-224-233 668
PATRICK GODBEY 253-212-179 644
BILL ZIEFLE 211-213-217 641
ROB MAGDIN 206-168-249 623
GLENN CORBETT SR 153-258-211 622
RAY MOONEY 188-203-223 614
FRED KENDALL 238-205-169 612
STEVE BUCK 198-213-194 605
SUGIE HENRY JR 205-180-219 604

YOU CAN BOOK IT: How much boring can Philadelphia pro sports become before we’re considered a second-rate host?

No automatic doors for injured?; Weather takes the spotlight; A.C. dome over city once considered; Ric Kuhns-Misty Biggs great 1-2 animal punch; Shep takes care of cats, but not pills; Jane Uhland on our side; Campani’s Legacy Lanes

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