Fatals hard to watch; Joe Mixon good enough for third round?; $8,800 paid to suspended Bridgeton police officer; It was George Arnold column that was the last straw; Blame Jerry Alden for BEN; Police station story was necessary; R.D. Wood School going, but not Gladis McGraw; Pride In Millville Award updated?; Doug Riggins latest victim; $1 trillion for cancer and not a penny less; Don Reich’s birthday; Save the prayers and switch to action


13418881_10210129312377989_5948417533190413720_n.jpgThe column that says all it takes is witnessing one fatal accident on a road you travel three or four times a week, and somebody tells you their grandmother was one of the ones critically injured, to make you realize when you leave home, you’re not guaranteed a return.

By Jack Hummel

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So the host on WIP says, let’s not draft troubled Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon in the first round (14th pick), but take him in the third round if he’s still there, because his first weekend on campus two years ago, he slugged a girl who got in his face.

What’s with that? You feel better drafting him in the third round to teach him a lesson by not getting first-round money. Oh, also, he tore up a parking ticket in front of a parking attendant.

If you think he’s worth it, draft him in the first round because he’s that good, or don’t draft him at all because of the baggage he brings.

Ray Rice hasn’t played a down since he slugged bis girlfriend in an elevator, and she wound up marrying him after pleading with authorities to let him play football. So why is Joe Mixon in the draft and Ray Rice blackballed?

The Eagles once had defensive end Blenda Gay and his wife slit his throat in his sleep, she was so afraid of hum.

All-pro Colts linebacker was charged with murder in 2000 in Atlanta.

Lewis spent 17 years as a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. He won two Super Bowl titles, and he was known as one of the best defensive players the game has ever known.

 It was the year 2000. Lewis left a Super Bowl party in Atlanta. He was heading for his limo. A ruckus broke out. Two men were stabbed dead. Ray Lewis was charged with double murder.

Those charges were soon dropped. Lewis, after spending two weeks in jail, plead guilty to obstruction of justice.

Bridgeton City Council’s November 14, 2016 closed session minutes indicate that two police officers “have been given administrative leave.”

Given the timing, one of the officers would have almost certainly been Sgt. Luis Santiago who was arrested on November 10, 2016, for fourth degree sexual contact and offensive touching.

But, the identify of the second suspended officer and the nature of the conduct underlying his or her suspension are not obvious from media reports.

In her response to an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for the “payroll records” of the two officers, Bridgeton Deputy Clerk Kathleen L. Keen provided a memo from Business Administrator Stephanie R. Bush-Baskette confirming that Santiago was suspended with pay on Nov. 11, 2016, and then was suspended without pay on Dec. 14, 2016.  The memo also disclosed that Santiago was paid $8,072.72 in wages and a $750 uniform allowance during his paid suspension.

In her March 16, 2017, email, Keen wrote that “the city is unable to provide payroll information on the second officer “because it is exempt from disclosure under “N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1.1 (4).”

When interviewed today, Keen said that the investigation against the second officer was still active and that city was relying on OPRA’s criminal investigatory records exemption to keep that officer’s payroll record confidential.

— John Paff,

Chairman of the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s Open Government Advocacy Project as well as the NJLP’s Preempted Ordinance Repeal Project

Shep battle with the smoking demon …

“Smoked Camels for nearly 50 years and could outrun anyone around here any time.

“They got too costly, so rolled my own Bugler — three months of smoking cost $1.20.

“Been staying smoke free. But for me, but for wife and daughter. Both have health issues.”

— Shep

How long has the restaurant in Greenwich been smoke free?

Did we ever tell you that George Arnold, who owned that store and the post office in Greenwich, is the reason we stopped writing a front-page column every Saturday called “Sat.”

It followed “Jack’s Or Better” on the sports pages, and came before “BEN.”

We wrote a column about George Arnold losing his expensive Italian sunglasses on the beach in Ocean City, and Publisher John Ewing got nasty, saying he was tired of reading about people like George Arnold.

You have to understand that Ewing had already fired all the people in Greenwich who worked at the paper, and he, himself, was living in Greenwich.

And he was probably feeling no pain when he confronted us. We got so pissed off, we refused to write another column, and he didn’t know why.

So Editor Eileen Bennett began writing a column on the editorial page.

Ah, people, the book will be so revealing.

George Arnold never knew that story.

And, yet, it was Ewing who came to us one Sunday and said, “We’re going to write a column to oppose Jerry Alden’s weekly tidbit column in the South Jersey Star.”

Harvey Alden probably doesn’t know that story, either. Ewing and Harvey’s father had earlier gotten into a verbal battle.

So BEN was born in the 1990s, with Ewing carrying around a tape recorder because he kept forgetting tidbits as they happened. He always picked on Mayor Donald Rainear by writing “Missed you, mayor” at an event Rainear couldn’t attend.

They were actually good friends until we wrote an expose on the woeful condition of the police department “in the hall.” Rainear thought we stabbed him in the back. Actually, the place would gag a maggot.

The curtain in the dispatcher’s office was so nicotine contaminated, it was stiff. The detectives’ interview room should have been condemned years earlier.

We give Mayor Jim Begley all the credit in the world for the police station we have now.

Time marches on …

“Sad day in Millville. They have decided to close the R.D. Wood School. For exactly 100 years, that school has been the heart of the Third Ward.

“I am so proud of the fact that I am included in the R.D. Wood School Wall of Fame!”

— Terry Pangburn

Didn’t Gladis McGraw build that school?

A little history

May 10, 2013

“Notes St. Gladis McGraw, of Wood School:

“The Wall of Fame is a wonderful event because it allows the students to see on a daily basis the success that has come from their school.

“We want to create an atmosphere of high expectations for them.

“These successful honorees once walked these same halls and learned in the same class rooms.

“We try to show them that the same success can happen to them if they work hard, make good decisions, and come to school every day.’’

Certainly, the hall of fame will be saved.

Sudden thought: Surely, Gladis McGraw is in the Cumberland County Women’s Hall of Fame! No one is more deserving!

Speaking of awards, can someone update the Pride In Millville Award?

A little history

March 21, 2013

“Hi, Jack,

“You should check with Earl Sherrick. You asked the other day about women recipients of the Millville Chamber’s Pride in Millville. I have some gaps in my list, but I’ll list what I have:

1986 — Marie Carley

l989 — Mary Corson

l990 — Elizabeth Miller

1991 — Joyce Vanaman

l995 — Bonnie Reynolds

2000 — Paula Ring

2003 — Gladis McGraw

2010 — Debbie Yeutter.

“I called Earl and he doesn’t seem to have a list of those before 1986 who received the award.

“For some reason, I have Nancy Forester with a question mark, but neither of us has been able to confirm when and if she received the award.

“When the Jaycees were active, they gave an annual award, but I don’t know who would have such a list.’’

— Pride in Millville researcher

The complete list of names should be on a statue in front of city hall.

“We lost a member today! He loved dogs and helped me search for my pup years ago.

“RIP, Douglas Riggins. Never forget you!”

— Bob Blake

(Bleep) cancer!

“Instead of marching on Washington, how about joining your local Relay For Life, the signature fundraising event for American Cancer Society.

“IF you want to learn more, come out to Third Friday in Millville tonight and join our scavenger hunt. You will not regret it.

“Relay For Life of Cumberland County, NJ will be held Saturday, May 20, starting at noon and runs through Sunday, May 21, around 6 a.m.

“Cancer never sleeps and a cancer patient can’t stop fighting when things get tough, so on that night, neither do we. We walk all through the night to raise money to fund much needed research and services.

“It’s much closer and much more fun than fighting Washington!”

— Ginger Lashley

Kudos to you, Ginger, but we don’t want to wait that long.

If we can spend $10 million a week on a war we’ll never win, we can spend $1 trillion on finding a cure for cancer NOW.

We can’t wait. Deanna Speranza Murphy can’t wait, especially since she just fell down at the Melrose Diner and broke bones.

We say walk all night in front of the White House with placards with the names of friends and relatives we have already lost.

And now you can add Doug Riggins.


Get the money by building one less rocket launcher.

Remember BHS football coach Don Reich?

“I appreciate all the birthday wishes! Thank you to everybody: Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Ex-players. U truly made my day.

“My only sad thought was my Dad, Henry, and brother Hank were not alive to enjoy their 70th birthday. However, on the positive note, my Mom Elizabeth, sisters Mary, Barb, Joan, and brother Frank did enjoy their 70th birthday.”

— Don Reich

And Eagles’ Frank Reich is 56 this year.

It’s definitely a football family.

You’d think, with coaches for every position on the field (inside AND outside linebackers), they could find a spot for Don, who plays tennis all day.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We’ll never ask for prayers, but we will ask for action.

Fatals hard to watch; Joe Mixon good enough for third round?; $8,800 paid to suspended Bridgeton police officer; It was George Arnold column that was the last straw; Blame Jerry Alden for BEN; Police station story was necessary; R.D. Wood School going, but not Gladis McGraw; Pride In Millville Award updated?; Doug Riggins latest victim; $1 trillion for cancer and not a penny less; Don Reich’s birthday; Save the prayers and switch to action

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